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Hey, welcome to the new 8muses the best of porn comics and hentai manga, we are the new version of 8muses comics, just as you are lovers of porn comics and hentai so 8muses recent are developing an improved version of the 8 muses video and Hanime our Only goal is to become the best adult comic. In the new 8muses you will find thousands of porn comicsxxx cartoons and lots of Hentai Mangaexclusive translations of Japanese sleeves into English, the best adult comics completely free, we are committed to becoming one of the best porn comic s on the market, offering all our free porn 8muses recent with the sole purpose of pleasing our fans. Porn Comics and Hentai Manga As we indicated above, we offer these two genres on the website, divided into two sections oradult comics usually always come colored and deal with familiar characters in any medium and nature, while the Hentai manga or Doujins are comics for adults of Japanese origin, but do not worry all our content will be in English and possibly other languages, we hope you enjoy and download all our porn comics. We hope that all our users are happy with the content shown in 8muses.


Rather than giving you galleries of individual comics, all 8muses recent browsing is grouped by popular brands such as Fakku, Jab, TG, and more. This type of browsing has its pros and cons. The advantage is that once you find a comic you love, you can easily find a lot more with the same style. On the other hand, this means that the only way to search individual comics is through the search system.

All the different series also usually have their own common theme, like incest. JAB Comix are some seriously awesome shit, whether you have your dick out or not.

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No gifs or videos here, but animated fakes are pretty bad anyway. Typical, but it works. By now, your brain should have adjusted to ignore banner. No matter how you browse the site, everything is done via franchise or studio. The general idea is that first you pick a studio, and then you choose a comic from within that studio. Yes, it does feel like a lot of clicks.

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Clicking on any of the s will maximize the image for you. You can save the pictures if you want, but no bulk download option. Sometimes the can be too big for you to read the text, even on a full window. This feature will expand the image entirely, essentially letting you zoom in and out. Browsing has its issues.

All the porn at 8muses comes with a set of tags, making it easy to search for all kinds of shit. The gallery is organized by the celebrity and includes all the major bitches such as Megan Fox, Victoria 8muses recent, etc. The discussion mostly revolves around new releases that users will post and share. You can also ask for some weirder shit, and someone will help you out. I saw a user reach out asking for dolphin porn, so yes, there are people with worse porn habits than you.

There are other languages supported too.

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Portuguese and Spanish are sure bets to find some hot ass poon. What I Like 8muses really highlights how awesome porn comics have gotten. These webcomics go way beyond classic hentai or western Marvel-type comics, where the art styles all look pretty similar.

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I never watched Frozen, but after checking these bitches out, I think I get what all the hype is about. First, the studio-based layout can be annoying. It forces you to click so many times, and it makes it hard to sample a lot of different comics at once.

I guess the content is pretty good, but it just reminded me of my porn habits from ten years ago. It seems like an ill-fit. Suggestions The first ificant suggestion I have for 8muses is to add a list view function. I also hope 8muses can provide downlo. The layout could 8muses recent use some touching up.

For example, the actual comics is super bare bones. Where are the tags? Well, to read the tags, you actually have to go into a specific .

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Then randomly, a list of tags will show up on the left side. A library worthy of Alexandria Overall, 8muses is an awesome doujin and comic site. It combines a ton of the best western and eastern comics into one easy to use hub, and the focus on artists works surprisingly well.

On the other hand, 8muses can also feel empty.

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The forum is pretty solid, with thousands of users posting their own offerings in an easy to browse way. As long as 8muses stays this clean, the community should grow. One red flag I had about 8muses is that the Recently Updated section is completely empty. There also is no scheduled release calendar. If you want to see why porn webcomics have been exploding in popularity in the last few years, this is where you want to start together with MultPorn.

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Open 8Muses. An extensive gallery with minimal is always a recipe for success. Searching via Studio As I said before, 8muses can be weird to browse. Pure icy pussy perfection. Let it go, indeed. What I Hate 8muses has some annoyances as well.

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