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Our deepest Harry Potter fanboy fantasies couldn't have dreamed up a better game than this one. It combines hot witches, complex puzzles, original game mechanics and a rich storyline full of surprises. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android — this game is perfect for on-the-go play as well as a magical evening alone.

The story begins in Azkaban prison, where the Minister for Magic and a prisoner by the name of Salazar Riddle Black meet. A captivating adventure awaits, full of twists, turns, risks and oh so much more!

The game begins at Azkaban prison, where we learn that the main protagonist, who you play as, Salazar Riddle Black, is being held prisoner. During the short exchange, we learn that your new name is Lord Rattlesnake, but you used to go by Marcus Redblack.

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It seems you changed your original name because your father, Tom Riddle, abandoned you. So, this identity crisis has a dark origin. Your memory is fuzzy memory charm maybe? Your father, Tom Riddle, abandons you in your first year at Hogwarts for being ased to Ravenclaw house.

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Yeah, imagine your dad in real life disowning you for that. After finishing Hogwarts, you take medical courses to become a sharp medical professional.

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Granted, they all have ificantly different personalities than the original characters. You still get to do magic with wands and because the Innocent Witches porn game is a parody of HP, you can do some pretty weird stuff with magic. The game is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. To play, all you have to do is download the archive instructions belowunpack it and click on the Innocent Witches. No installation required.

To play the Android version you first need to allow app install through third party apks. After you go through the settings and allow third party installs, you can install the apk file. How to download from the official Sad Crab Company site :. How to download for free on Itch. The difference is the free version is the public release and the paid version sponsorship on Patreon or Itch.

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The illustrations are beautiful. All the characters have anatomically correct proportions and the sexy witches have big tits and nice asses.

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The music really sets the scene. Innocent Witches gameplay is refreshing. For one, everything can be controlled with the mouse. Secondly, if you miss a piece of vital information when talking to someone, you can simply scroll up and read the entire conversation or scroll down to speed it up. Finally, there was never a time we felt lost or confused in this game. You get all the information and instructions required when you need them.

Innocent witches review

Plus, your personal memory assistant, Sonya, is available at any time click the question mark in the top right corner. Paying attention to conversations and dialogue is vital. The branching dialogue will offer you choices — so read carefully and answer correctly to move forward. As you progress through the game, the puzzles will become more complex and difficult.

In some cases, you may need to collect objects and use them properly in order to advance.

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If you were hoping for a mature Professor McGonogall, sorry to disappoint you. In this game, every witch is young MILF age max and plump and tight in all the right places.

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Innocent Witches sex scenes are multifacetd, with dozens of options to choose from. A lot of time was put into the story. You can tell by the pure amount of dialogue and how everything intertwines. The developers have stated that they add to the story with every new release, which makes it a joy to revisit.

Overall, this game did not disappoint. You get to see the old Harry Potter gang from a different point of view, with a new storyline, almost like a parallel universe. Unlike a lot of porn games, which are just The Innocent Witches Android version is available on the same website. You can find the official Reddit here. Check out the official Youtube channel for a full walkthrough or read the official walkthrough on Google Docs.

Innocent witches scenes

No, it would be a stretch to call this manga or hentai-style. Check out the screenshots above to see what the game looks like. Conclusion Overall, this game did not disappoint.

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We hope you enjoyed this Innocent Witches review. If you want more, try this game out today!

What are some games like Innocent Witches? Where can I download Innocent Witches for free? Where can I find a walkthrough for this game? Are there nude sex scenes in this game? Is Innocent Witches hentai? Innocent Witches Rating 4. Review Play.

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