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  • My age:
  • 30
  • Nationality:
  • I'm bolivian
  • Iris color:
  • Huge brown
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Red wine
  • I prefer to listen:
  • Easy listening


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Here are the top 5 adult games of

Can't load the game? Try to disable your adblocker! You're Joe, a successful businessman even if you could sometimes do with being more organised in life. Fortunately, your secretary Jane is always there to assist you. And sometimes even a bit more than that You're not really the faithful type and you live like there's no tomorrow, one thing is sure: weddings are not for you!

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Dear Admins i have a suggestion, that you make an old premium game free It's been a long time without them my friend so i am really nervous without them my friend I can tell you all abut it when i play them all over again I am crazy on them and i know it Will will will will be there be there any new free game game game? Does anyone know the names of the people on this especially Jane the secretary? They release a new game every 1st and 15th in evert month. So there will a new game tomorrow. I follow the walkthrough of tourolokko but when I go to enter Kira's room, the game says she's not here and I have to leave Please admin can you check this out and help me please?

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I did what you wrote but when I go to ring Kira, then I go in, and the game say she's not here and I have nothing else to choose to leave Is it a bug? Then speaking to Ken, then going to Filaos Beach and watch Lucy, then go to the beach house before seeing Kira. New score of xp! OK, it's possible to get stuck at the end if you exhaust all of your options, and pick "go somewhere" in the office. There are no destinations, and you can't get the option to end your day back. Can't remember all of it but it mostly involves telling her you are a friend of him, then having her tell you about him.

The wedding 1

Then flirt. Then leave and she will not want you to leave.

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Then flirt again. She shows bra and say you didn't see much. I can't remember the one or two steps that le to the strip though. Still can't figure out what else is supposed to happen after Jane the secretary fingers herself and you say yes to dinner. I can't make the girl in the garage strip but I do have enough XP. Someone has a hint?

naughty girl Charleigh

Hi guyz! First of, I think that the idea behind xp is good, but it seems poorly executed since it gives some unrealistic barrier to the game. I mean why would I need to see a specific girl before being able to carry on with an other if they aren't related at all just to gain some xp?

For the others, I'm not gonna tell you how to beat the game, but I give you the tools to know what's wrong! Xp milestones : - 5: Zoe beach house need that to go further - 5: girl on the beach, around the inlet no difference in the options but below five she rejects you no matter what - same girl later on if you want to remove a bit of tissue - again you need that for the full show - Sharon at the garage you need that to gain the possibility to flirt a bit - To flirt some more after faking leaving - If you want to have fun with your secretary Cya!

JackoLantern how many XP did you get? I wonder if it is possible to get beyond what Vagnard got with 1 sex game I've only made it to myself with the choice between Kira and Jane. Okay I refused fucking Kira although I look at her breasts and panties. Then I refused. So I got to see Jane. Did the committed relationship and got all the way to her fingering herself and me saying yes. Then I am stuck.

pretty miss Kensley

Is there more to Jane's scene after she rubs her pussy? There has to be more but can't figure it out? Was I not supposed to look at Kira breasts and panties?

slut lady Sunny

Julien admin Ymiab8. No bugs here. Some actions are only available if you've got enough xp points. It would be extremely useful to create a step by step walkthrough like many adult game developers do!

cutie lady Blake

Many more people would donate to have the clear picture of the game! I can't make any strip I tried everithing but all make me leave and kira isn't at house make some steps by steps pls. Once ed the game and started there is no letters in the chat box I get the feeling this series is gonna be the new "The sex tape". Please start writing the plot so its fits between the episodes. Like it did with "The sex therapist". Already kinda dissapointed. Why make 'scenes' with only pictures, what's the point in that? It seems so forced, like you just needed to use those pics somewhere.

Oh, and why is the episode called The Wedding? I propably haven't completed this episode enterely, but i got like points, and i still have no clue why it's called that. Seems very unconsidered to me.

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Sam admin idk Hi, thanks for the feedback. The main concept behind this new type of games was to add more girls and more scenes. We felt that doing so, the games were offering more possibility and were funnier to play.

This all said, we can't add as much content as we would like. The games would end up way to big so some of the scenes need to have fewer videos or no videos at all. In hindsight maybe this was not such a good idea. Maybe it was better to have the 3 'big' scenes for each game. Our main goal is to make games that most of you enjoy playing so just let us know you thoughts on the matter.

We'll change accordingly.

Best sex games

Thanks again for your comment, All the best, Sam. Hey guys! Is there a scene with Jane?

damsel Alondra

No able to find it, if you have a hint, it will be very appreciated. There is, look at the other posts. Someone has posted a guide with hints to see Jane. I don't find the way to have the scene with Jane I find the scene with khira, the strip at the beach with lucy, the strip at the garage with the asian girl, and the scene with Jane, but always impossible to have khira and jane in the same party Is it possible to have both, Have I done something wrong?

The sex games: part 1

Ok guys, sorry for the issue here. Please reload your game, it's fixed now. Julien admin monfils. If you've done all the other events first, the game doesn't end. Anyone get anywhere with the Jane or Lucy? Glitches to end after "Wait Best Porn Games.

If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the website. All models appearing on this website were 18 or older when images and videos were created. Enter Leave. Load Game. The first episode in our new sex games series, "The Wedding"! Comments So will be here any new FREE strip games?

The sex game before christmas episode 1

I was waiting for you :. Sorry about that I'm onto it. Follow us! Please also note that by clicking on enter, you accept our use of cookies.

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The second part of the game with a beautiful elf who was captured by the guards.


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