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The first, obviously, is life.


Fake Taxi is an online porn series in which actors pretend to be unsuspecting girls who get in taxis and end up having sex with the drivers. West Midlands Police have confirmed they are aware of the "Fake Taxi" and have spoken to the driver.

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On two separate occasions, our journalists have approached the driver. The first time when asked what he was doing, the driver replied: "What do you think I'm doing? The second time the car was stationed outside Lancaster Library. When questioned, he said: "I am just waiting for a friend".

The driver denied being an official representative of the Fake Taxi company but insisted he had contacted the brand on Twitter in the hopes of "making it real". The official Fake Taxi is entirely staged. Professional porn actors play both the roles of predatory driver and unsuspecting passenger. Amateur submissions are not posted to their channel.

When asked if he was offering girls money in return for taking part in making a "Fake Taxi" video, he said he would refuse women expecting to get paid for their time. When asked if women could do it for free, he said: "Why not? The driver also has Tinder and Snapchat s for the car, both of which The Coventry Tab used to speak to him to find out what he was doing.

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We then asked for his Snapchat username, which he duly gave. Then we got a guy to message him on Snapchat, who was told: "Only girls can get involved, sorry mate". So, one of our female journalists got in touch on Tinder.

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When asked if he was the real Fake Taxi, the driver said: "I didn't tell, they didn't ask". He added: "The sticker came first. Then it was a joke.

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After that…you know how it ends. Feel free to .

When asked if he'd had many people get in the car, he replied: "Not that much, but you can make that list longer". He said those who got in his car wouldn't "necessarily" be filmed. After this exchange the conversation moved to Snapchat, where the driver sent an unsolicited dick pic followed by a selfie.

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Our journalists who confronted the man spotted in the "Fake Taxi" outside Kasbah believe it was the same man. We later found the driver on Facebook, where his profile states that he studies Law at Coventry University. The driver then suggested having sex in the "Fake Taxi" and said five girls had been in the car ly, however "most girls" don't like the idea of is fake taxi real?

filmed. He added that potential passengers "must be down for a lot of things". To avoid actually getting in the car, the writer attempted to arrange a meeting at The Earl of Mercia pub under the premise they would discuss what would happen should she wish to "audition".

The driver was reluctant to meet beforehand, telling the writer he "didn't need to". He told her he would "agree" to seeing her for a second time should she text him after a first encounter. He later went into more detail about what would happen in the car, saying: "During the sex, I will cum for a few times. Everything will be edited to look as one act. The reason is it's impossible to have sex for minutes without cumming.

And it's approx the time of the video". The average Fake Taxi video lasts 10 minutes. The is fake taxi real? day, the driver told us he had spoken with his "director" and he personally would not be allowed to meet outside of the car. He said the writer would be expected to "work with" the director, who would also be in the car. When asked to elaborate, he said the writer would have to "do things". Our journalist was adamant she was not going to meet either the "Fake Taxi" driver or his director inside the car.

He responded: "You girls are all the same," adding, "if you will not audition, you cannot take part. One student alleged that the "Fake Taxi" had tried to lure her into the car on the premise that he was a legitimate taxi. I was very drunk. That 'Fake Taxi' pulled up next to me near the Kasbah taxi rank and rolled down the window. I said 'yes' and was about to get in the car before my mate pointed out his 'Fake Taxi' sticker. I shut the door, so he told me to stop wasting his time and sped off. In a post to CUMoodlea Coventry University staff member warned students: "Black 'London-style' cabs operate in Coventry city centre and display a yellow licence plate issued by Coventry City Council on the rear of the vehicle.

The driver has since been spoken to and it appears no offences have been committed.

We've also asked Durex whether they are aware of this "Fake Taxi" driving around with their company's logo. If you have any more information, please [ protected] All correspondence will be confidential. The 'Fake Taxi' outside Kasbah. The car was also parked outside the library.

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The "Fake Taxi's" Tinder profile. This post was later deleted.

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