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Animated vixens are nothing new, as alluring cartoons have been around almost as long as the motion picture. The female cartoon characters on this list show the community's thoughts on who the most beautiful cartoon girls are. Who's your favorite among these hot cartoon characters? Whether she's from an animated film or a weekly cartoon series, all cartoon women are eligible to be added into the list of cartoon girls. Which are the most gorgeous female cartoon characters?


Did you know? Learn more. No judgment here folks, we understand the tantalizing allure of sexy cartoon kittens. With animated physiques to die for and outfits poorly suited for the real world, cartoon babes present a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of quasi real-world sexuality and the perverseness of the imaginary realms. From Betty Boop's flapper-style frilly knickers to leather-clad Catwoman we've all long been enthralled by these sexy, yet fictional, starlets--so without further ado, here are your top 25 sexiest cartoon babes of all time :.

Ariel — The Little Mermaid. Let's face it, that combination of flowing red hair, purple seashell bra, and aqua marine bottom is hot cartoon babes intoxicating mixture. If you are doubting her sex appeal, just think of the thousands of hours spent nationally of horny young boys going frame-by-frame through the movie to find the rumored seashell-less scene. Ariel is a hottie with a body, and would have scored a higher position if it weren't for her notable lack of lady parts.

This steel-eyed native beauty is a type of sexy that just won't quit.

She has gorgeous hair that flows down to her perfectly-formed rear-end, shamanic powers and is an all-around outdoorsy type. She gets extra hot points for being a little crazy, after all her best friends are a hummingbird, a raccoon and a talking willow tree. Aeon Flux fans were likely hugely disappointed when Charlize Theron failed to don the costume that peaked the attention of so many comic book aficianados, yes let's hot cartoon babes with 'attention', of Aeon fans.

Let's just say that if this list was sexiest cartoon costumes, Aeon Flux would have taken positions one, two and three. And more points for barely wearing leather. A crime-fighting stripper based on busty Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson most definitely had to make our list.

Her super-human traits? Cat-like reflexes, surprising intellect, super-human strength and ability to jump high unfortunately this wasn't done in Baywatch-style slow motion. As an added bonus Striperella gets sexed-up James Bond-like tools: a digital scanner in her mouth and a lie detector in her rockin' rack.

Thanks for the eye candy Stan Lee. Foxxy Love — Drawn Together. There really isn't anything from Foxxy Love's bio that wouldn't earn her a spot on this list. She's a stripper with daddy issues not that there's any other kind. She macks chicks in hot tubs. She does naughty things with light sabers.

This Drawn Together character is sassy, kinky and promiscuous, but the real extra points come from her constantly-exposed thong and barely-there booty shorts. Leela — Futurama. If staring into one big eye is your idea of romance then you have likely already gone gaga for Leela from Futurama. Leela is surprisingly stacked and sports a J-Lo-esque thick frame, which are both complimented perfectly by her tight-fitting attire. Esmerelda is so hot that she can even make playing the tambourine look sexy a feat Will Ferrell fell short of on Saturday Night Live.

Esmerelda is the green-eyed Romani gypsy that stole our hearts and inflamed our loins in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Her off-the-shoulder blouse and we-know-what-you're-hiding-under-there skirt are sexy without being ostentatious.

We don't even care that the bindi on her forehead completely mixes ethnicities. If you didn't see the bindi, look again, its there, you were likely just to busy trying to peek down her cartoon top. She was voiced by sexy Demi Moore in the cartoon and played by sensual Selma Hayek in the film incantation. Oh and she has a proclivity for socially-awkward shut-ins.

Catwoman — Batman. She's leather-clad with a whip.

If that wasn't enough she's also a sly thief and ninja-like fighter with daddy issues. She is also one of the most highly-sexualized cartoon characters in history and was portrayed on film by both Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.

Catwoman was also one of the few femme fatales in history to be highly-skilled in martial arts, a feat that undoubtedly helped her 'claw' her way up our list. An oldie but a goodie is Bugs Bunny's love interest Lola Bunny. But just in case your a true cartoonophile we're talking Space Jam, not Lola from the old Bugs Bunny series. Aww, who are we kidding, we love them both. Let's just say we're pretty sure Bugs would let her chew on his carrot. If you consider her anthropomorphic rabbit exterior a deal breaker, just take a closer look at her seductive hips and come-hither stare.

For us Lola is the perfect combo of the tough-talking Hawksian woman, tomboy, and femme fatale archetypal females. How could we not include a thick-thigh'd cartoon heroine who is more flexible than a 12 year-old Russian gymnast. If the extreme bendiness of Helen Parr, a. Despite her thick assets Elastigirl's thin build could still make any model jealous, as on extreme stretches she can become just 1mm thin.

And like most super-heroines making this list, she comes clad in skin-tight, can't-hide-a-damn-thing leotard. Oh and she is also a jet pilot, has razor-sharp wit and once became a human slingshot.

If her bio sounds vaguely familiar, that's because she was modeled after Superman love interest Lois Lane. Roxie's sexy tom-boy exterior attracts the attention of—well, every male protagonist in the film—, and who can blame them with those oversized flirtatious blue eyes and surprisingly stacked figure. Betty Rubble — The Flintstones. As literally, the girl next door, Betty Rubble was a dirty-little-secret kind of crush for many of us.

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Of course the only reason she takes a lower spot on the list is that we weren't quite able to erase Rosie O'Donnell's portrayal of her in the blockbuster movie release. This cave-dwelling cutie's creation was inspired by The Honeymooners sweety-pie Trixie Norton.

Pebbles Flintstone — The Flintstones. This entry might seem a tad perverse but yes Pebbles Flintstone made our list; but in a grown-up Olsen Twins kinda way. Uber-cute Pebbles has been drawing attention from boys since she was an infant—especially neighbor boy Bamm Bamm—but ended up drawing even more attention after she grew up—and filled out. When grown-up Bedrock's favorite little sweetheart became a baseball-playing troublemaker, before moving on to a successful career in advertising.

The adult redheaded bombshell ended up marrying her infant-crush to become Pebbles Flintstone-Rubble, so don't eye her too much or your might get clubbed by her now-husband, Bamm Bamm. Another addition to the list for those of us who grew up in the 80s is She-Ra: Hot cartoon babes of Power.

Queen elsa

She-Ra is the original 80s blonde bombshell—admit it, you loved her. She was originally deed to appeal to the young female audience that He-Man never captured, but ended up—unsurprisingly--appealing to the boys more than the girls.

The blonde bombshell is not only tough as nails while in her alter-ego form, she is also the Princess of Adora in her unaltered ego form. As a bonus: if you somehow managed to tie-down She-Ra and put a ring on it, He-Man would be your brother in law.

Cheetara — Thundercats. Thunder ho! If you were alive in the 80s you likely lusted after the flexible feline Cheetara, of the Thunder Cats.

Despite the orange-leotard one-piece this foxy feline is no cougar; she's half lady, half cheetah, and fully ready to pounce. Thankfully her creators put the Thunder Cats logo right on her bosom, giving you ample opportunity to leer. Storm — X-Men. Marvel Comics' Storm was so sexy the only woman they could think to cast in the movie was Halle Berry.

This white-haired African goddess is possibly the fittest lady on this list with muscle tone generally reserved for athletes and movie stars. Storm's physical sexiness is compounded by her black magic and combat skills, and her ability to control the weather.

Of course none of the men seem to have a problem with taking orders from the leather-clad beauty. Lois Griffin — Family Guy. Lois Griffin has a serious Madonna-and-the-whore complex as a loving, level-headed mother and not-so-secret nympho ginger vixen. Behind her rather common-looking matronly facade Lois hides a banging body and smoldering sexuality, a true MILF through and through.

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