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Want to master courtship in Kingdom Come Deliverance? There are a of romance options in Kingdom Come Deliverance, all with different characters and end. Most will gift you a trophy or achievement too. Lady Stephanie is one of the first female characters you spend any ificant time with, and early on she proves useful for a free bit of cash if you speak to her in Talmberg. Even this early in the game she appears to be very interested in main character Henry. After this point you can start your courtship of Lady Stephanie by returning to her in Talmberg Castle and visiting her.


The following contains the information on how to seduce Theresa in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. She's one of the potential romance options for Henry, the game's protagonist. If you succeed in seducing Theresa, you'll be awarded with the Mclovin' achievement.

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Note - leading this romance to its "happy end" will prevent you from acquiring the Virgin trophy. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Kingdom come deliverance courtship guide: how to romance stephanie, theresa, barmaids and more

Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide. Game Guide. Theresa - Courtship. Table of Contents.

Kingdom come: deliverance romance guide

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Why did the bird traps disappear? How to craft Saviour Schnapps? How and where can I learn how to read?

How to acquire a good armor at the beginning? How to acquire a better bow? Where to find a shovel and grave?

Kingdom come: deliverance romance guide

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How to survive? How to sneak?

Sex and romance

Which perks should I unlock first? Why can't I save the game? How to get the best horse?

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How to get an armor for your horse? How to repair weapon or a piece of armor?

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How to get the Queen of Sheba's Sword? How to obtain lockpicks? How to learn pickpocketing? How to win the horse race in Talmberg? Where can I find the Necronomicon in Sasau Monastery? Where to find lockpicks and Monastery Key in the Monastery? How to quickly gain money? Why did I fail a quest? Why I can't save the game on PlayStation 4?

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How to defeat Runt? How can I get back my lost equipment? Is it possible to continue gameplay after finish? Achievements and trophies. List of trophies How to save Theresa?

Kingdom come: deliverance guide: romance options

How to complete the game without killing? How to complete the entire game and stay in celibate? How to betray your friends? How to Sabotage all Executions? How to Become a Master Huntsman? How to become Robber Baron? Controls System requirements How long is the game? Treasure maps. Main quests. Unexpected Visit Run! Side quests.

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In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Henry will have several opportunities to engage in courtship, romance, or hire the services of women of a certain profession.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance provides one of the best open world gaming experiences.


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With the right moves, Henry can romance certain characters in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.