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Bill Cassidy Republican Party is a member of the U. Senate from Louisiana. He assumed office on January 6, His current term ends on January 3, Cassidy Republican Party won re-election to the U. Senate to represent Louisiana outright in the primary on November 3,after the general election was canceled. Cassidy was first elected to the U. Senate indefeating incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu D-La.

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In JulyCassidy released a healthcare proposal with Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S. Cassidy ly represented Louisiana's 6th Congressional District in the U. House of Representatives from to Based on analysis of multiple outside rankings, Cassidy is an average congressional Republican, meaning he will vote with the Republican Party on the majority of bills. He earned his B. Below is an abbreviated outline of Cassidy's political career: [3].

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Cassidy was ased to the following committees: [Source]. At the beginning of the th CongressCassidy was ased to the following committees: [4]. Cassidy served on the following committees: [5].

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Cassidy served on the following committees: [6] [7]. Cassidy served on the following House committees: [8]. Ballotpedia monitors legislation that receives a vote and highlights the ones that we consider to be key to understanding where elected officials stand on the issues. To about how we identify key votes. Votes on domestic policy click to expand.

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Voted Yea on: "Brett M. Voted Yea on: Immigration reform proposal from Sen. Voted Yea on: Neil M. Voted Nay on: Neil M. Votes on economic affairs and regulations click to expand. Voted Yea on: "A t resolution making further continuing appropriations for fiscal yearand for other purposes.

Voted Yea on: A concurrent resolution establishing the congressional budget for the United States Government for fiscal year and setting forth the appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years through H Con Res Votes on foreign policy and national security issues click to expand. Voted Nay on: "A t resolution to direct the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress. The first session of the th Congress enacted into law six out of the 2, introduced bills 0. Comparatively, the th Congress had 1.

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In the second session, the th Congress enacted out of 3, introduced bills 4. Comparatively, the th Congress had 7. For more cassidy clay bio pertaining to Cassidy's voting record in the th Congress, please see the below sections.

On May 22,the Senate passed HRwhich was used as a legislative vehicle for trade legislation with the titles "Trade Act of " and the "Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and ability Act of ," by a vote of The bill proposed giving the president trade promotion authority TPA. TPA, also known as fast track authority, allows the president to negotiate trade deals that cannot be amended by Congress. Congress casts a simple up or down vote on a trade agreement, and the legislation only requires a simple majority for approval.

The bill also included a statement of trade priorities and provisions for trade adjustment assistance. Cassidy voted with 47 other Republican senators to approve the bill.

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Cassidy was one of 47 Republicans to vote in favor of the bill. On May 5,the Senate voted to approve SConRes11a congressional budget proposal for fiscal yearby a vote of The non-binding resolution will be used to create 12 appropriations bills to fund the government. The vote marked the first time since that Congress approved a t budget resolution. All 44 Democrats voted against the resolution.

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Cassidy voted with 50 other Republican senators to approve the bill. The bill "authorizes FY appropriations and sets forth policies for Department of Defense DOD programs and activities, including military personnel strengths. It does not provide budget authority, which is provided in subsequent appropriations legislation.

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The bill increased military and domestic spending levels and suspended the debt ceiling until March On May 7,the Senate voted to approve HR - A bill to provide for congressional review and oversight of agreements relating to Iran's nuclear program, and for other purposes, by a vote of The bill required President Barack Obama to submit the details of the nuclear deal with Iran for congressional review.

Congress had 60 days to review the deal and vote to approve, disapprove or take no action on the deal. During the review period, sanctions on Iran could not be lifted. Cassidy voted with 52 other Republican senators to approve the bill.

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Senator Tom Cotton Ark. Hire More Heroes Act of On September 10,the Senate voted to filibuster the measure to disapprove of the Iran nuclear deal by a vote of Cassidy voted with 53 other Republicans and four Democrats to proceed to the measure of disapproval.

Hire More Heroes Act of follow up votes On September 15,the Senate voted for a second time to filibuster the measure to disapprove of the Iran nuclear deal by a vote of Cassidy voted with 51 Republicans and four Democrats to proceed to the measure of disapproval. The amendment proposed prohibiting "the President from waiving, suspending, reducing, providing relief from, or otherwise limiting the application of sanctions pursuant to an agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran. It became law on June 2, All 44 Democratic senators voted to confirm Lynch. Cassidy voted with 42 other Republican senators against Lynch's confirmation.

Cassidy voted with 42 Republicans30 Democrats and one independent in favor cassidy clay bio the bill.

Cassidy clay

The bill proposed withholding federal funding from "sanctuary jurisdictions" that violate the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of and other federal immigration laws. In addition, the bill proposed increasing "penalties for individuals who illegally reenter the United States after being removed" and providing "liability protection for State and local law enforcement who cooperate with Federal law enforcement. The second session of the th Congress enacted into law out of the introduced bills 7 percent.

Comparatively, the th Congress had 4. The bill passed the House on June 6,with a vote of - and was largely along party lines.

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Cassidy voted against House Amendment 69, which would have amended HR 3 to "require that the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, in consultation with the Department of Homeland Security, conduct a study of the vulnerabilities of the Keystone XL pipeline to a terrorist attack and certify that necessary protections have been put in place. The bill passed the House on April 18,with a vote of - The bill permitted federal intelligence agencies to share cybersecurity intelligence and information with private entities and utilities. The bill passed the House on June 14,with a vote of - Both parties were somewhat divided on the vote.

On January 29,the U. The nearly 1, bill reformed and continued various programs of the Department of Agriculture through On January 15,the Republican -run House approved H.