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While 8 took a turn to the more realistic and futuristic, Final Fantasy IX brought the series back to its roots. This game is truly a fantasy RPG - evident in both the story and the setting. Final Fantasy IX received huge accolades when it was released and is still listed as one of the top games in the series - though it is definitely not my favorite as outlined below. The gameplay is solid, the story and the characters are a true throwback to Final Fantasy games. In saying that, I do not mean to imply that it is a bad game, but it certainly has more flaws and problems than any of its predecessors and these flaws and problems were much more difficult to ignore.


Guide not helping? View 2 more guides for this achievement. Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this achievement? Add a guide to share them with the community. Game 3 want to boost.

How to unlock the it's all in the cards iii achievement

Final Fantasy IX walkthrough. This Solution covers a list of NPC's and is not intended as a guide on how to play the Card Game if that is what you're looking for i suggest checking out the other Solutions. Station take the air cap to the theater district and fly back to the business district to make him spawn Station Black Mage No. Fat Chocobo — Chocobo Paradise Yellow Chocobo 1 — Chocobo Paradise Yellow Chocobo 2 — Chocobo Paradise Mountain Chocobo Red — Chocobo Paradise Showing both comments.

Leave a comment. Welcome to Tetra Master, where the rules are made up and you lose every match, because reasons.

I hate this stupid card game. Posted by CybrgPiratNinja on 19 May 20 at Hey i write the guide for this game and used your list to find all tetra master enemys i found some more as you mentioned but i did not find the dark blue chocobo to fight against?

in and add a guide. Xboxoholic19 Feb 28 Feb 28 Feb The requirements for this achievement are self explanatory, but the rules of the game can be a little obscure if you've never played before.

Soluce witcher 3 : wild hunt

I'll go through it all in detail. The overview section is explained very clearly in the game, but I'm including it for the sake of completeness. You may want to skip to the Mechanics of the game section. Overview of the game You win the game if at least 6 of the cards on the table are blue. You lose if 6 or more are red. If both you and your opponent have 5 each, the match ends in a draw and nothing happens.

You "win" cards on the table by claiming them outright or by battling them. If one of your card's arrows is pointing toward another card's arrow, a card battle ensues more on that later.

If your arrow is pointing towards an empty part of your opponent's card, the card turns blue with no fuss. If you win, you can pick an opponent's card to keep, so long as you "won" it whilst playing. Similarly, if you lose, your opponent takes one of your cards. If the score is 10 - 0, the winner takes all of their opponent's cards.

If you lose one card, you can probably replay the NPC to reclaim it and register a win in the process. If you suffer a 10 - 0 defeat and lose your whole hand, I would strongly consider reloading your game, as building a decent deck can take time, especially if you've been levelling up cards more on this later.

Final fantasy ix

Mechanics of the game Card battles can be the most confusing aspect of the game, often differentiating between victory and defeat. The mechanics of card battles are not made explicitly clear in the game though you can find some strong hints if you go looking. Let's break it down. Each card has 4 values: For example, your card may read " 3 P 0 1 ".

What does this mean? The values range from 0 to A, with the value switching to the letter F instead of the P: This letter denotes your card's attack type.

There are four attack types: - P: physical - M: magic - X: cross pits your card's attack power against the lowest defence value on the card it is attacking. When you initiate a card battle, your attack value is pitted against the other card's defence value.

If your attack type is P physicalthen your attack value the first value will be pitted against the other card's physical defence its third value. Similarly, if your attack is M magicalyour attack value will be pitted against the other card's fourth value.

The X and A attack types can seem confusing at first, especially A. In reality, it is quite simple. A attack type cards simply replace the first value attacking power with the highest value on the card. For example, your card has the following stats: 0A Because your card is the A attack type, your attacking value is not 0, despite what it says in the card.

Il parait que ça cartonne

Your attacking value is 8, because that is the highest stat on your card. If your card is the A attack type and the attacking value is the highest value 8A20, for examplethen the attack value will remain at 8 and will be pitted against the opposing card's lowest stat.

Just because your attack value is higher than your opponent's defence value, it doesn't mean you will win. When cards begin battling, they are ased a random based on their value, and there is ificant overlap of the random ranges from each attack value. Watch out for combos : If you win a card battle, the card you have just won will turn all other cards its arrows are pointing to in your favour.

This also works when your opponent wins a card battle. A common tactic used by NPCs is to play a very weak 0P00 card in the centre of the board that has many arrows, and they will win your superior cards by winning a card battle with the weak card after you've turned it.

Count the arrows, and plan accordingly. Levelling your cards up: every time you win a card battle, there is a small chance the victorious card will level up. This means any of its stats can increase.

Most importantly, it can go from being a P or an M attack type to an X attack type. X attack types can level up to an A attack type, which is ideal.

Based on this, cards like Genji Glove and Alexandria both of which can be obtained by playing the jump rope game at the beginning of the game can become exceptionally powerful if they win enough card battles and upgrade to A attack type. As ly discussed, even though they appear to have 0 attacking power, the A attack type means their highest stat probably physical defence becomes their attacking power, which makes them very strong indeed. That's more or less it. If you have any questions or comments, please post them here so other people can benefit.

Also feel free to PM me if you desire. As long as you play every NPC you can play at least once as you encounter them, you'll quickly find a deck that works for you, get good cards and be able to level them up. When building your deck, make sure you strike a balance between arrow coverage, offensive and defensive cards and make sure you include both P and M cards.

I'm not sure if you can rack up multiple wins against the same NPC and have them county. I think think the achievement requires beating different NPCs, but as the description states you can rechallenge some of them after certain points in the story and it'll count as another win.

Showing most recent comments. View all comments. Posted by Xboxoholic on 28 Aug 19 at I just beat the same scrub, I'm now at wins at the end of the game and no achievement. I really hope I don't have to now go find 80 some random other people to beat, that would really suck. Posted by FF7 Bryan on 07 Feb 20 at It states wins but looking over the guides it looks like I need to beat different opponents.

Posted by Skinstakovic on 02 Feb at Legendary J Man25 Mar 25 Mar

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Activate the Rebirth Flame ability when all party members are incapacitated.