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Developer: Void Star Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info. You play as a happily married man with 2 wonderful stepdaughters?


Forgotten Paradise is a Sci-Fi adult visual novel game is set around a man the main character that gets picked for a trip to space, but not only him, but his whole family as well. But what he doesn't know is that this is all an elaborate experiment which he finds out as the story progresses. Lots of sex, cheating and action awaits him with a ton of choices to explore and paths to follow.

Any support is greatly appreciated as it keeps this project alive and keeps me motivated to work on it each month! Log in with itch. A little correction, in the downlo it says that the game is 1GB, but actual downlo show it is 1,9 GB, it would be more accurate to put 2GB in the download section. Came for the porn, stayed to become a loving father and an interstellar saviour.

Forgotten paradise pc game description

There was some really dark stuff along the way, but this is a better story than you can see in AAA games these days. Very well done. That was quite a ride. The story is interesting, with major twists and turns and that pulled me in, until I saw 2 of the possible ends.

I liked both ends, one was interesting and the other heartwarmingly good. But there are major problems.

First, the twists and turns feel over the top and poorly explained, like in a B-movie. Worse, heavy violence and uncomfortable scenes feature along the way. You can avoid some, but not nearly all. This is always bad game de: Either make sure you clearly display what content to expect the game is very big on NTR, femdom and rape or you make sure that players can opt-out completely. I don't think there is such an option. But you should be good playing the game anyway see minor story spoiler below. Do you have like guide walkthrough?

Walkthrough is available on my Patron under the blog post for the game links to which can be found at the "about" in my patreon .

So I am following the walkthrough and some options just aren't there. Like the very first choice to look closer and imagine Zoey naked just doesn't happen.

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The patreon version of the game was censored because of reports on the. I absolutely love the story and renders of this game. One of my new favorites for sure. I did not enjoy how abruptly it ended. I forgot that I finished this and came back to it fully amazed. The story telling is gorgeous if with a few grammatical errors but that aside I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy a good erotic story time. Text below here involves spoilers.

One thing I am sad about is that there isn't an option where you can keep your daughter and stay at the village. I would have enjoyed playing peace maker between the crew and our daughter.

Replayed this game a few days ago, and I'm still astonished by the brilliance of its story, and the twist at the ending. Maybe the best VN when it comes to the story.

Forgotten paradise | mod apk

It was so good that I sometimes skipped the sex scenes just to see how the story progresses. Hope you'll program a similar game in the future. I love this game. Just started playing it. The artwork is fantastic. The animated 3D scenes are very. Characters look amazing. However, the fanfic tie-in lost me. Is there a way to by-pass it in-game altogether?

Or, it has to be played thru to get thru the full story. All in the all I loved the this story, lots of cool options to mess with and characters that are fun. This game was fantastic, I think this was the first adult VN I've played with an real adventure in it.

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Also the sound are a bit tiring since there's the same music through the whole game. A long game with a lot of lewd scenes, good artwork and one great adventure. There's also a big plus for multiple endings, as TheMysticalNinja said the games needs a gallery so that you knows what endings you've gotten.

Thank you for this game.

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I've played about an hour and half of this game so far. Not loving the rape and sexual coercion, but otherwise, I find it really interesting and I'm enjoying it! Lost interest when the rape happened. That sh! You should put rape at the top of your tag list so people can decide if they want to download the game before they get a fucked up surprise. That is actually a good point.

Fetishes like that should be clearly stated in the tags. It is just fair towards the audience. Do you have voices in yet or planning to have voices?

Forgotten paradise free download

I noticed in the settings there is a volume button for voices but playing the game I only hear music. This Game was so awesome I was skipping the Sex just to follow the story and see what happens next. I may edit this later. Playing in a window should be default on desktop, with an option to turn on Fullscreen.

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The character portraits are really great Please consider using better fonts maybe more sci-fi ish? The fonts make the whole game look cheap and cartoonish, which is a shame and off-putting. For the love of god, please get rid of the SpongeBob screens. Other than that, I really like it so far and will be following this one closely.

Thank you for your constructive feedback. I am taking all feedback into consideration for future projects, so I am thankful you shared your opinion. The game is finished for now, but I might come back to it at some point in the future no promises there though.

Forgotten paradise free download pc game

I'm enjoying this game a good deal. Any new releases planned for the near future? Release dates? I am really glad you are enjoying the game. The release plan is scheduled to be every other month since I am developing another game at the same time. Right now the next update is scheduled to be on the 5th of November.

The game is also in it's last phase, so it might very well end with the next update. There could be side stories in the future though! Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser.

Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch.

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Note: This is an unofficial modified version of this game so if something goes wrong it goes wrong.


Developer: Void Star Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love.


Forgotten Paradise is a Sci-Fi adult visual novel game is set around a man the main character that gets picked for a trip to space, but not only him, but his whole family as well.