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  • How old am I:
  • 45
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  • Bolivian
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  • Lively brown eyes
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  • Fem
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  • Reggae
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  • Yes


Conley were distressed, After Richard, their neighbor's son had tried to crawl into their daughter's Maggie's bedroom window they had called the cops. When Mrs. Conley had questioned their daughter Maggie, she had found out that Maggie had been having sex with Richard for some months and that he had wanted to have sex with her, which is why he had tried to get in her bedroom. The Conleys were worried that the whole neighborhood, would discover that their daughter was having sex with this boy. Their daughter Maggie had just turned seventeen and Mr.


My wife complained that her pussy was very itchy. It was getting so bad that she was very uncomfortable.

We decided to go see a gynecologist. When I called one of my friends he recommended the name of his friend who was a gynec in the government day-hospital. It was rather unusual as in the country side small towns in India, usually females prefer to go to female gynecs. But since that was our only lead, we made an appointment and drove to the government clinic.

When we checked at the reception, we were told that the doctor was actually occupied and we might have to wait for some time. It was already nearing 5. We waited till 6pm and there was no of the doctor, so I went to the reception and asked again. There was only one staff at the reception and she seemed very busy filing her reports before closing the clinic.

Doctor's visit - sex stories

I realized that the doctor might have called her inside while I was away. So I walked up to the door and opened it doctor sex story after knocking. The room was empty. It was like a mini reception and the table was unmanned. There were two more doors perhaps leading to consultation rooms. Both the doors had tiny glass panels through which you could see inside. I peeked in one of the rooms and saw that there was no one inside. In the other room I saw my wife walking towards the inspection table. She was taking off her saree so I decided to wait outside till the doctor completed the check-up.

The inspection table was lined along the back wall and there was a metal screen pulled up as a partition. But I could see clearly what was happening on the other side of the partition through the reflection of the table in a full length mirror on the opposite side.

After my wife took off her saree, she folded it as neatly as possible and slung it across the screen and lay down on the table. Her feet were facing the mirror and I could clearly see her panty-clad pussy mound.

The doctor washed his hand at the sink and started wearing a pair of gloves… then he turned to my wife and asked her to remove her panties which she did. Then he asked her to pull her petticoat up. She pulled the petticoat up till her knees but because of the angle, the cotton underskirt just slipped all the way to her waist, exposing her milky thighs and hairy pussy completely to the doctor. The doctor was wearing brown trousers and a polo-t- shirt under his white coat.

Doctors appointment

He asked her a few questions and told her to spread her legs so he could check up the problem. Once my wife pushed her legs apart her pussy lips stretched a bit and started opening up and I could see the slight pink folds inside. He then bent down and spit on his index finger and slowly inserted the finger in her pussy.

I could see that my wife spasmed at the sudden intrusion in her pussy. But probably her itching pussy liked the friction produced by his calloused bare hands and she just bit her lower lip.

The doctor took out his finger and sniffed it. This time, he rubbed her pussy lips sideways up and down. He repeated it a few times and asked her if it was the position where her pussy was itching. Or here? My cock was filling up with blood and straining my underwear. I just stayed put to see where all this would lead to. He must have noticed that my wife was squirming her ass and was now highly aroused with all his stimulation of her pussy.

He then added a third finger to her now obviously very wet pussy.

Pleasure of sex with doctor

I was shocked to see that she was so wet and had allowed the middle aged and quite unattractive doctor to penetrate her pussy with three bare fingers — skin to skin. The thick thumb of his hand was also manipulating her engorged clit each time his fingers slid in her pussy. Her feet were no longer planted on the table, she had lifted her feet high enough in a wanton fashion just like those sluts in porno movies.

She looked like she was expecting the doctor to keep her feet on his shoulders. The doctor removed his hand from her breasts and without missing a beat of his fingers fucking her pussy, he unzipped himself and hauled out a massive erection.

The angry looking cock was at least 11 inches long and about four inch in diameter. It was more than double the size of my cock. Its uncut head was oozing precum like a faucet and his purple cockhead was slightly visible from under the skin.

She calmed down for a moment but it was probably to get used to his massive cock rather than the ease in her itchy pussy. The doctor too stopped for a moment till he slowly pushed his monster cock inside her hairy pussy inch by inch. I was shocked to see that my wife, who sometimes complained that my cock was painful inside, was happily chewing his entire cock with her pussy. I could see doctor sex story pubic hair mingling with each other.

The doctor then pulled his cock out of her pussy completely. I saw as it came out… I thought it would never end, it was so long and thick.

‘doctor’ stories

Then there was no stopping as he fucked her mercilessly. Suddenly she bent upwards and grimaced in throes of her orgasm. The doctor waited till her pleasure waves stopped and he started fucking her again.

They fucked for about five more minutes and then, the good doctor, pushed inside one final time and remained inside her pussy. He clutched her waist as if to not let any sperm get out of her pussy.

He must have come at least for a full three minutes and after that he slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy, leaving her hole wide open for even a horse cock to fuck her. Then to my surprise he stuffed a lot of cotton inside her pussy and pulled her panties on.

My wife remained motionless for sometime and then started dressing up. I quickly got out and sat down on one of the chairs outside reading an old magazine lying nearby. My wife came out five minutes later and we drove back to our home.

She never said anything except that her itch feels better. As we reached home, I pushed her to the bed and ripped her clothes apart.

She was a bit conscious as the cotton was still blocking her pussy so I gave her an opportunity to take the cotton out and went to the bathroom to take a piss. You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:. Post « One boy and five girls, and one inexperienced boy, at the beach, together for a few days and nights. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Club - The home of free adult content.

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This is a story of an illicit affair between a doctor and a desperate housewife.


Home doctor sex stories.


My wife is originally from India.


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