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There are tons of flash games on cartoonnetwork that was removed, especially the early Batman hotel one can't remember the name and samurai jack and teen titans battle blitz etc. EDIT: Also grim's adventure halloween power game, and dodgeball.


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And games on sites like ezone with Lenny Loosejocks and on sites like Miniclip, etc. I'm not familiar with OP's mentioned game, but I came here to see if anyone else said Orbitz. Shame they decided to shut the servers down. Never really found anything else like it.

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That was along time ago Oh wow. I don't think I ever expected to see anyone mention this game again. I thought it was pretty cool too as a kid though. I spent a lot of my time on cartoonnetwork just playing games.

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You might be able to find it on the website still, actually. I think I remember checking just earlier this year.

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The Batman platformer may have been on the Kids WB website, which is technically still up but now all the games are either looney toons characters playing sports or Tom and Jerry games. Anyone ever play Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort as a kid and have any thoughts?

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Cartoon Network game with multiple chars, played on browser. Posted by 5 years ago.

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Sort by: best. I loved those games and I used to make clones of them!

I also loved cartoon orbitz. Continue this thread.

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Every now and then when i was younger use to love playing it, and came back to it like 3 or 4 times a few years apart just for the nostalgia, been a while since i last played it, tried to a while back but couldn't find it, been trying to look around lately again, but don't see anywhere i could download it or play it at all really,.


Oh and another weird flash game on newgrounds was the dress up anime girls and some dating sims where the goal is to eventually fuck a flash cartoon.