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Reddit is often an underrated social media website according to its potential and the honest userbase it has. If you are new to Reddit, you might find its interface like an old-fashioned forum, but it really is a powerful social media platform where you can find important things Anytime in the field you are interested in. You can improve yourself and your hobbies by following the subreddits related to your interest; you can be updated with the latest news in your field early many times before any mainstream media speaks about it. Here below, we have listed some of the best Subreddits for men of all ages; there are lots of things we men need help in and love to know about; this is a compilation of subreddits we feel every man should follow.


Physical appearances matter. Ideally they wouldn't but the cold truth is that human beings tend to make snap judgments about everything based on first impressions -- and it feels wrong to do so.

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Not that physical beauty is an indicator of moral purity or personality -- no one should ever judge another person's worth as a human being based on their outer skin. But at the same time, that shouldn't be an excuse not to take care of ourselves in terms of hygiene, appearance, personal growthand ultimately self-esteem. This joke hits the point home:. What do you call a man who dresses nicely and takes care of himself?

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A grown up. Men, there are some great subreddits on Reddit where you can find others just like you and me who are working to be the best men that they can be.

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I'm currently going through this transformation myself and I will never look back. What about you? Your health, both mental and physical, is one of the most important things to watch. There are the big health sins that should be avoided when possible -- like excessive drinking and smoking -- but there are also more subtle activities that could have long-lasting impact on your health, like not sleeping enough, eating too much processed food, or sitting in front of a computer all day.

Best subreddits for men

Guilty as charged. The quickest and most effective way to improve both physical energy and mental clarity is by eating healthier. Not that you need to be a rabbit and eat salad 3 times a day, but even something as simple as cutting out soda can have drastic. Exercise is also important. Our bodies were meant to move around and do things.

Two years ago, my wardrobe consisted of nothing more than white t-shirts, hoodies, and baggy jeans.


I was 23 years old back then but strangers often mistook me for being 15 years old or younger! A quick change to my wardrobe was enough to help me look more my age. On the contrary, it's all about wearing clothes that fit properly and developing a personal sense of style that exhibits your personality. Slim jeans and t-shirts? Leather and chains? Drop-crotch and sneakers? Go for it. But make sure your clothes fit! There are plenty of style veterans who give out great advice on sizing, colors, materials, prices, etc.

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Don't be afraid to take the plunge. This is just one of many subreddits for men's style.

The next step after fitness and fashion? Hair can single-handedly alter the way you look, sometimes so radically that you appear to be a different person altogether.

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I used to shave my head every 2 months using just an electric clipper. It was easy, it was fast, and it was convenient. That last word -- "convenience" -- seems to be the drive behind most male hair these days. Any sort of maintenance is viewed as being metrosexualwhich is far from the case.

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Just cut it in a particular style and wash it regularly. The last thing you ought to maintain with passion is your living space. Now, what about you? Do you care enough about your holistic health? Tell us what you think about these subreddits or any otherand any great tips you have come across.

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Despite the technological advancements we've seen this century, there have also been plenty of failures. But which were the biggest?

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He has a B. This joke hits the point home: Q. Share Share Tweet. The 10 Biggest 21st Century Tech Failures Despite the technological advancements we've seen this century, there have also been plenty of failures.

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When you think of Reddit, dating advice might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but believe it or not, Reddit actually has a lively community for people that are seeking advice in their relationships.


Physical appearances matter.


Reddit is by far one of the most popular platform for bringing together a community of like-minded people over a variety of subjects.


Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website that allows registered community members to submit content such as text posts or direct links.