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New Genlocks?

Brockololly Lordvessel. Brockololly 5.

Given how there are the Dragon Age Legends avatars for the forum now, if the art of that game is anything close to DA2, it would seem we now know at least a bit how the new Hot Rod Samurai Genlocks will look: New Genlock: So they're seemingly more Gorilla-like now with spikey hats? If you mouse over the avatars it clearly says "genlock" for Mr. Gorilla Spikey Hat while this is the Ogre: And this is the Emissary: If all genlocks are like that I wonder if that means there are no more Genlock mages?

Especially considering it would seem that Emissaries, from what we've seen, are clearly darkspawn elves. Which has me wondering if they haven't cut the regular Shrieks out of existence and simply bunched Elven darkspawn into all being Emissaries?

Nice find. I think this change makes sense.

Dwarves aren't just short humans, they're big and bulky short humans. Genlocks were much weaker than Hurlocks, this didn't make sense. It's a bit weird how the Genlock is bigger than the guy in your picture, though.

Either it's a Genlock or a new type of Darkspawn. I'd think the scale is just not right in that screen if that is indeed a new genlock- considering how small Varric looks in the trailers and such. I don't necessarily mind it, but I'd be kind of disappointed if there aren't any Origins style Shrieks and all darkspawn elves have been lumped into Emissaries.

I don't mind the de as such, just the size that seems odd. If that is a genlock it is a strange change. Those things are much larger than dwarves.

I like the change, mind you. I thought genlocks in Origins looked too much like goblins. Hurlocks, shrieks, and ogres looked like somewhat unique monsters.

I could not help look at genlocks as goblins--and less menacing goblins than those in Paizo's Golarion setting to boot. From a lore perspective though, it looks bizarre.

It looks more like a Armored Ogre, if you ask me. The ones we see in Awakening.

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It looks like a giant mutated ninja darkspawn. For a Derplock it looks really tall.

It must be an Armored Orge Alpha or something.

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