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Characters from Danny Phantom: Stranded and its spin-offs. Unless mentioned, assume tropes related to their canon counterparts already apply.


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Main characters

Get Known if you don't have an. Vlad, on the other hand, is shown to be rather controlling when he marries Maddie, and it was implied that she always had feelings for Jack even after the accident, but didn't act on them because Vlad convinced her that Jack wanted nothing to do with her. Well, ''in'' one, actually. But you get the point. Fanon : Everyone seems to believe that Paulina's last name is "Sanchez", but this is never mentioned anywhere in the show's canon.

Many believe that "James" is Danny's middle name. Ember has numerous bits of fanon surrounding her, given that she's generally considered one of the more complex secondary characters. Her human name having been "Amber" is another common one.

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Fics that pair her and Danny will also usually have Kitty and Johnny 13 as the Beta Couple and local shippers on deck. She usually had red hair prior to her death, but brown and dyed blue are common as well. She typically died at least ten years before the series anywhere from The '70s to The '90s and despite Word of God insisting otherwise suicide is the most common reason for her death in fanworks. Many fans are under assumption that Ember's song indicates a bad romance danny phantom shirtless tragically took her life.

The full song was recorded as well and can be heard on Butch Hartman's official website. Though a picture doesn't appear to exist, Vlad being a smoker has spread around- probably because it suits his character. On a similar vein, slash-friendly fans have Vlad and Jack Mistaken for Gay in college or hint that the Backwash Incident involved slash. Many fans thinks that Vlad has a fire coreas a contrast to Danny's ice core.

Cores themselves are a fan creation, caused by a line in the show being misinterpreted. Also, a are divided on if Vlad can sense ghosts or not.

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The only time it was ever used in the show's canon was by her mother when waking Sam up. Most if not all fics involving Vlad mention that Danny hates being called "Daniel", despite him never really having a problem with in in the series. Some have come to believe that Danielle might have been adopted by the Fentons after the events of Phantom Planet, which is how her arc was originally meant to end.

Fics that feature this tend either make her Danny's daughter or little sister. In the latter, she takes the role of Danny's Sidekick. Encouraged by Hartman himself after revealing information about the Ghost Zone never revealed on the show. Namely, the existence of the Unworld and the Elsewhereness, essentially Danny Phantom's equivalent of Hell and Heaven respectively, and a journal by a ghost named Sojourn. A portion of the fanbase believes that Danny is transgender. In the episode "What You Want", Desiree says "there must be something you desire" while danny phantom shirtless his chest which he responds to by rearing backwards.

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He also refuses to be shirtless while at the swimming pool and is the only boy to do so. In addition to that, his genetic clone Danielle is female. The term "Halfa" is only used once in the series to describe Danny. Since then, the fandom and even Death Battle has used it to describe half-ghosts. It should be noted that "The Halfa" was used as a nickname for Danny before "Danny Phantom" became a more well known name, rather than describing his species.

Fanon Discontinuity : A fair amount of fans give Season 3 this treatment. And even among those who enjoy the show's final season are split on the grand finalePhantom Planet. There are just as many popular fanworks that acknowledge its events as there are those that completely ignore it. Foe Yay Shipping : Danny and Vlad.

Vlad's first appearance alone has him creeping into Danny's room just watching the boy struggle in his sleep, then there's Danny's foot massage request in "Torrent of Terror", not to mention the multiple attempts Vlad has done to try and lure Danny into the dark side which when taken in a different context, it sounds almost seductive.

And of course "Eye for an Eye" which is a treasure trove of subtext quotes "I'm rubbing your nose in this mess you made, Daniel, doesn't it smell yummy? That episode also has them seeing each other naked.

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Then there's the fact Vlad made a prepubescent female clone of him The Slade-Robin similarities don't exactly help, either. Given Vlad's obsession with Danny's mother and desire to make Danny his son, Freud would definitely have something Oedipal related to say about it.

At one point, he forces a Time Medallion inside Danny's body while Danny screams in pain. Valerie and Danny in their secret identities also get a bit of Foe-Yay, which is especially egregious considering they dated for a while as their normal selves. Danny and Ember are a popular ship despite neither showing any interest in each other. Adding is that in his third "10 years later" video, Butch Hartman suggested Ember would probably be in love with Danny as he gets older but she would deny it.

Friendly Fandoms : The show is popular with fans of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and American Dragon: Jake Longdue to their similar concepts teenage boy heroes with friends who know about their secret identities and fend off a multitude of different enemies.

During danny phantom shirtless show's run, it wasn't hard to find people who loved both this and Teen Titansas they aired during the same years. Due to both shows being on in almost the same years, as well as sharing many of the same tropes, character archetypes, and other similarities, you're bound to find people who love this series and the original Ben 10 series as well. Hell, one fan is making his own fan comic continuing the stories of both franchisesonly set 5 years after their each franchise's last incarnations Omniverse for Ben 10, since the latest incarnation is a reboot.

Even years after the two shows' runs, comparisons with Kim Possible are common, right down to have the same lead deer, Stephen Silver.

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As such, suggestions by fans of a crossover, despite the two shows owned by competitors Nickelodeon for Danny and Disney for Kimwere not hard to find. It helps that Danny and Kim are a popular ship in fanfiction.

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Growing the Beard : Though Season 1 had its continuity and Story Arc the first nine episodes are known by the fandom as The Magnificent NineSeason 2 upped the ante with deeper, darker plots and more Character Development. Harsher in Hindsight : Everything about Ember and her character trait of wanting everyone to remember her name, after a YouTube content creator who styled their online presence around her committed a spree shooting in The scene where Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel play two announcers at the football game in "What You Want" may be harder to watch when the two's partnership and friendship came to an end before Season 3 was started.

During his run, his closest friend and supporter, Jack Fenton, blindly followed him and thought he was running the city well despite evidence to the contrary.

Meanwhile, the main characters voiced their displeasure of him constantly. This would unintentionally mirror similar events since the elections after Donald Trump became president.

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In the final episode, Danny Phantom gives out a message to the whole planet to prevent certain destruction, which went "If we all come together, not as separate nations but as one world, we can do this. Unlike the series, this did not pan out.

The episode titled "Shades of Gray" can't get into some people's minds without thinking about Fifty Shades of Greywhich only gets better two seasons later in "D-Stabilized" when Valerie Gray has Danny tied up in her underground lair and tortures him with a cattle-prod-like weapon During a battle danny phantom shirtless Vlad in the first episode of Season 3, Danny is shocked at how "rusty" he's apparently gotten and how easy it is to beat him, remarking throughout the fight how "you've really lost your edge.

So Danny's having trouble controlling his new ice powers due to lack of use and needs to learn to "let it out" The original idea for Danny was that he was an Expy of Ghost Rider.

Now, ina Kamen Rider with a Ghost Theme was announced using the exact same idea. Ember McClain is an evil musician from another dimension with a teal color scheme, has a pony tail, and uses her music to hypnotize people. Doesn't that remind you of another similar villainess? Even better, Ember is voiced by Tara Strongwho played a major character in that franchise. Look at the shapeshifting ghost Amorpho from "Forever Phantom". Doesn't his de remind you of a certain someone? Init took fangirls no time to notice that Danny looks just like a 2D-animated version of another ghost boy with ice powerswho has a very similar relationship with his story's Big Bad.

In "Infinite Realms", Tucker over-exaggerated how hungry he was and asks Sam to tell his PDA he loved her and the cell phone meant nothing to him.

To show how this series became an Unintentional Period Piececell phones have become more advanced to the point where they are capable of everything a PDA had done, making them obsolete. If this were made in more recent times or continued further, Tucker would be saying the opposite instead. At the time, few people outside of the diehard Marvel fans were aware of it and its ificance. Years later came the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universewhich make the Infinity Gauntlet a more recognizable object.

Perhaps, had the show continued or be revived, we would have seen a Thanos Expy. Freakshow would not be the last bald villain that Jon Cryer would play. His next would be Lex Luthor. A blonde, blue-eyed caucasian girl named "Star" would be a more prominent character years later. In "Pirate Radio", when Mr.