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Cursed armor full save

This game requires the Microsoft. NET framework to function If you have Windows 8 or higher, you should be ok, otherwise there may be a problem with startup if the framework isn't on your computer. Dungeon Depths is a 2-D dungeon crawler with a player creation engine that allows your character to be changed visually as the game goes on, and for transformations to overlap one another. Disscussion thread: [ link ]. Pluck can no longer steal services from NPCs. Bug Fixes:.

Cursed armor wiki

Click on stuff in the inventory to select it, and use the equip tab to equip weapons and armor. Update Log Bug Fixes: - Lust should no longer be able to go negative when using clear potions - Bunny Ears trigger on lust - Equipping Ropes no longer throws a stack overflow exception - Other misc fixes.

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The vial of fire can start you on fire, as can Fox-Fire elementals. On a completely unrelated tangent, there are a couple new cow themed transformations in the new version. Well, "cow" may not be the right word for the one associated with this charm New Enemies: - Seven-Tails: - The boss of floor 7, and a shapeshifter - Succubi: - There are now three classes of enemy succubi, and they are more common the higher the player's lust is Lust does something s new too if you get cursed by a succubus princess!

Optimizations: - Hunger has been renamed "Stamina", and now is consumed rather than increased cursed armor f95 The main game UI has been updated to more clearly represent the player's health, mana, stamina, and XP - Highlighted items on inventories now use a custom rendering function rather than the default. NET highlight - An issue with item comparison has been resolved, and now dungeon generation and shop load times have been improved - Dungeons should generate with less disconnected chunks.

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I am looking into the bug that prevents all equipment from being changed; in the meantime saving and loading resolves it temporarily. Thrall Collar is now impossible to remove without the use of a special item, the Anti-Curse Tag - Anti-Curse tags can be bought from the shopkeeper at a markup, or from the Curse Broker, a new NPC - The Curse Broker deals with various curse related things. Attack them at your own peril If you try to collect a bounty on a foe that it can't kill though, be careul Expect ghost stuff ASAP.

Sex doll transformations for all! This is a patch resolving some save issues with floor 4, as well as the past and future special stages. Fixed a couple of bugs with the goo girl, it figures that cursed armor f95 stuff with slimes slipped through the cracks. Please take a look at the in-game about menu for a more detailed list of contributions.

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Version 0. So, consider this a sort of v0. This allows me to make them more distinct from one another other than by stat changes, and this can be seen by slimes and goo girls too I think now having an absorption special.

I plan on updating other existing monsters in a similar vein.

Wow, it's been five whole months since the last update. So, without further ado, this is version 0.

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We've got two new NPCs, both with a couple of rare encounters that come with a discount and new profile art, so keep an eye out for them! Prior to this version, there were roughly 85 items in the game. This update adds I'm not going to cover all of them in detail, but hopefully there's a little something for everyone. Neat future stuff. Welp, it's been over a month since the last update.

Here's a new one.

Cursed armor ii [ongoing] - version:

I priorotized fixing a lot of bugs, and thanks to a host of engine improvements, the game is more stable than it has ever been. Thanks to a pre-release and feedback from the community, I've also nipped a lot of bugs with new stuff at the bud. This is a bug fix that targets many of the bugs reported in 0.

There's a new damage function that should as damage more accurately to the attack and defence of the targets. This is a combination of a bug patches and optimizations, hopefully the game should run smoother now. Floor 4 also now has a proper boss scenario.

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So, its been a year on September 10th, for those in different time zones. Thanks for all the feedback, support, and patience over the past days! Its been slow at some points, unbearably buggy at others, and I appreciate everyone who's stuck with the game thoughout it all.

I'd also like to thank everyone who's contributed to the game in both large and small ways, without you all this game would be a lot less interesting. I would also like to specifically thank Houdini for their contributions as a member of the development team, they were responsible for such features as the debug, dungeon generation, and second shop menus, as well as a lot of other, smaller improvements.

Going back over version 0. So, without further ado, here's a patch that hopefully takes care of some of the more pressing issues facing the game. Check out this awesome image pack cursed armor f95 by LazerLite!

Endings (cursed armor ii)

To quote her. Whoops, left somthing in the last one from my patch that made only dart traps spawn, this changes that.

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Whoops, left somthing in the last one from my debugging that made only ruby traps spawn, this changes that. Oof, it's been a while. Houdini and I have both been working on some stuff that affects the core engine of the game, and we wanted to be thorough with our bug testing this time around.

Anti-Virus software was flagging versions 0.

Quest lines

If this problem continues, please let me know. Sorry for any inconvinence.

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I recompiled the game file and removed the underscore from its name to avoid it "false-positiving" Windows Defender. This is a bug fix for the problems with the magical girl and dragon transformations, as well as that the heal spell occasionally healed for greater than maximum health. I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but I am back to actively developing the game.

This is primarily a patch to fix the major bugs left in the last version, though it also contains some of the work I've been doing on the spell system. This is mainly a patch for v0. This is a patch to cover some of the bugs created in v0.

Cursed armor wiki

This is a combination of patches 0. This is mainly an update to the core game engine to make it run smoother and stable enough to be left alone while I work on a large content update. There have been a lot of bug fixes since the last release, and I'm not going to list them all here.

At the moment, all bugs should be listed in the issue tracker, and if any pop up they should be reported there.

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This is a few more optimizations, some additions for the engine, and some bug fixes. This is some bug fixes and some new content. This should be the last major update before I finish the alpha version of the game. Also the shop is approached via the ; key I went through Houdini's suggestions, some of the minor ones may also have been put in as well. I have a list of things to add, and many of the suggestions have been added.

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Fixed a lot of bugs, made some general improvements. Hopefully the next update will be some new content and not more bug fixes due to this one resolving them, thank you as always for your feedback, and thank you for playing. Game's pretty fun.

Tips and tricks

Progression might be a bit janky tho, it didn't take me long before i started onetapping everything that wasn't a boss, on my first run too. I know the game's still in development, but it gets a bit boring after you defeat the gorgon, since there aren't any more bosses afterwards, so after a while i just let a shopkeeper kill me to start a new run, opting to stay in the same dungeon.

Now, I think it's pretty neat that you can run into your character, but that being said, it might need a little reworking, since being onetapped by the first enemy you see isn't particularly fun tho it is funny. This game is suprisingly difficult. By playing more you'll come across your heros now transformed and an enemy of the dungeon.

Latest commit

This game is really good, but it's really really glitchy. In the patch notes I didn't see any bug fixes, but I'll hope for the best. Either way the games worth it. Update: Sometimes if I click load game too fast it corrupts that load save permenantly as far as I know.

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Cursed Armor is an erotic game series created by Wolfzq.


Liliana or Lilina is the main protagonist of the Cursed armor series.


You will time travel before the bad ending and keep exp, stats and item you gain with the ending.


The Prologue is the first part of the game, where we saw what happen to Lilina until the game really start.