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Dreams of Desire is the typical kind of adult conversational game which was so popular during the graphical adventure boom a few years back and now it is booming again thanks to the visual novel engine Ren'Py.


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If adult visual novel games are your thing then Dreams of Desire could be just what you are looking for. This is a passion project and one that has been getting regular updates since it all started.

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I know that it should go without saying, but this is a game that is percent not safe for work so please keep that in mind. Ok, so first of all if you get that reference then you are awesome and we can be friends.

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You see, you are being forced to go to military school until you come across an old book that has some kind of mind-altering ability to it. You use this to get what you want and pretty much bang whoever you want!

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That is the basics of the story, but there are plenty of characters that you come into contact with and there is a real mystery aspect to it as well. As is the case with most other visual novel games, Dreams of Desire is one where most of the time you are going to be looking at images and reading and interacting with text. You have choices to make which will make the story go in a certain direction.

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It is not just in dialogue either, for example, one part you are spying on a woman in the shower and you have the choice to keep at it or stop. One thing that is very impressive with this game is the visuals. Now granted some full-on animated hard-core scenes would have been nice.

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However, the CG that is used here is top-notch and many of the girls look fantastic. They have great bodies and they are also cute in the face to which some other games tend to struggle with. Even the backgrounds have a good realistic look to them too.

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I just wish the game had more of a soundtrack to it as that would have really tied the presentation together nicely. However, if you are someone who likes hot, steamy and very explicit visual novels then you are going to like what is going on here.

It ha a bit of interactivity to it as well which I think helps keep you invested in what is going on. Plus, the fact that the game looks great also ensures you want to know where each part of the story goes. Browse games Game Portals.

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Dreams of Desire. Install Game.

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Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

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Game review Downlo Screenshots Overall rating: 8. GameFabrique Eroge GamesVisual Novel.

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Application Games.


The graphical engine Ren'Py has become the go-to for developing the vast majority of graphical adventures for overs which are adapted for Android, though some prefer to call them visual novels.


If adult visual novel games are your thing then Dreams of Desire could be just what you are looking for.