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The CIA openly admit to having used this form of subversive technology for use against America's political enemies but flatly denies that it would ever be used on home territory. Project Monarch An integral part of MK-Ultra is Project Monarch — perhaps the most damning episode in the history of mind control — whereby the minds of women and children are brutally taken over in order to provide paedophiles, politicians, criminals and practising Satanists with willing sex slaves who could also double as covert operatives by having their personalities and memories switched on illuminati sex slaves off at will. See also Further Examples of Manipulation — Satanists The details of this horrific plan by the Elite to take over the planet through mass mind-control have come from the ex-CIA mind-controlled slave, Cathy O'Brien, and are described in harrowing detail in her book Trance Formation Of America. After a lifetime in the clutches of the MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind-control program she became what is known as a 'Presidential Model', a sex slave used specifically by the presidents for perverted abuse. These fiends would routinely torture and rape her and later her daughter, Kelly, for personal gratification whilst using drugs and electric shock trauma to further compartmentalise her memory of such events in order to hide their actions.


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Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Evidence seized in the human trafficking case, such as these restraints, revealed that the subjects were fully prepared to buy kidnapped women and hold them against their will.

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During the course of an international human trafficking investigation, FBI agents uncovered disturbing information: American men were making what appeared to be serious inquiries about buying kidnapped women from Asia to serve as sex and domestic slaves. The case started inwhen agents were alerted to an advertisement from Malaysia on the now-defunct bondage website collarme. The online solicitation turned out to be a money-making scam, Blay said, but the response from potential customers in the U.

The FBI created an undercover platform advertising kidnapped women for sale as sexual and domestic slaves.

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More than people responded, and most dropped out quickly. But four individuals were anxious to proceed—and willing to pay thousands of dollars for a sex slave. The undercover operative told the four buyers he was connected to a human trafficking group that would identify foreign females in the U. The operative also said his organization held a biannual auction, where the women would be sold to the highest bidders. The four individuals—two from Arizona, one from Montana, and one from California—were in their 50s and 60s.

One was an engineer with a Top Secret government clearance.

Mind control: the ultimate terror

Another was a financial analyst. He planned to transport them back to Montana in a recreational vehicle.

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The man told the undercover operative he had a fully functional dungeon in the basement of his home. There were bars on windows, obscured glass, and insulation so no one could see or hear the women from the outside.

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One guy bolted chains in the floorboards of a room. The four men were indicted on human trafficking charges between December and May They all pled guilty, and in Septemberan Arizona federal judge sentenced them to prison terms ranging from seven to nine years.

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Briefing announced the launch of a publication outlining the negative impacts of the illicit tobacco trade and the whole-of-government approach to combating it. An official website of the United States government.

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Here's how you know. Official websites use.

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December 11, Human Trafficking. FBI Takes Part in State Department Briefing on Just-Released Illicit Tobacco Trade Publication Briefing announced the launch of a publication outlining the negative impacts of the illicit tobacco trade and the whole-of-government approach to combating it.