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Enjoy Taki Minase, a high school student, finds a book of black magic in the isolated storage room of his school. He begins practicing black magic, which has extreme sexual effects that benefit him and his friends, until evil comes forth from the dark craft.


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This is my first time i visit here and I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially it's discussion, thank you. Due to the cult no pun intended following for this series there was a demand for the game to be localized and that wish was granted on November 21, when the game was released by Kitty Media.

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I will admit that I was interested in seeing what the game had to offer, especially to see if this game would be better than the anime. In short, it was, however….

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Pros: Good artwork, full voice acting, interesting story concept, diverse plot, has some satisfying or interesting endings. Cons: Our main character is pretty unlikable in the beginning, only Imari has a good ending, plot is kind of forgettable, other characters could have been better explored as could the main concept of the plot, the game is pretty dated. It has an interesting story concept, but I hated quite a few of the major characters.

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The only character I liked was Takashiro since she was a more interesting character and really had potential to be an awesome character potential sadly squandered. Perhaps the only part of the series I liked was Origins since that did do a good job in setting the backstory, especially concerning Kitami.

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The main reason I got the game was I was curious to see if it told a better story than the anime and I did like the artwork. Okay, rant over, now back to the game. While not as bad as in the anime, he comes across as an ass quite a bit at that point.

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The story does pick up once he discovers the book though and it does a good job in setting the story concept up with Minase discovering what it can do and setting a subtle dark atmosphere about the story. Once the book sees the light of day and Minase becomes involved with people connected to it, you really do feel like the light mood of the story has passed and an inevitable dark turn is approaching.

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Another thing this game does right is it does make some of the major characters more likable than in the anime. For one, Minase becomes a satisfactory hero if you opt for him to be good and a satisfactory evil hero if you opt for him to be evil.

Bible black: la noche de walpurgis (game)

Another example is Imari has more of a personality than in the anime which does give more plausibility to her and Minase having a relationship and Takashiro is a bit cooler as well. In the area of plot diversity I will say this game does an okay job. You are given numerous choices that do create interesting plot branches and it is interesting to see which ones lead Minase down the path of good or evil and the consequences that result.

Really only Minase, Imari, and Takashiro get the most focus in my mind as characters.

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The only other problem I have with the plot is its not exploring the main plot concept at all. What other powers does it have? Finally, as stated before why the hell is it so damn easy to destroy?!

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In the area of presentation, I have to say it: this game looks old. Not Nocturnal Illusion old, but all the little things like the sound system, the text box, and the menu all give this game a dated feel. I will say that the artwork for this game is pretty good, as is the full voice acting a rarity for eroge, even more so back when it came out in Japan back in July 14, The music on the other hand is forgettable.

Bible Black is, as dark eroge go, an okay game that pretty much gets its fame from its incredibly overrated adaptation.

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Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis is a Japanese eroge literally short for "erotic game" developed and published by Activesoft in


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