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Alpha fucks beta bucks is a red pill maxim that refers to sexual marketplace dynamics whereby alpha males enjoy free, easy, and abundant sexual access to women, while beta males receive only scant sexual access in spite of their expensive courtship efforts.

If the alpha male is more attractive, charismaticconfident, higher social status, more of a leader etc.

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General population-level rules always have individual-level exceptionsof alpha fucks. As a kind, I remember two older brothers one-upping each other as to who had more sex. Each one of the them claimed of having more and… They were both right. How was that possible? The younger one had a stable girlfriend. So, in some cases and in given periods of times, the single alpha who seeks variety as a single man might end up with a far higher sexual partners count, but fewer overall sex-session count as compared to a less alpha guy who is in a relationship. This particular circumstance does not affect the general rule, though.

Alpha males still have, generally, better odds at having sex with any new woman than a beta male. The sexual marketplace, just like any other social exchangehas an inherent element of bartering and calculative nature.

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Now what happens is that the more personal value one individual possess, the less external value he needs to bring to that negotiating table to get what he wants — in our case, sexual access to the female. A guy who is less attractive, might instead have to add some forms of external value before he can get sexual access to the female.

Personal investment is displayed for example with kindness, listening, asking questions, caring, supporting, contacting her often etc.

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Most normal guys show financial investment by paying for the dates, picking her up with the best car they can muster, going to a good restaurant, and maybe talking up their job. As a matter of fact, and as we shall see, alphas who get into relationships or who choose to be providers, tend to have more resources to invest than betas do. And that handicapped some of my dating.

The science of “alpha fucks beta bucks” (facts vs myths)

I still think there is a place in getting to sex before you invest too much, but as for everything: balance. I thought. And I outright, annoyingly refused.

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Not my highest point, lemme tell you. Again, this is not an exhortation to swing in the opposite direction. But a few bucks for a date are probably fine. This is also generally true, and now we get into the realm of the lover and the provider as well.

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If you need to refresh your mind please see:. BUT, as for what we said above, alphas are more able to date as lovers, while betas must rely more on providing.

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Some math here: So if you take 1. These two different dating strategies and approaches work at inherently different speeds. Either the two like each other and we they to it quickly, or nothing. The provider path instead is more based on proving itself over a period of time.

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Why so. If there is no mutual attraction, paradoxically, the longer courtship period might eventually lead to sex and a relationship while the lover approach would instead lead nowhere. As usual, there are some exceptions and further considerations to this rule:. Anyway, the general rule applied to large s probably stands: take 1.

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Beta bucks puts together the worst stereotype of the man who fails at dating, and the bucks, such as the personal investment and the financial resources. But there are also empowering ways of leveraging resources that can increase your dating success. Resources by themselves are neither alpha nor beta: resources are an incredible source of power. Resources offer immense leverage in life, and the sexual marketplace is no exception. After the restaurant, we took a walk and then stopped at a bar for a drink.

And I alpha fucks her back hte menu. Now that was a high power way of using resources. Great memory. Was it because of the menu power move? In this case, resources were helpful for short-term sex, as well as making me a great candidate for long-term as well. In general, I would say, the red pill is more focused on the short term. Short term and long term are two different modes of dating, with important differences, and with different rules to achieve success. So, for example, if you take an attractive alpha fucks male who is broke and jobless and a non-attractive beta male who is a billionaire, the alpha might do better in the short term, while the beta billionaire might secure a more attractive partner for the long term.

Case in point, Elon Musk :. They are based on exaggerated stereotypes that rarely even exist in the real world. As a matter of fact, alpha males tend to have more resources than betas. However, sometimes, exaggerated examples based on one-dimension stereotypes can help us better grasp the dynamics at play.

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The world presents many examples that evolution equipped most men with the drive to acquire as well as to conspicuously display resources. For example, take that red pill guy who is so into cars:.

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The sportscars he loves stem from a primordial drive to display resources as a way of attracting status and women. And this is not a criticism, by the way. Resources are power, and displaying resources is an effective technique to showcase and increase that power.

Imagine a man who is an 8 in terms of looks.

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Top women only consider top menso being alpha grants no special points anymore. That is true for the short term alpha fucks, even more, for relationships. Take an attractive Hollywood female star. Angelina Jolie of the past decades, for example. There is also Brad Pitt who wants Angelina, and maybe there is DiCaprio as well, as other attractive but non famous billionaires.

Angelina might still take that personal trainer for a spin, but it will be more on her terms, and the power is all on her side. Angelina might actually actively avoid even been seen with his personal trainer because that would tarnish her reputation as a classy, unreachable top 0.

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The next twist is that if Angelina is dating Di Caprio, Gosling, and Pitt but only Pitt is willing to commit, then she will probably drop di Caprio and Gosling for Pitt, because commitment means value to a big chunk of women. Exceptions always applylike some younger women in the partying phase Tomassi,or inveterate female players, but the norm is that when a woman is attracted to a man, she does value commitment.

This is basic dating power dynamics.

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Top women want it all and demand more, including bucks, because they can obtain it. They want the alpha physically, who is also smart, and who is also financially loaded. See the point? And the same goes for personal investment, including caring and bonding. They help you get the relationship, secure the relationship, as well as empowering you within that relationship. Also see:.

The science of “alpha fucks beta bucks” (facts vs myths)

And I agree, you might have a point. But hey, exceptions always applyand there might be valid reasons why you specifically like one particular woman, and changing her mind might be worth a shot. Resources in those cases can be leveraged for that end, and you still do so within a strong, alpha frame so to speak. This is a good example where Michael Franzese, a former mafia boss, does exactly that, check it out:.

The last issue with the mantra is the black and white generalizations that often go along with it.

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Obviously, the world is not just alphas who enjoy quick sex without any investment and simps who invest a lot and never get sex. In truth, of all the betas who date more traditionally and who chip in their time and resources, a good chunk of them do get some fucks, sometimes, or manage to get a girlfriend.

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And since alphas are a minority, and simps who never ever fuck are also a minority, the actual silent majority are probably the various shades of grey betas who eventually fuck. Berlusconi used to put some of his women in his various real estates alpha fucks Milan.

Financial wise, for Berlusconi it was peanuts and it made for a congenial arrangement, but for a normal guy, Berlusconi was bucking a lot. So this is a very different style of being an alpha, and it shows how financial investment is very different from personal investment. Financial investment is a form of external value that allows a guy not to provide any personal investmentincluding emotional closeness.

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They can be equally rich as the loaded alpha bucks, but less of a player, seeking less diversity. These guys invest in their women, commit, potentially marry, and also provide financially, but do not get involved with the child-rearing. These alphas, invest, commit, enjoy raising the children, the whole package, and are themselves great role alpha fucks for their children. Exceptions always applybut women who find them are often lucky women. And if they meet a more Machiavellianmanipulative woman, they can easily be taken for a ride, and get hooked on the wrong woman.

See for example mike Tyson:.

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