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  • Years old:
  • 26
  • My sexual orientation:
  • Male
  • Iris tone:
  • Big gray-blue
  • I speak:
  • Spanish
  • My favourite music:
  • Reggae


Hey everyone! I have most of the basic animation for one scene done. Marie Kanker:. Plank is just a placeholder for now. I will have an animated preview available when I get enough of it done!


Eropharaoh's tomb

Hey everyone. I was hoping my next post would be a bit more positive, but it's been about 5 months and I'm still in prison. I haven't given up hope, and my people are still trying to get me a parole site. My situation is more complicated than it may seem on the surface, so I'd rather not go into details until I can really discuss it and reply to questions and comments.

I'm sure some of you know that I used to read and reply to literally EVERY comment and message on the sites I post to before I got locked upand I really miss those interactions. Due to time restrictions on the phone and the fact it can be damn hard to hear Say that last part again?

I do know a lot of people are supportive and I'm really thankful for that.

You all really help me to stay positive and never give up hope. I also can't believe how lucky I am to still have financial support after all this time.

I still have a hard time saying I have "fans" it makes me feel too big-headedbut I've had quite a few great conversations with many of you I had an artistic slump for a while, but I'm starting to draw again. I have plenty to share when I'm out for sure! EroPharaoh doesn't have any playlists, and should go check out some amazing content on the site and start adding some!

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A commissioned interactive animation featuring Gardevoir! A commissioned interactive animation featuring Gloriosa Daisy! A commissioned interactive animation featuring Lois Griffin!


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