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This is the wiki for Flash Visit the flash's index for basic data and a list of seen names. Basically impossible to not get laid there it seems. I got women impregnated with the quote "Casanova wouldn't have done better", a Diploma that just says Dr, and a trophy with a pair of panties.


Enter the Hacking engine in the game. EXE " and the cheat menu will be unlocked. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect:. In Hacking engine which is accessed from the title screenthere are a of directories and tools that can be useful such as spawning a weapon within The Matrix.

To unlock the swordfight, follow these steps. Open the Hacking program from the main menu.

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Open a file that has the game completed. Note: You must have completed the game first in order for this cheat to work; and the game file you select at the Hacking menu must have the game completed. Type " DIR ", then a space. DIR should now appear in your command list. It will be locked and will ask you for an access code. The access code consists of 1s and 0s.

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You must guess the access code, as it is different each time. It is only five digits long. EXE files without the. EXE after them.

Repeat this for all other. An authentication test will start. An image of a Chinese symbol will appear, but it will be scrambled. The image is broken into 9 squares, and each square will have five different choices. You must change all the pieces so that a complete image appears.

You have a limited amount of time to do this. Once you guess a correct image, the timer will stop and you will be taken back to the hacking screen. Look at the top of the screen. However, if it says "Solution: Red", then you will hear a message from Neo and get access to the V Drive. You will get a list of phone s:. Select the DIAL command and dial You should get a message from Persephone.

Next dial You will get you a message from Trinity. She will give you a. She will start to talk to you. Open it, then type " 8RAM ". You now have access to the RAM drive.

A list of folder names will appear. DSK will come up. Select it. It has now ed the sword onto you character in the Matrix.

Quit the hacking program and select "Save Progress". You can use the sword when you start that game file.

If you press Action when approaching an enemy as if you were going to disarm them. Instead of doing your disarm move, you will take out the sword and slice them up, killing them instantly. Note: You also have to enter it again when you turn off the game. Go into the Hacking option and type " DIR ".

This will bring up a list System. This will bring up the B directory. Go to tools under B's directory and it will ask for a five digit binary code.

Note: This code is random each time. Once you have saved, you can select the Hacking option and begin to work on hacking into The Matrix itself. As the Matrix is quite simply a simulation, its rules are no different to a computer systems.

You can simply type [name of executable]. EXE then press Enter. The executable will be opened.

It is not the same with. EXE" is invaluable for those with free minds looking to further enhance skills, and bend the rules of The Matrix. After opening the executable, you will be required to enter specific codes, which will directly alter rules of The Matrix, making it easier for you to utilize your ability to focus the mind, and other aspects.

Use it wisely.

For an easy way to unlock cheat mode, at title screen select "Hack". Press any key when instructed. Once the system has loaded, type " DIR ".

You will eventually see various choices. Click "DIR", then you will see the same choices on the screen above. EXE" and so on.

EXE" and enter in any the codes. To access multi-player mode, follow the steps used to get the sword. Then, wait until he is done talking.

He will then Multi-player to you. Access it by going to "Load" and choosing the level just before the first one. When entering multi-player mode, you do not get to choose which character s you would like to fight as. Note: Much like Morpheus vs.

Neo in The Matrixmulti-player mode is essentially a training ground to hone your standard skills. Focus is unavailable for use in the Multi-player program. There is no background music to accompany these battles. There are also two other levels which are famous areas from The Matrix film, which can only be found in multi-player mode:. When using various cheats, including "Infinite Health", "Infinite Focus", "Infinite Ammunition", and "Maximum Firepower", the game places a grenade or bomb immediately where you begin the level only on some levels.

It does not kill you, but will knock you for a loop.

For example, on the "Agent On Board" level, you start out besides Axel. If one of those cheats are enabled, the bomb will blow up Axel and you will die, ending the game. You must play this level without cheats in order to complete it.

The way to get away from the bomb is run before it explodes. As Ghost, when you have to fight the man to see the oracle, you are supposed to lose.

After you complete the game, go back and load that level. You can defeat him to get an alternate game ending.

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Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting. The ending sequence includes what appears to be a trailer for The Matrix: Revolutionthe sequel to The Matrix: Reloaded. You start in a hallway full of doors. The doors never end. To find Spark's Training Construct go to the second red door you see on your right. Walk until you past the first red door, then you will see another red door Enter it. The other doors do not open.