white latina Aitana
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  • My age:
  • 24
  • Nationality:
  • German
  • Meeting with:
  • Hetero
  • Body features:
  • My figure features is strong
  • I prefer to drink:
  • I prefer to drink red wine
  • What I like to listen:
  • Reggae
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Mountain climbing
  • I like piercing:
  • None
  • Smoker:
  • No


A masterlist was highly requested so here it is!


Are you ready??? Loud knocking stirred you from your peaceful slumber. Groaning softly, you shift and roll over causing the warm arm around your waist to loosen its grip. The persistent sound subsided and the blissful feeling of drowsiness washed back over you pleasantly. Just brothel tumblr you were curling back up against the muscular chest behind you, the knocking sounded again only this time louder than before.

Peeking an eye open, sunlight greeted you from a screened window as it shone through the curtains, just barely lighting the room up. Brothel tumblr were cast around the room, making you blink slowly, focusing your vision on your legs lumped together under the blankets. Stretching one out slowly, the silk sheets slide smoothly along your skin, the movement catching on a ray of exposed sunlight making the sheet glimmer softly.

The cool sensation of the glide had you mourning the peacefulness, wishing the obnoxious noise would just go away. The body behind you shifted suddenly and the warm arm was removed from your waist, the spot now feeling bare and cold. Silk sheets were pushed back harshly as the frigid air hit your exposed back and before you could groan, even more annoyed, they were placed back over you gently as the bed dipped and a weight was lifted off.

You grumble slightly, trying to drift back to sleep but aches started to form on your body, the soreness settling into your muscles as you shifted around trying to get comfortable. Huffing through your nose, you listen to the padded footsteps make their way down the small hallway to unlock the door. Snapping yourself out of it, you rack your brain trying to decipher who the other voice belongs too, but drew a blank.

“behind brothel doors pt. 3”

From then on the voices got quieter and you found yourself straining your ears trying to make out what they were saying, sleepiness forgotten. Keeping your eyes closed, you pretended to still be sleeping, the bed dipping behind you as Dabi crawled back in. A cool arm circling back around your waist, the temperature making you jump slightly.

You groan and roll over in his embrace, slowly blinking open your eyes.

Turquoise irises stared back at you as the hand wrapped around you began tracing random patterns on your back. Butterflies erupted in your stomach hearing the endearment come out of his mouth, his raspy morning voice now closer to your ear, making your heart flutter. You smile up at him and move closer into his chest, feeling him lean down to kiss your head. Embarrassed, you try to clear your throat nonchalantly against his chest but the deep rumble against your cheek told you he noticed. Your face flamed as Dabi leaned down to kiss your head again, his hand lifting off your back to tighten the blankets around the two of you.

Nodding your head you separate yourself from his arms and stretch, feeling the aches more vividly now that you were awake. Not wanting too, but you feel yourself begin to smile back anyway, his soft touch sending goosebumps up brothel tumblr arms. The soft dominance you were experiencing now had a small whimper escaping as Dabi pulled back, his eyes lowered with a burning intensity.

His stare had you in a trance that was hard to snap out of. His hand lifted from your throat as he absently brushed a strand of hair from your face. You leaned your head into his palm and he smiled sadly. It took some coaxing from Dabi that you needed to eat and the constant reminder in your brain that your check-out time was rapidly approaching had you moping around the room as you got dressed. Dabi chuckled from across the room as he got dressed too, saying that he was also leaving his room. Sighing, you open the bag you packed the night before and pull out a simple mini skirt and top since you were just planning to go home.

Arms circled around your waist as you finished zipping up your bag. Can you take some of me? Dabi chuckles and brothel tumblr, placing his hand on the small of your back as he le you to his door.

Digging through your bag, you grab your phone noticing the missed texts and calls from your best friend as your heart skipped a beat, feeling terrible hiding the fact that you came here again. Swiping on the notification, you open the camera app and hand your phone to Dabi has he le you in front of the wall with the neon blue roses.

The holy brothel

Dabi takes a few more snapshots and then walks over to you holding it up. It was hard not to look shocked by the way the neon lights enhanced the turquoise color of his eyes and the way you could actually see the dangerous aurora surrounding him.

Snapping out of it, you turn to the camera, unaware that Dabi had already taken a few of you staring at him in a daze as he stuck his tongue out playfully. Just then, voices could be heard from the other end of the hall automatically making your turn your head.

“behind brothel doors”

From out of one of the bedrooms came a blonde-haired man with a single black lightning bolt de in his hair followed by a blue-haired man that you recognize from yesterday by the elevators. Dabi also turns his attention to the voices and rolls his eyes, still staying close to you. The two men walk down the hall, the blonde man chatting excitedly about something with the blue-haired man listening attentively.

Wait…is he? The brothel tumblr then turns to you and smiles even wider, looking you up and down. The blonde nodded and met your gaze again, smirking. The silent man nodded again and you turned towards Dabi again, holding out brothel tumblr hand. Realizing Dabi took a picture of the two of you kissing made your cheeks flame as Dabi suddenly surged forward, trying to grab your phone back. The blonde moved out of the way swiftly and danced around Shiggy before taking off to a doorway by the elevators which you assumed was a staircase. Before you could call after him, a sudden hand covered your mouth while another wrapped around your waist, pulling you backward.

You were let go just as fast as you were captured, being pulled into another bedroom with a dark elegant interior filling your vision.

Not taking the time to view your surroundings, you whip around to Shiggy standing in front of you with a dark but sexy glint in his eyes. You squeaked as your back hit against his door, not knowing you were moving away, the man placing his hands against the side of your head trapping you against him. He smiled that handsome smirk you saw briefly yesterday before the elevator doors closed and your heart skipped a beat. The handsome smirk slowly turned into a crazed grin as he tilted his head back, watching you intently, his leg brushing up little. Biting your lip, you go to place your hands on his shoulders when he removes one of his hands off the wall and grabs your hands before they could even reach him, pinning them against the wall.

The grip on your hand was firm and you knew under that black hoodie was some well-defined muscles. How did Dabi do last night? Check out time be damned if this is what was happening right now. It was even more shocking that Dabi took off suddenly and he probably has no idea where you are. You try to recall the book you looked through at the front desk during your first visit and drew a blank on brothel tumblr this man was.

Brothel tumblr or it was too hard to focus when his knee grinding perfectly against your clit. Throwing your head back, it thuds against the door and you hear the man chuckle as his knee slows to a stop.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Trying to regain your focus, you realize your hips were rolling in the air searching for the pleasurable friction that was building up. Meeting his gaze, the man takes his other hand off the brothel tumblr and teasingly traces his fingers along the hem of your skirt making you shiver. He hums in response, his gaze still firmly locked onto yours, his fingers dancing along your thighs not yet going higher but just enough to make you twitch with anticipation. Really good! Shigaraki hummed again and leaned closer in front of your face, a faint smell of lavender clouding your senses.

He looked dead serious as he waited for your response patiently, his body heat radiating onto you. The pressure on your wrists began to tighten again and you whimpered from anticipation. What is going on? The pressure was immediately gone as he removed his other hand from the wall again and brought it back down to the bottom of your skirt, teasing across your skin, the goosebumps coming back. Shigaraki reached his hand higher, going under your skirt and teasing the inside of your thighs making you bite back a sigh.

Why-HOW did he hear about me? Your face was permanently red from shame brothel tumblr Shigaraki never looked away from you. His hand disappeared from your thigh and just when you were about to complain, Shigaraki cupped your sex, rubbing a finger along your clothed slit.

A mewl was pulled from your throat, your hips rolling against his finger when he paused to circle over your clit.

What i’m owed

His facial expression remained neutral as he took in your dazed one, memorizing the lewd face he can now match with the voice that haunted his dreams last night. His fingers left your clit and just as you thought you brothel tumblr yourself, he pulls your panties down to mid-thigh before placing his fingers back over your bare pussy. Moaning loudly, Shigaraki grins and leans even closer to your ear, his warm breath tickling you. You moaned again, trying to move your hips to get him to start fingering you.

Shigaraki let out a breath of air against your ear which shocked you because he has been keeping his composure this whole time.

Does thinking about Dabi turn you on that much what he did to you last night? Or are my fingers just too good for you to think straight? Shigaraki pulled back a little from your ear and glanced at your face. Can you cum for me, pet? I want to see your pretty face as you ride my fingers through it…c'mon.

Your walls clamped around him hard and Shigaraki cursed, moving his thumb to rub your clit, prolonging your orgasm. Broken moans and gasps made their way from your throat as you tried to catch your breath, hips twitching from oversensitivity.

Yandere bts loves you

Shigaraki loosened his grip on your wrists and slowly lowered them, watching you lean limply against the wall. That handsome smirk appeared on his face again as he removed his fingers from your core. You watched with lidded eyes as he raised his fingers to his face and stuck his tongue out, licking up his fingers tauntingly before placing them brothel tumblr his mouth. The action had you whining, about to make a comment but laughter could be heard from the hallway. Remembering where you were, you stood up abruptly, wobbling slightly on your legs, and turned to open the door.

Before you could open it, however, Shigaraki placed his hand against the door to stop you. Or do I have to keep you here longer to teach you another lesson? You turn around again, red in the face, and lean up to kiss his cheek. Shigaraki looked shocked and a small blush covered his cheeks and this time he averted his gaze removing his hand from the door.

Dabi made his way over to you holding out your phone.

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A masterlist was highly requested so here it is!


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