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The owners of the Red Light Barbers in Kaunas, Lithuania, have set up a video on YouTube and began creating viral videos about their techniques before branching out into parody videos at the end of last year. The first below was inspired by the ability to visit a barber shop in the incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto game series, where you can dramatically alter the appearance of your character. As a way of raising the profile of their own barber shop, it was a smart idea. The video brilliantly captures some of the quirks of the game, including the awkward mannerisms during cut scenes and a laugh-out-loud moment when, after exiting a car, he mistakenly jumps on the spot. The second, in the main film at the top of theinvolves holding up a burger t but also includes a few more street-based activities, such as bike riding and even pulling an FBI officer out of his SUV before driving off in it. Follow Us.


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The owners of the Red Light Barbers in Kaunas, Lithuania, have set up a video on YouTube and began creating viral videos about their techniques before branching out into parody videos at the end of last year.