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  • Years:
  • 20
  • Iris color:
  • I’ve got bright gray-green eyes
  • What is my favourite drink:
  • Champagne
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Rap
  • My hobbies:
  • Cooking
  • Body tattoos:
  • None


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There's been no mention of it in the Discord for years, and I'd sure like to know what the money's going to instead.

Anyways, the demo from a few years ago isn't inflation, but it's kind of hyperpreg expansion. I haven't seen a downloadable copy of that in, like, 8 years.

Inflation games

Last Evil, you can body expansion game it on steam, optional cum inflation, its a very good roguelike turn based card game There's B. E witches. In addition to having Breast Expansion, the game is really fun. It's in demo right now but there are regular update posts on his Patreon. And there are still a couple hours total to play. Anyone have a link to a game that was created for inflation day this year? You hit different letters with timing to make a model inflate all while fly me to the moon was playing.

The type of inflation that you experience only happens once and is random you might get breast expansion, full body, just belly,etc. Colour me impressed. It shows a gray screen and nothing else, but I can hear the music and the "oof" sound she makes when you press the wrong button My budget build absolutely refuses to run it and I can't seem to find anything about it elsewhere.

Is there also a way to make the camera stay put?

Constantly spinning around isn't very nice. I don't know. I haven't really toyed around with that.

Hopefully I'll be able to modify it myself once I properly learn this year how to work with Unity. Who created this? Check out Eat the Dungeon! It's free and occasionally updates the game with characters and sorts.

Consider it an archaeological find. Four or five years ago on the Deviantart was FlashDeamon who had been creating a text game about inflationbut he suddenly disappeard and leaved the game unfinished.

Xxxx submissions

If someone interested i could ed it. Perhaps someone will even finish it. Does anyone have this? Did they just take that old Garfield Halloween scavenger hunt Flash game and revamp it into a fetish game? Because it seems REALLY similar in concept, down to the whole "donut collecting in a haunted house" even that piano minigame is remarkably similar to the one featured in the second game.

Fifteen bucks for what basically amounts to a fetish remake of an old Flash game you could play for free.

I apologize, but I really don't think anyone would be so thirsty to burn that much cash on something so cheap-looking. Of course, that's just me; if it looked better and didn't just scream "knock-off" then maybe I'd understand paying that much, but Let alone ones that are good.

The precursor to MMOs. Regrets were had.

The true ending amounts to a single picture of the character expanded more than usual. Outside of that you get a small game where you adjust the size using the two donuts per body part Boob, Butt, Weight, Height.

So two expansions per part. If you like butt and height, almost nothing changes. The model legit moved up for height. They just moved the model up the screen. The butt didn't change beyond the clothes damaging and maybe a few pixels of growth.

If you like spending half an hour doing the mystery game that's played completely straight with no lewd elements and the only thing you get for it is very, very minor expansion content right at the end where nothing exceptional changes then go right for it. It genuinely felt like they just wanted to make a mystery "find the items" game and then put in the expansion part at the end of it.

The voice acting got so grating I had to restart the game to mute it. Especially as it was legit narrating walking around the house over and over and over again. Outside of being able to take off the clothes during the expansion, there's no change of poses.

Any way I could convince you if it were my birthday tomorrow? Figured it was body expansion game a try, lol. Long shot, but that game, Tribal Hunter is finally out body expansion game Steam. Don't think there's any chances of somebody ing it here, eh? If you avoid a lot of them then you'll be in trouble. I wasn't really sure. I tried to grind out some enemies and stuff but I'd didn't really notice any changes. I started avoiding enemies around the time you meet Ego in the swamps because those guys were strong as fuck. That might've been it; ok then, i take that part back. Even though Flash is dead and the creator of what I'm talking about quit the inflation business, I remember an old Flash demo featuring Kairi from Kingdom Hearts who would puff up as a reaction.

The creator wanted the demo to be similar to Wario Land, but with expansion elements throughout. Update your graphics drivers maybe? Sure, here's the main character at max size. Apparently in the full game or next demo maybe There will be one or more sizes larger. Anybody got something for belly inflation only? Not a fan of bubble inflation but i do enjoy tbe games proposed here. Anybody know where the image at the top of the with the girl tied up is from?

Its at the beginning where you get turned into a balloon by Magic Man. Found this recently, seems cool. He's creating a visual novel about breast and butt expansion and dies updates regularly. He's creating a visual novel and updates it regularly. Ist's mainly about breast expansion but has some butt expansion in it as well.

There's a couple versions out there, one a little less polished and finished than the other. Can still be found, though the original DA of the creator isn't around anymore.

Scale and position your image

Just throwing it out there that there is a beta available for those on his patreon with some extra stuff as well just in case you guys might want to check it out. To be honest I am just excited that there is a game being made for this kind of thing being you know all inflation and whatnot so it's just neat seeing it in progress and seeing how much he is improving his game since his last two which I think are good Kinda minus the 1.

You turn blue and wake up normal rather than expanding.

I don't remember if that's been fixed yet. Delete Password Delete only files Removes the file reference to the posts Delete media Removes the saved files from the server Delete. Reason Global no cookies? Max message length:

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I wouldn't doubt there are a lot of fan-made games that use a theme of inflation.


I've started a game about weightgain and breast expansion.