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Where's the Step Ladder to fix the light bulb?

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In the Garage from the Front Hallway, the light bulb has burnt out and needs to be replaced. Barb tells you that you will need a Light Bulb and a Step Ladder. How do I Open the Garage outside, the Remote doesn't work?

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After completing Stan's Den you are guided to open the garage as there are some more items the family will need. You are told to use the remote. After opening the Garage from the outside, you need to open the locker doors that Barb keeps locked for safety.

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You have to use the keys from inventory. What is the Security Codehow do I set the Alarm?

Setting the Alarm is one of the last items you need to complete to finish Chapter 1. The security panel is in the Front Hallway next to Stan's Den. If you have a question or need support for this Chapter. Forums There are also forums available on some of the portals that may help. Click the icon s to visit them.

Family vacation - california cheats

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All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. There are also forums available on some of the portals that may help.

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