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Note: There is a five minute lockout before this code can be re-enabled. To bypass this, save the game after the code has been enabled, quit the game, then reload your saved game. Search the indicated location to find the corresponding character. Note: Some characters will not appear until after a certain point in storyline progression. Commit a crime in front of your safehouse to get the attention of the police. Shoot as many as possible when they appear.


The godfather ii game guide & walkthrough

At the time of its release the movie was a huge hit and it is known to be one of the best "sequel" movies released of all time. After the release of the first Godfather game, EA got the rights to develop a game which is based upon the regarded movie. In the game, you play as Dominic.

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You we're originally a soldier for the Corelone family, but after an ambush, which kills the Don of NYC - Aldo Character you play as in The Godfather AchievementsMichael promotes you to a Don and wants you to take charge of the family. With this power you are able to hire crew members of a lower rank than yourself, take over rackets, properties and compounds owned by other rival family members, and build up a family of your own. But as the slogan applies. The Godfather II received mostly mixed feedback, in some cases poor.

The godfather 2 walkthrough

The drawbacks within the game include repetitive game-play, short story, over-the-top-strong crew members, and a very easy difficulty. On the other hand it has been praised because it has provided a good story which somewhat matches the original movie, taking elements from the Godfather game which we're praised and the the revival of certain voice actors from the original Godfather movies. This is done by pressing the Button and selecting the Save Option. Make sure your data is fully completed and saved before you exit the game, return to your dashboard or turn off the console.

If you have played the first Godfather game, then you will notice the controls in this game have slightly changed. One move for instance was in the original Godfather game you used to take cover behind walls. To perform the move in this game however you have to click thesince the is now used to view in Over The Shoulder mode.

The godfather 2 walkthrough

In addition there is no other control method that allows you to change the controls to what they we're in the original game, so keep that in mind when playing this game. The button presents a City Map, which you can use to track down targets, buildings and other requirements.

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The Button brings up the Pause Menu. Like the piece of information, you must remember in particular not to press the to Pause, but instead the button which for the beginning part of the game will be tricky for you to master. The driving in the game has also changed from the original Godfather game. You can also use the Button to Accelerate as well as the button. And you can use the Button to Brake as well as the button. This is called Don's View.

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You can also send crew members to attack or blow up buildings here as well, giving rival families a huge distraction. This is a new feature in this game and you will will be using this quite a decent amount of time during your game-play.

The godfather ii game guide & walkthrough

When you travel around taking over rackets, don't be an idiot and pull out your weapon before you enter the building. If you have a weapon in your hands before you enter the building, rival mobsters will start shooting you immediately.

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They won't shoot you if you're un-armed, unless you get too close to their racket. Sometimes if you're un-armed and too close, they may pull out a melee weapon instead of a gun. If however you are trying to take over consecutive rackets that belong to the same family, then there is a good chance they will pull out their guns when you try and take over a second racket, since the family will hate you for what you did to the first racket they owned.

You can replenish your health by obtaining Blue Health Bottles that opponents will drop on the ground. In addition they will also drop items, weapons, ammunition and extra cash. Your health will also replenish if you do not get attacked for as short period of time. When choosing Crew Members, choose wisely because they will fill up a family slot and you won't unlock more, unless you advance further in the game.

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It is strongly suggested you choose crew members which have 1 of each specialty. Some crew members you will find, may have more than one Specialty, so consider these as a bonus if you wish to hire them. A Medic Crew Members can revive you if you get whacked. Usually the A. I is very responsive towards this and they will revive you in no time. If a Crew Member gets downed by an enemy a picture of a skull will appear over their name. A timer will begin with a yellow shade going round in a circle. If you leave this for too long the circle will go bigger and you'll get some beeping noises, giving you a warning.

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If you don't get someone or yourself to revive the crew member, you will lose him. Whenever you as a Crew Member to perform an action such as setting a Dynamite on a building, setting something up in flames, or breaking open a gate etc. The chosen member will have a meter placed over their head on the left side of the screen. It will form a circle formation with the green colour eventually revealing the members face.

When the face is fully revealed, it means the request you have given them is complete and they will come back to you.

Whenever you enter a building that requires firepower and a battle, you will be shown a meter on the right side of the screen in two different coloured formations. The red one is your family - The Corleone.

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It will show you how many people are attacking within your family. This will include yourself, crew members and other family members that could be around. When you or your crew members kill one, it will be reduced by one. Use this to your advantage when you are trying to take over rackets, compounds, eliminate rival family members or other sources.

Faqs, guides and walkthroughs

Safehouses only supply extra weapons and health. They do not supply a save-point like what the original game did.

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You can also use the Button to send crew members to a spot of your choice when facing a direction. Story walkthrough 1. Walkthrough Overview. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission.

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This game guide for The Godfather II offers a very detailed and thorough walkthrough of all the missions of the singleplayer campaign.