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Mar 17, 75 7. Oct 7, Their should be a walk through explaining to get this scene u need to do this. MrBaitor Member.

Nov 4, Seeing that Cohabitation was the very first adult game i ever played and the one that introduced me to the adult game genre this is an attempt to make a walkthrough of the game starting from version 0. I have searched all over the internet including Sid's Patreon and i realised that the changelogs of the actual updates ARE the solution. You just need to take it from the start to understand how the game works and progresses. Cohabitation Walkthrough.

Reactions: rgnar As for the last update about prostitution in the mall And the only time that Megan wanted to go raw, was before the endings. Feb 8, 71 How to unlock whoring Megan at the mall? It says prostitution is between handjob and blowjob but what I see is titfuck? Jan 12, 20 1. Ennoch Devoted Member Respected User.

Oct 10, 6, 13, I gave this one another go, took like 4 hours. Still grindy as fuck.

For me it wasn't the shower part that tried to drive me crazy by blocking progress. I forgot that part. Pretty annoying how easily one can get stuck by missing out an option or two.

At least the Susan quest now triggers automatically, no need to catch her whispering that name, after you peeped on her at the shower its on autopilot. For those who struggle with Susan. Her line is tied to Megan.

So she simply won't trigger until you are far ahead with Megan. Ergo if you are stuck with Susan?

You need to progress with Megan and obviously pay better attention of what Calvin is saying because instructions are given only once about how to progress with her. You can catch her in the bath pretty early on but her actual line will trigger only after you can have actual sex with Megan.

My best advice with Megan is that you do the shower scenes just like the guide tells so. The most important thing here is that you need to do the shower scene several times.

No doubt tied to lewdness as well but there are several levels of that "Bath with Megan" option while the actual favour part is needed only once. And you need all of them to be able to continue.

Same with the 'Call Megan' option at Calvin's bed. At first the option won't be even there. Later on it appears untill the Thighsex option gets unlocked. Thats the last one.

That will lead to the unprotected sex part which will be the last thing you need. Everything else, beside favours which are all a must but just once, triggers automatically when the conditions are met. Now the game even tells you if her lust isn't high enough so just grind Affection and Lewdness, do all the favours in the shower and at her room both daily ones and the Goodnight Kiss and you are set.

Dec 11, 27 4. Reactions: tommoy.

PlayerOk Newbie. Jul 22, 92 PlayerOk said:. SloppySeconds New Member. Mar 19, 5 0. I can't figure out what I'm missing and I'm on day O. SloppySeconds said:. Ennoch said:. Do the favours. All of them.

Cohabitation (patreon game)

Megan's room have a different favour at the evening, which is easy to miss if you think it doesn't change with time. The mall has restroom favours but those doesn't add to progression yet the first one, f95zone cohabitation is free if i remember correctly, may or may not count. Keep bathing with her as the bath scene change with progress and unlocks further progress in return NOT just the favour type bath, the regular bath too. When you can do tighsex with her then its mandatory to use the Call-her-over option at the bed as that le to real sex. May 16, 1, 1, Yeah I finally got progression after I posted this lol The only thing that hasn't shown up is the prostitution.

Either way, thank you for your reply. Hans Rugal Gunsche Member.

Sep 23, I want more Susan content Such an amazing milf. Fucking her in their bedroom while the husband is sleeping would be awesome. Sep 26, 1 2. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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