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  • My age:
  • 21
  • Meeting with:
  • Gentleman
  • Iris tone:
  • Cold blue
  • Color of my hair:
  • Auburn
  • What is my figure type:
  • My figure features is quite fat
  • Music:
  • My favourite music opera
  • Body tattoos:
  • I don't have tattoos


Overfollowers!!! We like to keep things naughty as well as classy. We post pictures of things we like and we use this to keep things fun and exciting in our relationship. It's helped us become closer than ever and we love it! We also reply to messages together when we're feeling frisky, lol.


Hello and thanks for stopping by! Please visit the "Horny Beginnings" button below to learn about the inspiration for this creation. This blog is best viewed on a desktop.

All edits and inputs to this blog are made while completely nude. It's central theme is conservative women and how they are behind closed doors in the privacy of their own boudoir.

Through this blog, I am able to express my private thoughts and desires, and share with you anonymously, which is an incredible turn on and very exciting for me as I have always been a voyeur and exhibistionist since my experience with my aunt. My fascination was with the dichotomy of my aunt's proper, almost prudish appearance in public, and how she conducted herself in the privacy of her boudoir when she thought no one was looking.

It's a celebration of all things aunt for those horny nephews out there! You most likely know who you are, growing up as a young adolescent, and seeing someone other than your mother nude and unaware for the first time as you entered your teens, raging with hormones. The moment you see something private that you know you shouldn't be seeing.

It happened while my aunt was helping me in her backyard, holding open a trash bag in her thin, see-through sundress, yes, from Montgomery Ward. I was able to see not only through her dress, with her full coverage cotton, polyester briefs, but down her top, with her breasts, unadorned with any brazier since so oppressively hot outdoors and without air conditioning in her home. And lucky for me, she never wore a bra with this dress.

I had a clear view of her pointers. Wonderfully firm, pointed and capped by puffy-nippled, swollen dark brown areolaed breasts size 36AAcomplete with ample, long nipple hairs which lined her areolas, which hooked me forever.

From that moment on, I looked forward to three LONG summers, barely able to stand the anticipation of being alone with her for three months as a curious teen after my parents dropped me off. After my down blouse incident, I then became curious wanting to peep on her further, and explore her surrounds to satisfy my newly found sexual curiosity.

Her recent separation and pending divorce, made it ideal for me in that there was no man about the house, except her curious and horny teen nephew who relished in her mothering and doting, but not smothering ways. I spent many exciting hours in her home, and bedroom completely naked and alone, free to explore wherever my curiosity took me. Her long gravel drive to her house in the country was a perfect alarm, and made it ideal for me to explore in privacy, always to be alerted and never get caught in whatever I was up to.

By taking showers in her room, I discovered her Bic Lady razor that she shaved her armpits and legs with, and feminine shave creams that I aunt sex tumblr shaving my own body with as a young teen. I still shave myself to this day, using Aveeno oatmeal gel and a pink women's Gillette Venus ComfortGlide razor and my aunt always comes to mind as I move my erect cock out of the way to shave the underside of my balls, masturbating afterwards.

I became fascinated with how intense my cum explosions were, uncontrollably launching thick, hot, cum ropes up and onto my chest, flying end over end and over my head and onto my aunt's sheets, pillows and headboard, hearing the splatter, as I hopelessly lay there, at the mercy of my orgasm from all of my actions. Now sexually curious and having aunt sex tumblr for the first time and wanting more, I had discovered her heater grate was built into her bedroom wall and hallway, giving me an unobstructed view into her private escape, known to me as her boudoir, with aromas of L'air du Temps, fresh laundry, and week old bedsheets.

I was able to witness her in many situations. She thought she was in the privacy of her boudoir, out of the shower and in front of her vanity getting ready for bed combing her hair or applying lotion all over her nude body or getting dressed to travel downtown, putting on makeup nude, dressing in garters, lifting her arms above her head so I could see her underarms, putting on her bra and panties, or slips, and of course, everything else she did in the privacy of her boudoir to include masturbating as a sexless, and extremely horny, homely looking, doting, mothering, proper and classy lady, with one exception, her horny nephew had front row seat on the other side of the wall and was witnessing it all completely nude, breathing heavily with my erection pulsing to my every heartbeat.

To this day, I still wonder whether I was being treated to show or if she was just unaware. As of late, I am leaning towards the latter, as she certainly wouldn't think her nephew was so into the mystery of mature women that he would try that?

Perhaps that question will never be answered. My experience has turned me into the mature, unsuspecting horny older gentleman I am today, thanks to my doting aunt. I sit across the aunt sex tumblr from you, stand in line at Costco next to you, eat peanuts and drink beer next to you at a ball game, walk on a convention floor next to you with my badge on display, sit next to you in church, attend my niece's graduations I am also a very proud and protective, horny uncle to four beautiful nieces whom I have watched grow up and develop into young women, and three wonderful new soon to be step-daughters and many more public places where my true horniness is hidden but where I always am thinking of sex, and just as horny as when I saw my aunt for the first time.

I'm your typical gentleman next door, one who plays golf with you and your wife, drinks a beer with you, mixes at holiday parties, and attends my niece's sporting events. Especially with my new doting girlfriend.

My prayers after so many years were answered: loving, mothering, kind, sexy, small breasts, pink nipples, nipple hairs, nightie wearing, hairy thighs, and an extremely hairy bikini area, from hip bone to hip bone, and hairy thighs with hair spilling from her shorts. I am recently very happily aunt sex tumblr, which of course means I have sex all the time now. I've met a sophisticated executive, corporate woman, who is nice and caring beyond my wildest dreams, who looks after me and has a growing insatiable desire for sex, after being sexless for many, many years, where we are both fulfilling our many fantasies including cosplay, as well as light chokers and chains.

Gone is her apprehension of being so hairy, now that she knows it turns her boyfriend on very much. To see her on the street would definitely evoke the word MiLf as well as GiLf in your thoughts.

When I am not having sex, with a partiality for sex in the morning you can most typically find me masturbating at least once a day, usually while contributing to this blog, while surfing my favorite naughty websites, exploring aunt sex tumblr niece's and step-daughter's rooms, or reviewing JAVs for submittal. These photos are a collection of all my turn ons, with a special reminder of how it felt seeing my aunt freely walking around in a babydoll with bloomers and scuff slippers; vintage peignoir and robe, or very conservative chiffon double layered nightie, but still being able to see what lay underneath, piquing my curiosity to peep on other mature women as a young teen.

Similarly, fresh off seeing my aunt nude for the first time, my summers with my cousin were an extension of my new found voyeurism. Using some of my same techniques from my aunt experience, I was also able to peep on my cousin while she showered, got dressed or undressed, watch her change clothes into a bikini, perusing through her clothes hamper, and many nipple slips during our summers swimming in her pool, all alone while my aunt and uncle were at work. Seeing her in a bikini during a hot summer day over the years as she aunt sex tumblr into a young lady with an incredible rack which made her embarrassed, or in a teen babydoll or peignoir robe before bed, really made an impression on me, being able to see my cousin a year younger than I in teen lingerie left an indelible impression.

I was also able to expose myself to her by not wearing underwear, and just a ribe after the shower. Summers with my aunt also helped introduce me into my love for lingerie, coming off of the more conservative styles of my cousin early on.

My curious mind help me discover the Sears, Montgomery Ward and JC Penney catalogs, under the sheets with a flashlight, or in the bathroom before my shower. I also have fond memories, sitting with my aunt across from me as we watched TV, I would be looking at all the lingerie models in the catalog wearing vintage peignoirs, or wearing garters, unbeknownst to her with my erection. As far as she was concerned, her innocent nephew was aunt sex tumblr at the toy section. I also came to the shocking realization of knowing just how naughty she was behind closed doors. I was so innocent and had no idea!

Seeing her dildo drawer with all it's toys, Vaseline for her lube, a booklet of various sex "coupons" that never expired for her partner who had been cheating on his wife with her until my aunt found out about a month into their short sex life, one OUI magazine and one VHS porno, and the first porno I watched at age 13 titled "8 to 4", never rewound, and stopped always after the cumshots, really made an impression on me, and started me off on my plus year curiosity, interest and love for porn.

I consume about 90 percent JAV porn with the remaining portion being sites like Tumblr. I still have fond memories of being dragged through department store lingerie sections with aunt, seeing all the types of garter and hose, and panties and bras and peignoir sets.

Little did she know, I was in heaven seeing her pick out lingerie to wear, I would always stay close. And whenever I asked what garters or slips were used for, for example, she would tell me she would let me know when I was 18 years old.

So proper, but I already knew! To see her lingerie evolve from full coverage panties with garters, to hipsters, to low riders and eventually to thongs and crotchless panties for her few dates was fascinating! Enjoy my blog! Note: This is the third iteration of my blog after Tumblr blocked nudity, but you mostly get the idea with this G-rated version!

I've transferred most of the photos to Xhamster where I now mostly blog about and post reviews of JAVs and amateur actresses hence the occasional shaved pussy teen in this blogI still do post some nude pictures, however, my Xhamster site is languishing as of late, and I have come back to Tumblr working around their restrictions, which I've adapted to, even when nudity was allowed I always kept it classy.

Feel free to message me anytime if you'd like the address, but please note it is the X-rated version of this blog, and meant for the enjoyment of those over 18 years old only please. It notes many of my turn ons to include: my collection of aunt's intimates and vintage peignoirs from her estate, panties and or lingerie with bows on them, amateur nudism, large bikini areas, tall women, petite and short women, unshaved pubic and underarm hair, and thigh areas, age gap sex, cosplay sex, CFNM, NFCM.

I especially enjoy watching teen JAV actresses evolve, sexually and professionally, some flourishing into prolific actresses and others flaming out after one or two films because of bad acting or their parents find out. There are several factors that differentiate a mediocre from great actress, be it oppai, shiofuki, gokkun, underarm hair, bristle-haired pussy, or something sexually or physically unique that separates one from another, but the main underlying ingredient is acting believe it or not.

Anyone can perform sexually in a documentary, but if you can act and be a daughter, older sister, niece, or step-daughter and grand-daughter, you'll generally have a "long" career in JAV. Occasionally large tits will carry you through, but you need to be able to act in dramas.

I have turned a spare bedroom into a photo studio complete with tripod and lighting to take photo sessions of my girlfriend in lingerie while I am nude and erect, a complete turn on for aunt sex tumblr, which my girlfriend is starting to get used to, and of course, sex, as well as many more themes!

Similarly, what you won't see on here are a lot of my turn offs: women with tattoos, especially tramp stamps or "tribal" bands, pictures of females taking fish-lipped selfies in the bathroom or car, pictures of women all made up with thick drawn on eyebrows, and dressed like a stripper and using IG filters, so not sexy. Women texting on their phones with made up nails on vacation while their kids play by themselves, or women texting as little Johnny or Suzie are at practice while the mothers scroll through their Facebook feed, uninterested in anything their children are doing or participating aunt sex tumblr, or any rude women.

My horniness has also led to other adventures, always evolving as I age. Early in my corporate career, I befriended a co-worker 25 years my senior, aged 68, and set to retire, who gave an outward appearance of a typical corporate fellow and nice, old-fashioned gentleman. However, after a few happy hours, we both realized from our conversations we shared the same passion for women, lingerie and a deep love for sex.

He retired shortly thereafter, and we kept in touch.

I also set him up on his computer, bookmarking my various porn sites he asked for and gave him my s. I also showed him how to search more effectively for what he was looking for. For me, I am glad I found another horny gentleman, that I could share my closest secrets, desires and fetishes with, and introduce him to a world of porn he had no idea about, as well as learn about his private side.

So, I hope that you thoroughly enjoy my blog whether it's only for a bit while on your phone at work in between meetings, or ideally, you surf in the comfort of your home long enough to get horny and masturbate yourself. I'm perusing some of my favorite sites and then of course masturbate before I start my day. Post via docinla. By horny-nephew. Share this:. Load more posts.

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