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  • 21
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  • Dutch
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  • I love man
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  • I'm quite strong
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  • Electronic


When a new video game title comes out, especially in the porn sphere, you have to be really patient. Their creative muscles seem to live in their pants. You can give your input through public forums, and the developer can take your opinion into. People who draw smut for the world to see usually enjoy creative feedback, because they want you to fap to their content.


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Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter BaasB Start date Oct 13, 2d game 2dcg adventure animated big tits combat fantasy female protagonist monster no sexual content platformer side-scroller. BaasB Recovering from Covid Donor.

Respected User. Aug 5, 10, 64, Overview: Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust tells the story of a mysterious woman named Mayumi. She possesses a powerful relic sword that seem to have a special affinity with blood, including hers. To counter the vampiric curse of the sword, she sleeps every 50 years. She woke up, and overslept to years later, the Earth is no more.

A catastrophic event took place and the world is now overrun by monsters and demons. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Log in or register now. Last edited by a moderator: Jul 14, Have fun. Last edited: Feb 24, Reactions: krowndsnakd.

Jan 15, Is it a "No Sexual Content"? Just to make sure before downloading, because no Sexual Tags and no sexual image.

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Although I must say the game looks good and the gameplay looks fluid considering the gifs, if it was on Steam I would buy, only for the gameplay. Reactions: ScultonicScorpioguy99Jkilljoy and 11 others. HentaiHoarder Active Member.

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Jun 19, Thanks for ing will give it a try later, going to guess this game will have little or no sexual content. ItsMeOutsider Newbie. Jul 1, 57 Zkid95 Newbie. Aug 6, 23 Lauching the demo is just a blank screen for me, so, off to a good start I guess. Swyzzel Member. Jun 7, This is the safe for work version.

Reactions: JackH Jul 23, 54 Reactions: TrapStelleblckguardCiraR3 and 18 others. Yes its public it has 4 scenes. I don't get how people like pinoytoons to be honest.

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Seems to me like all these years he never improved a single bit. All his characters look extremely bland.

Reactions: Sleeping4nowReal and Ferghus. Ferghus Active Member. Aug 25, 1, Apparently the lewd CG is done by Pinoytoons. Swyzzel said:. Reactions: PropagaejmuerteXarn and 1 other person.

RazRazor Newbie. Sep 26, 36 I tried the game out. The gameplay is a little bit simplistic and the ninjas have a little bit to much health for my taste especially if you must kill It is only a prototype so I missed the text from the lewd scenes, without text it feels kinda whatever. I think this game does have some potential, but all the post I read here about the developer which has aparently a bad reputation dont make me very hopeful. I got burned too often by a lot of projects here. Did not see any lewd sprites.

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Reactions: PoEbalu. Fnord Newbie. Feb 2, 28 Seems like the creator is focusing on the gameplay mechanics which with lewd games I will never understand.

I'm not playing your porn game for deep and involved game mechanics. Give me a interesting story, setting and a one-handed mode that is not made with RPGmaker bundled assets and you're already ahead of most of the competition. The lewds though decently animated also seem unrelated to what's going on in the game. Reactions: Forge WrightJonathan Yimercenary95 and 10 others.

Mar 28, Here's the biggest problem, Once supporters are secured the creator does not necessarily need to continue ificant work on the game, excuses on delays, personal issues and other such tactics will make the supporters sympathize with them and continue support even after ificant progress has halted.

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I might wait for guinea pigs to try first Reactions: GhorgothShaman ZumaMagicbananaking and 2 others. Jun 30, Some controversy! Yep, gonna watch.

Taku46 Newbie. Aug 21, 28 CG from Pinoytoons? His stuff looks like plain asf rotoscoping. Yevaud6 Well-Known Member. Aug 25, 1, Finished it, that was pretty intense till I figured the trick. Arbelbyss New Member. Dec 18, 6 4.

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