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Upon selecting "New Game", you'll be greeted with all of the necessary background information for starting your journey. Select your gender and proceed. You are now situated in Fall City's harbor. Once you get control of yourself and feel comfortable with moving around, go check out the Tourist Center, the building, and talk to the receptionist.


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Pokemon ranger walkthough

VII Clear the Rockfalls! X Save the Jungle Relic! XI Investigate the Factory!

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I first picked up this game with the intention of playing through to get the Manaphy egg that I could transfer to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl when it came out. I would finish the game, get the egg, and probably not give it a second thought. When I started playing, though, I was amazed. Only a handful of games on the DS displayed exceptional utilization of the touch screen, and this had become one of them. I was almost instantly hooked, wanting nothing more than to turn on my DS and capture anything and everything that crossed my path.

Before long, I had beaten the game, and journeyed out to complete everything possible.

However, I noticed that GameFAQs had a severe lack of guides for this game, and decided that it was time I wrote one for myself. Please understand that while I will try to be specific with directions, what Pokemon you should use at what time, etc. I will give advice on story-related Captures that involve more powerful Pokemon, and Captures involving rare Pokemon, but I won't hold your hand when you're having trouble capturing a Wurmple.

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It's too much for me to handle, and you won't learn much of anything if you don't try a few things yourself. A young person aspiring to be a Pokemon Ranger, you write letter after letter to Spenser, the Ranger Leader of Ringtown, explaining your dream. Impressed by your drive and determination, Spenser decides to invite you to Ringtown to begin your service as a true Ranger.

At the beginning of the game, you're given the choice of playing as a male or female character. The only influence this has on the story is your partner Pokemon Minun if male, Plusle if femaleand the gender of one of your fellow Ringtown Rangers the opposite of yours. Your Partner, Minun or Plusle: You first encounter your partner being attacked by a Houndoom it decided to play a trick on.

After hitching a ride with you back to Ringtown, running off for a while, and then coming back, it decides it wants to become your partner in your career as a Ranger. Aside from the name and color differences, there's no difference between either of them. They'll accompany you on a of your missions throughout the game, always providing moral support in other words, they don't do more than talk.

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Their partner will be the opposite electric mouse you have Minun if you have Plusle, Plusle if you have Minun. Murph: Another fellow Ringtown Ranger. A little clumsy, a little lacking in self-confidence at times, and very rarely given a serious mission one of his usual missions is "Changing the Lightbulbs". Nonetheless, he is dedicated to his job, and does everything in his power to cheer up his companions when they're down.

His partner is a Slowpoke he caught in the Grassland Capture Challenge. He was impressed with the Hero's desire to become a Ranger, and went out himself to recruit them. He is serious about his work, but is very friendly with his fellow Rangers, even those under his command.

Gameplay guide

She initially looks upon the Hero as little more than a nusiance, a rookie who isn't even worthy of her attention. She usually glorifies her position, noting the superiority of her skills and missions to the Hero in comparison.

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Eventually, though, the Hero's skills become evident, and Aria begins to look upon them as more of an equal. He is aware of every Ranger's strengths, and knows just how far they can be pushed before breaking down.

His partner is a Dodrio he caught in the Grasslands Capture Challenge. He prefers to spend his days "training" at the Marine Capture Challenge, and usually lets his Rangers laze about. However, when push comes to shove, Cameron will get his Rangers moving, even if it means canceling vacation though he hates to do it.

His partner is a Pelliper he captured in the Marine Capture Challenge. Chris: A Wintown Ranger with large muscles and a silent demeanor. He very rarely says anything, but when inspired, he suddenly spouts words that can almost be described as poetic.

He is one of Elita's most trusted Rangers. As far as I know, we never see Chris' partner Pokemon. However, she is actually a kind and dependable woman. Professor Hastings: The head of the technology division of the Ranger Union, inventor of several devices used by todays Rangers, including the Capture Styler. His most recent invetion is the Super Styler, an item of immense power. He plays a bass electric guitar, modified so that it doubles as a Styler. Plays a drum, modified so that it doubles as a Styler. Plays a violin, modified so that it doubles as a Styler.

Plays an electric guitar, modified so that it doubles as a Styler.

Gorder: Leader of the Go-Rock Squad. Created the Go-Rocks to seek revenge against Professor Hastings, believing he was ignored because Hastings always outdid him.

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Desires to eliminate the Rangers, replacing the Go-Rock Squad as the heroes in the public's eye. Plays an organ, modified so that it doubles as the Power Styler, his own upgrade of Hastings' Super Styler. To move, simply hold the stylus on the screen towards the direction you want to move. You can slide the stylus while moving to change your direction. When you want to talk to someone, tap them with the stylus you don't need to be right next to them, either.

Touch the screen to advance the text, and to choose between Yes and No when presented with the choice. You save in the same manner, by touching a Save Station, and choosing yes. The red arrow in the center is you. Blinking icons that look remarkably similar to Save Stations are, of course, Save Stations.

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Yellow symbols that look like a Pikachu head represent wild Pokemon. On the right side of the screen is a list of your Captured Pokemon.

Aria the rookie

You start the game with four open slots, with the 5th, 6th, and 7th blocked off. Each captured Pokemon takes up one slot, displaying its name and Field Move.

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As you advance in Ranger Rank, additional slots are opened. During a Capture, your Capture Disk is displayed on the top, usually in a neutral state. When you choose a Pokemon for an Assist, that Pokemon is shown in your Disk, as well as an animation of the Assist type and the time remaining to use that Assist.

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Get used to looking at this screen, you're going to be seeing it a lot. Most of the game is spent walking around as the Hero. You'll see people you can talk to, Pokemon to capture, Save Stations, etc. On this screen, at the very top, is a bar that contains your Styler's HP in both numeric and bar form, as well as your Partner Gauge.

It looks something like this. In bar form, the gauge shows 15 HP per layer, changing colors as the layers increase similar to the health bars in Kingdom Hearts; one color bar has to empty before the one below it begins to deplete.