ebony wife Oakleigh
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  • Years old:
  • 19
  • Ethnic:
  • Syrian
  • I like:
  • Gentleman
  • Hair:
  • Black
  • What is my Zodiac sign:
  • Virgo
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • Red wine
  • What I prefer to listen:
  • Pop
  • My hobbies:
  • Doing puzzles
  • Piercing:
  • None
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


For more blogs, Those who seek to avail themselves of such services can maintain their requirements online and browse the services on offer with ease. I've been a little bit MIA from here for a while, but I'm raring to get back! I miss those wonderful dates in London with you lovely people so i want to hear from you!


For more blogs, Those who seek to avail themselves of such services can maintain their requirements adultwork blogs and browse the services on offer with ease. It makes life interesting and fun! I recently found this delicious, devilish tentacle! It's perfect for beginners as as well as more experienced sluts as it is made of soft silicone and has a beautifully tapered shape which means that it will slide into your pretty little asshole perfectly and with ease!

Once it's inside of you - Mistress will administer a prostate orgasm, for which you will forever be addicted! From then on you will always want the candy which Mistress has to offer!

fit miss Dream

Friday, May 21st The 'S' Word! Sounding is an amazing experience not everyone is familiar with. It involves inserting a steel rod into the urethra and letting gravity take its course! Lots of sterile, surgical lube is needed to ensure a smooth and comfortable descent!

If done correctly and in a relaxed manner sounding can be extremely sensuous and often le to an instantaneous urge to cum! This is because there are lots of nerve endings inside the urethra and if the sound goes in nice and deep it directly stimulates the prostate gland which in an explosive ejaculation! There are also things you can do to enhance pleasure as the sound slides in!

married Charlotte

If you are adventurous you can stretch your urethra by using thicker sounds each time. I offer coaching and expert tuition in the art of sounding and many other kinky activities! I would love to help you explore and instruct you how to cum for me!

Sunday, May 16th The glorious prostate orgasm! You should have one! I have a delicious new latex glove? It is perfect for anal and pussy play! Did you know that you can have a wonderful prostate orgasm by stimulating your P-spot otherwise known as your prostate gland!

Your prostate is found between your bladder and your rectum and can be stimulated by placing toys, fingers or a strapon inside of your lovely bottom! Of course a real cock would be simply divine and may work even better! Let me know if you adultwork blogs this as I would love to watch! If you are newcomer or unsure about anal play you might want to work up to a real cock or some of the larger toys.

Start small and get bigger! It's very important to be relaxed and have lots of lube - particularly when you first try. Experiment with positions and find something that really excites and turns you on. Toys that vibrate can be brilliant and you can always ask me about the best kind to get if you are a beginner as I am always happy to offer instruction, guidance and recommendations.

One of the things I love to administer the most is an amazing prostate orgasm - which I can do without without even touching your cock! In fact, your cock or clitty can be safely locked away! It seems the longer you have gone without having a penile orgasm the more sensitive your prostate will be and the more likely you will be to have a prostate orgasm! Another way of having divine orgasms is to access the prostate via the adultwork blogs - using a urethral sound! I will write more about this in my next blog post I would love to show you my scrumptious new glove and even use it on you!

Thursday, May 13th Questioning Monogamy I was socialised to believe that monogamous relationships were the ideal template for relationships. That you could remain faithful, committed and in love with one partner for life.

cute madam Bonnie

Ideally this relationship would fulfill all of one's needs and desires. I should say that I did not subscribe to what I saw as the outdated institution of marriage, for anything more than practical reasons i. However, I failed to question and deconstruct the underpinnings of monogamy itself and whether it is the best form of relationship? Therefore, however hard we try we are inevitably bound to be disappointed and let down by monogamy! Where Mistress gets to decide whether or not she has multiple partners! I would love to know what you think!

Adultwork blogs arrived late at night after being picked up at the airport by Maid April. I was transported down a long windy dirt track which seemed to go on forever.

naked wife Anya

At last I caught a glimpse of the villa glittering brightly like a glowing beacon on the hill top. As we approached I was somewhat both shocked and elated to notice what looked like a medieval cage hanging from the ceiling - inside a man hanging in a gimp outfit. On a bench was a sub in bondage with a latex clad Mistress using his cock for her pleasure.

The Mistress was using a suspension harness for leverage and it was apparent from the moans that both Mistress and slave were enjoying the experience.

I spotted a of couples in various latex and bondage outfits in various states of undress all still managing to look very kinky and glamorous! I had a delicious week at the Spanish villa! I visited the beautiful galleries and cafes by day and at night we all went out en mass! A kinky bunch we proved to be, dressed in our naughty outfits! We were made very welcome sampling the night life, nearby in Torremolinos! In the early hours we would return to the villa for more debauchery!

I could never return to a vanilla existence! Saturday, December 12th My Iron Angel I had been in a monogamous relationship with adultwork blogs partner husband for 20 years. We separated abruptly several years ago and technically I am still married!

After a period of recovery I decided to embark on the perilous and exciting world of online dating! I met my Angel when he was 19 years old on the dating App Tinder. I have a lot of appreciation for it as like many social media dating Apps - Tinder is full of a myriad of people, the weird, the wonderful, what I found to be a colourful smorgasbord of people.

Due to lowering my age settings - I met a delicious boy who was to become my Iron Angel. At 19 years old my Angel was handsome, full of energy and curious about the world and perhaps more importantly he loved my strapon! We chatted for a whole year before we met. I led a busy life working as a Dominatrix. At the time my adultwork blogs slave had broken his leg and it meant I had a vacancy. My Angel came to help me with the house, family and also my sessions. He was to become my close companion, sex slave, friend and partner.

We have been pretty much inseparable ever since and I have quite successfully converted him from a 19 year old straight virgin to the 21 year old cock loving whore he is today! Tuesday, November 24th Doxy Dream Good morning to all you miscreants Mistress is calling out to you! One of my favourite toys to use in my dungeon has been the wonderful and extremely powerful Doxy vibrator. Made in Cornwall it was the perfect gift from one of my faithful subs Marsyas You met him in a post. Marsyas thought I would like to use the Doxy to pleasure myself!

Well, it does have a delicious Rabbit attachment! One of the amazing things about this vibrator is that you can change the attachments and the anal attachment is rather perfect for administering prostate orgasms! So, it is my very close companion and aid in all things adultwork blogs I know it looks rather large and for some of you that will be a delight and for others somewhat of a worry.

For the anal virgins out there, let me reassure you I don't start off using this vibrator on newbies! I would begin with my latex gloved finger or my super little prostate massager. Those are great at getting the ball rolling as it were! I have found a vibrator adultwork blogs be so versatile and many men don't realise that if they use it on the frenulum of their cock The bit of skin that attaches the foreskin to the shaft they can cum like Vesuvius!

horny girl Stella

Large, small or pocket sized they make the perfect gift! Buy yourself or your partner a vibrator and come and show me on cam just how you use it!

gorgeous lady Robin

It will make my day! Sunday, November 22nd Anal Hooks Good morning my wonderful minions! I thought I would introduce you to some of the items I have ready for use in my dungeon. Have you ever considered wearing an anal hook?

Some of you may have not encountered one before. The ball end fits tightly inside your anus and the hook protrudes and a chain or lead can be attached. This means that Mistress has complete control of your movements. It amuses me to think of you naked and chained to the wall of my dungeon or perhaps attached to a leash and being led around my back yard.

I know it is a little cold this time of year! Both still viable options! Saturday, November 21st Property of Mistress How many of you naughty creatures would consider having some type of body modification to please a Mistress - temporary or adultwork blogs permanent? Do you think it represents the ultimate commitment? Would you have a piercing to show your devotion -perhaps a Prince Albert, an Apadravya or an Ampallang?

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