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Webcam sites allow cam models to make money from home in a fun way with a flexible work schedule. For customers, it allows them to connect with live sex performers and get off in a much more exciting and interactive way.


There are a lot of webcam modeling guides out there teaching newbies how to become a cam girl, but most of them are too confusing to follow.

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You wanna know why? Trust me, you need to cam at Chaturbate. up here now and get the process underway it can take a few days to get approved to broadcast. One of the biggest concerns that new cam girls have is the technical part of camming. Computers, webcams, internet connection speeds. Like, what the heck is a Logitech C?? Fuck if I know. No, just kidding, I actually know what it is. The first piece of equipment you will need to become a cam girl is a laptop computer or a desktop.

You just need a functional computer. Do yourself a favor and clear all that crap out before you start at Chaturbate.

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for a good free virus cleaner that will take care of the situation. Now, it helps to have a decent webcam that can give you a crisp and clear image, but if you only have the built-in webcam in your laptop, that will be fine to start out with.


Your behavior on cam will matter FAR more, in terms of how much money you can make more on this down below. Being alluring and intriguing is way more important. As I said, webcam modeling is mostly about being interesting and sexy, not about having the best stream quality.

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Having said that, when you make some money on cam and can afford it, you should probably invest in a decent webcam like the Logitech C You have no following, no rep, no brand, no history. In order to fix this, you have to do a few main things.

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If you do these things correctly and consistently, you will almost certainly be able to attract viewers like a magnet! Instead, use the tried and true tactics that I and other successful cam girls have used to create large room counts. First, show some skin.

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Nothing is a bigger turn-off to a cam site viewer than a frowning or bored cam girl! Engage Your Room With Saucy Convo — One of the best ways to build up viewers and room count is to talk about stuff…interesting stuff. Did you have a wild summer vacation?

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Well, you need to talk to your viewers about it. Well, talk about it, girl!! Viewers love to hear about these kinds of things, and it makes them stick around. The longer they stick around, the easier it is to get them to tip! Go on Cam at The Same Time of Day — Being a smart cam girl involves structuring your camming schedule in ways that maximize your ability to attract and keep the loyalty of tipping members.

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One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that you go on cam and broadcast at the same time of day, every day. So, for example, you should decide whether you want to cam at night, or in the morning, or in the afternoon, or whenever. The reason for this is that cam site members typically like to watch cams at certain times of the day. Humans are ritualistic creatures, so one guy might like to watch cam girls in the evening after dinner, while the next guy might like to watch in the morning before work, while another guy might like to watch in the middle of the night when he should be sleeping.

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So, when you go on cam at the same time of day, day after day, the same members will pop into your room and hangout. So yeah, you definitely need a steady consistent camgirling schedule. This is one of the most effective tricks in the business.

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If you want big tips, you need them, so listen up and learn the best tactics to use for creating them. This will allow you to warm them up and bond with them in a personal way, which often le to big tips down the road. On Chaturbate, you can know who these members are by simply looking at the color of their screen name. Did your cat just do something super cute? You should snap about it. Does that new bikini you just bought fit perfectly on you?

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Then, damn, snap some pics!! Did your mom just call and drive you nuts? Snap about it and vent, sweet thing!

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The key with this tactic is to snap pics and videos as often as you can throughout the day. Just make sure to advertise your free Snapchat in your chat room, so your fans can easily follow.

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If you have a Twitterpush it hard there too. Okay, so this is what most girls who enter the webcam modeling business really want to know. How do you become a top-earning cam girl? We ALL want to be that girl! These are guys who like to buy literally thousands of dollars per month in tokens and shower them on their favorite webcam models. If you want to become a top camgirl, you really need some whales sending you some love. So, whales like top cam models.

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Not at all — in fact, that would be an unacceptable violation of cam girl etiquette. But being a successful cam model requires a bit of socialization, which means you need to get out there and mingle. What I do is I just pop into the rooms of popular cam girls, from time to time, and start participating in the chat. I joke around, talk a lot, and just mingle, you know? I NEVER target any particular members, I just have fun chatting with everybody and, often times, I get noticed by some of the big spenders. A lot of times the model herself gets charmed, and she offers to do a collab with you collaboration, which means basically camming together or shooting videos.

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Make sure that your profile is fully loaded with pics of you, as well as any bio information you wish to share. Most new webcam models have a tough time starting out because they have no fans yet, and that can be extremely discouraging for a lot of girls. We all went through this phase when learning how to become a cam girl, and it sucks. BUT…if you keep with it. It happened for me, and for tons of other cam girls I know. You need to stay focused and power through!

VERY good things await you on the other side, trust me!! Be aware that some of the links on this blog allow me to get paid. I only recommend sites and products that I believe in, though! Toggle .

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How To Become a Cam Girl. Are you ready?? Truth delivered in this post: 1 — How to create your cam girl at Chaturbate. Cam Girl Equipment Issues One of the biggest concerns that new cam girls have is the technical part of camming.

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Make it super easy for them to find you, so you can warm them up for tipping through lots of exposure and interaction. That makes big tipping MUCH more likely. You can create devoted fans by just being you and snapping your life out to viewers.

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Mingling is part of being a top cam girl. About Heidi. Search for:. Recent Posts.

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Isolation can be a real bummer.


Isolation can be a real bummer.


Finding the best cam sites can be a rather daunting task especially considering that there are dozens of them currently available on the internet.


If you're a webcam model looking to see which cam sites are best to work for, skip straight to the list of best cam sites to work for below.