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It had been months since you and Atsumu had broken up, and while neither of you had taken it well, it seemed he refused to accept that the two of you were simply over. He called you endlessly, text after text, voic after voic, and even had some of his friends reach cheating tumblr to you a few times, asking to just speak to him, even if only for once. Atsumu simply wanted to be in your arms once more. His brother, although would continue to be his best friend, would someday find a lover of his own, favoring to take care of his own family first before anything else. His parents would likely leave this world before him as they continued to age.


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Originally posted by seonghhwa. You were conflicted. You could feel your eyes burning with the desire to cry while your chest tightened in a mixture of sadness and rage, but your mind was littered with questions, specifically what you could have possibly done wrong. Scrambling to sit at your side without removing his arms from you, Hongjoong took a deep breath to finally speak to you properly. He was pretty cute, but nothing like Seonghwa. You were uncomfortable being there, dressed like some heiress as your boyfriend tried to find someone for you to sleep with for the night.

Welcome back to my second channel — angst

Baby, please, just pick anybody. It can be a kiss, you can fuck them in the middle of the room for all I care.

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I just need us to be even so we can put this behind us. You grimaced as you pushed past him and straight to the exit, ignoring the way he hurriedly ran after you and followed close behind as you walked down the street towards your shared apartment.

Was he stupid or just insane? Or Hongjoong? Finally, since this entire ordeal began, you watched as he broke down, his body shaking from ragged breathes and controlled sobs. Seonghwa took small steps towards you until your bodies were practically touching, his eyes finally meeting yours. But now that you made it clear it was never going to work, he was back at square one: guilty, confused, and struggling for some kind of solution. I love you more than anything in this world. And finally hearing some kind of remorse from him, was enough to make you drop the days long torture session.

I love you to hell and back to the point that you have me wrapped around your finger, but I barely have any hold on you. You had to admit, it felt like you were hit by a sledgehammer cheating tumblr way your eyes read over the Ateez groupchat, all cheating tumblr the boys shaming Yunho for sleeping with someone else, warning him that he had to tell you eventually. But it felt like a sledgehammer with spikes hit you as you stood before him, watching the gentle giant break down into loud sobs, the remorse on his face and lacing his voice causing your heart to ache.

It happened only two weeks ago but it played in his head every second of the day, tears forming in his eyes whenever you happily hugged him or told him how much you loved him. He felt like a monster.

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As soon as he was standing once more, you stood on your toes to cup his face, wiping a few stray tears before giving a soft smile. In less than a second, you were consumed in a bear hug, your face being littered with random kisses and more tears. Your emotional giant of a boyfriend more than willing to take the opportunity to keep you with him.

It was a onetime thing, Yeosang knew that, but he slowly remembered she was a staff member for Ateez. But the silence you were giving him was making him rethink everything.

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Can we sit back down and talk? His grip tightened as you tried to walk away, both of you slowly becoming more emotional as the seconds passed, your bottom lip being sucked into your mouth as you tried to hold back tears, Yeosang having a harder time to control his voice as he began to speak to you. I just want us to go to bed and forget all of this happened. Yeosang swallowed hard, cheating tumblr that no matter how simple of a solution it was, it would only continue to eat away at both of you, but he also wanted to forget about everything.

Welcome back to my second channel — angst

He slowly let his hand slip from your wrist into your own, lacing your fingers together tightly. It was a simple question, and all you needed to know before determining if this relationship was something you wanted to continue. But San thought the question was absolutely ridiculous. He was head over heels in love with you, to the point that everyone in the company called him a lovesick puppy.

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His voice was so strong and certain, it distracted you from the way he easily moved closer to you, his arms wrapping around your waist and forehead pressing against yours. You have no clue how it could have spiraled out of control this way.

Mingi was never one to get loud or violent, but the way he progressively got angrier when you reassured him that everything was fine made him snap. Was this your way of punishing? He wanted you to scream at him, slap him, tell him how much you hated him. No one is supposed to treat you like this! You continued to watch him cry, your eyes drifting to his bruised fist and gently taking it into your hands to examine it, finally letting the situation sink in.

You cheated cheating tumblr me.

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Wooyoung made the mistake of sleeping with someone else not even an hour ago, his senses coming back and guilt immediately consuming him. Get the fuck off! You did nothing wrong, yet you were blaming yourself. Instead of responding, he slowly carried your bodies to the nearby sofa, sitting down and allowing you to curl into his lap, your face buried in his chest as his hand rubbed soothing circles on your back.

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It took some time, three hours to be exact, until you stopped crying, eyes blankly staring ahead as Wooyoung cleared his throat, not sure cheating tumblr where to begin. You slowly pushed yourself up to look at him. You still looked beautiful to him despite the deep circles under your bloodshot eyes. But I think we can work through this. I want to work through this. You stared incredulously at Jongho as he spoke, unsure if he was serious or not as he admitted to his infidelities, the stoic expression he held almost inapplicable to his words.

But whether you could see it or not, he was repentant.

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He could hear his voice breaking ever so slightly, his hands shaking as he replayed that night in his head over and over, a new wave of guilt and sadness washing over him as he felt the need to cry just as he did then. But he wanted to be the one to comfort you when hearing the news, not the other way around. You watched in cheating tumblr as his dry eyes glossed over with tears, his lips trembling as he watched your expression go from shock to absolute horror.

You could only stare at him, unsure of what to feel as you took in his true demeanor. He was never like this so it was obviously true, but he was never the kind of person to cheat either. You were both confused, but not equally distraught. Not yet. And he could accept that. That is, until you spoke.

Yunho You had to admit, it felt like you were hit by a sledgehammer the way your eyes read over the Ateez groupchat, all of the boys shaming Yunho for sleeping with someone else, warning him that he cheating tumblr to tell you eventually.

You wanted this day, this night, this very moment to end. Almost as if it never happened.

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I promise. Info on "Post". Kind: Ateez imagines ateez scenarios ateez reactions ateez fanfics kim hongjoong imagines kim hongjoong scenarios kim hongjoong reactions kim hongjoong fanfics park seonghwa imagines park seonghwa scenarios park seonghwa reactions park seonghwa fanfics jeong yunho imagines jeong yunho scenarios jeong yunho reactions jeong yunho fanfics kang yeosang imagines kang yeosang scenarios kang yeosang reactions kang yeosang fanfics choi san imagines choi san scenarios choi san reactions choi san fanfics song mingi imagines song mingi reactions song mingi scenarios song mingi fanfics jung wooyoung imagines jung wooyoung scenarios.

Contents: notes.

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Created: Sun, 24 MayPM.

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I cant remember everything but I really wanna reread.


The rain was pouring down, clattering against the roof of the gym.


In the three years of your marriage, he had never once gotten home at a reasonable hour.


Also his family being involved in the fic.