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  • What is my age:
  • 26
  • My sexual orientation:
  • Man
  • Color of my eyes:
  • Soft green
  • My hair:
  • Strawberry-blond
  • I like to drink:
  • Rum
  • What I prefer to listen:
  • Easy listening
  • Tattoo:
  • None
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


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It's exit I started this thread since the other one appears to have died out.

slutty mom Itzayana

Anyone been lately? I went in to check it out, granted this was the middle of the day, but the arcade was full of guys just wandering around, some even appeared to be following me. There were a few booths that had what appeared to be patched gloryholes. A gloryhole would be perfect as my wife wants to maintain the anonymous factor of it all and I want to watch. What about the theaters, are they large open theaters or just small spaces? I saw two, the adult theater, and the couples, which is the better choice? Have any of you couples had a chance to actually play here?

Adult world glory hole

In answer to your questions- The last time my fiancee and I went, we went into the arcade. We left the door open and were ed by 5 different guys not all at once. My fiancee would also like to try a gloryhole but has no "issue" with being anonymous plus the fact that we are both bi. The "adult theater" is just for guys and we have never been in there. The couples theater is a large area with couches. We have been in there a few times and have had a good time each time. This is good information to know. It looked like there was fun to be had.

Like I said I did see the arcade area, and several of the booths had, what appeared to be, covered up gloryholes. It's too bad you weren't there the day I was Swing, there were several guys who might have liked to meet you and your gf!

I wanted to check it out before we went as a couple.

Glory hole porn videos

And I will probably go again to get a second look. Were you both there during the evening hours, or what time of day was it? We went on saturday night and had a great time. It was our first time playing in public. There were two other couples there and a single guy not sure how he got in, maybe with the first couple. One of the couples put on a great show and the other was more reserved, we were somewhere in the middle ground, playing and some fucking.

Wife and I went a couple of weeks back on a Saturday night. We didnt go into the theatre because there didnt appear to be any couples there, I asked the clerk if it was busy and he said "nobody yet" but we did go back into the video area. It looked like all the holes had been covered, or at least the ones I looked in were.

Glory hole (sexual slang)

We climbed into a big booth for a little oral fun time, and when we came out there were 6 or 7 men standing in line against the wall in front of our booth. There were a bunch of guys walking around, and one really thin couple, looked sickly thin that followed us all over the place.

gorgeous moms Molly

We will likely go back for a little theatre adventure soon. Well I posted a reply but it never made it up here, not sure why, so here goes again. We aren't sure how the single guy got in, maybe he went in with the original couple? When we went in it was the couple, who was already heavily involved, and the single guy sitting on a couch across from them jacking off. Yes, this was in the couples room.

We went in and sat on the couch next to the couple and started playing after a bit. Awhile later another couple came in. They were a bit more reserved and she gave him a blowjob while he fingered her with no clothing removed. We played until the lights came on then everyone left. me if you would like.

As for the arcade area, yah it was sort of the same for us, we walked around checking booths and there were a few guys following, which kinda made us nervous because we really weren't ready for that yet, so we left. I guess my post above was a bit confusing, so let me clear up a couple of points. When we went into the booths, we were looking for a spot for the two of adult world glory hole to play, she's not into giving to random men, too much diseasealthough she loves being watched.

Our booth door was locked, but several times people tried to open it not a problem, just a comment. To the person that e-mailed me anonymously fussing because I wrote about a "skinny" couple, they were just that, and no, I'm not grossly fat, nor is my wife. I'm 6'2,she's 5'5 They just looked like refugees from a crack-house. So get over it. My only intention in posting the review was to spread a little info to others. I do think Adult World has a lot to offer, and we will be going back again soon! We too were concerned with that aspect IM, but we thought handjobs might be possible with the right protection, maybe blowjobs not sure how this could be managed.

And, if nothing else, we could play in a booth and have a good time knowing others were there. Having someone try to open the door would probably bother us though. Unless we specifically said they could.

Adult world honeydew

Have you posted here before? From your descriptions you both sound hot. Maybe we will see you there some time. me if you prefer. My husband and I visited and we had a ball or at least I did.

pretty woman Julia

Anyway, we've never been to anything like this before but, I'm glad we did. We started out slow though.

sweet madam Briana

We played a little and then, when we couldn't stand it anymore, my husband dropped my pants and I sit on his hard cock until he spewed inside of me. This was very arousing especially, since when I looked up we had some man watching us and stroking his hard cock. I was flattered of course. But, maybe next time we can have some couple participation.

Hey just wanted to know if anyone is going tomorrow night? Me and my boyfriend are going to be there and just seeing if anyone else will be. Does anyone know what hours they are open?

Glory hole

Never heard of an adult store or theater closing at midnight. Where is Adult World I will be crossing the state on a business trip the 1st of Nov and would love to take a break and stroke my 8in cock for couples or ladies. I'm at rigidone yahxx. I thought they were open 24 hours, but they shut the theaters down at midnight.

Adult world gloryhole

I don't know why they were closed. The strange thing is there were cars still in the parking lot but the doors were locked up tight as a drum. So the theaters do closed down at midnight then. Damn we can't get out before 11pm so i guess Adult World is out, any other sugestions?

Like I said, I'm not positive on that, I would ask next time you get there, it's a good time so I would try to go. Maybe this was a special circumstance, can't say honestly. We tried to go last weekend but plans fell through, so hoping maybe this weekend.

We were there this past saturday night Nov. Great time, 3 couples and the same single guy, who scored this time, as one of the hot ladies gave him a spectacular blowjob while her husband fucked her doggystyle. Very good time! Its exit if you take IN. Can't recall the name of the town it's near. You can't miss it though, at least coming in that direction. Anyone going to be there tonight? Hubby and I might drive up there and check it out.

Whats the best fun in the house?

gorgeous whore Keira

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