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You guys are just a bunch of cunts.


You will get option 'That sucks! You get an option to ask Jack about it and he will reffer to Sam, because his brother 'selling this kind of stuff'. Head to Sam and ask him more about Ram and his job. After that you will be able to send message to Ram, asking about camera.

If you have enough money - meet Ram at Vault Cafe and get the cam. You will get topic about promotion when your career reaches points.

In first case you will get 'trainee' daily topic with Boss to fuck with him and increase relations. In leave2gether - you loose all your relations with Boss. Quest to restore relations will be added cheats v Speak to Kelly and initiate any of 2 lines: Kelly dancing or kiss her through Billy topic. Agree to go back to office with Kelly.

There are leave2gether technical tests - before 24 technical skill which is basically not passable and added for cheats and real one. Cheats test answers:. After passing tech exam both career and tech skills should be equal or more then 35 you can ask Jack about 'big fish' and make him share contacts of a Big Clients. You can call them leave2gether cheats the early every day. After late evening you might get a message from Kelly, inviting you to the cafe, where Sam and Tuna are doing their old bet that Sam will cum faster then Leave2gether drop her panties from her mouth. After passing technical test you can speak to Jack to find out about 'Big Clients' check 'Big Clients unlocked' section.

During one of cheats calls you might get reply, that Mr. Lethis is busy shopping cheats 'Naughty by Nature'. After passing technical exam, go and ask Lana for permission to make a dorm party.

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Next day invite Jack for the party reoccurable. On the party:. Ask him about him talking to Tommi, make him share drugs with you. During the party do not stop Lana from going slutty. When she leave to pee, show guys your tits. Leave2gether sex proposal. After you accepted invitation for a dinner from one of your Big Clietns, you need to buy either Red Dress speak to Kelly or Business dress speak to Lana and wear it next day in the office. Accept her coming with you.

Tell him Lana will be there too. Leave2gether to Tuna and accept her proposition to take vegetarian alcohol cocktail for Lana instead of juice.

After everyine leave to dorm party, go there as well and speak to Daile and Lana at dorm to initiate scene. Persuade him to do the quality check instead of filling negative review into his investigation papers. After 34 tech skill Jack-o-lantern will spawn constantly at dorm bathroom.

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Activate it and select a line of memories, that starts Halloween event this event is not a part of daily events, and available via Jack-o-lantern every day - Go to the office to see Jack, he will invite you to the leave2gether cheats - Speak to Kelly about outfits; - At the evening get back home and speak to Leave2gether - this will trigger event with Kelly coming with Halloween outfits; - Go to the Vault leave2gether cheats speak to Leave2gether first, and later trigger 'drinks scene' with a girls.

Halloween Special Threesome is part of this scene. Does it sound serious enough to you? This scene relates to trainer game events - after dialogue is completed, it can be triggered any day. Boss will tell Casey that she needs to pass course of advanced training. After the dialogue is done, you can 'Report for duty' to Boss once every day, to trigger this scene. This cheats was not integrated into the game. You can find it here or at the game gallery. After you get 50 career points AND spoke to Daile about your career stuck and got an advise to cheats archive into meeting room - go to the Boss and bree danials his permission in this.

Pornstar fucks stranger Boss leave2gether your offer and gets insulted use line "I did not intend to show disrespect I'm nothing more than a stills of tamil actress sleeve for my Master" available only if you wear Personal Assistant outfit. After this scene is available daily speaking to the Boss and for different outfits. Note: in order to speak to Daile about career stuck you should go alone dating cheats Daile see tablefuck BUT wearing business dress - you will have 'stuck career' chat option among other dialogues.

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This scene is encounter and is available from time to time. Mutually locks scene 'Tuna Panties' and 'Tuna and Ram'. When coming home late evening or later you might notice new message from Jack, that he's over timing together with Sam. You might want to go and help poor guys back in the office. After go to the Sales office and trigger dialogue with following options: give drinks to the guys; give self to the guys try a sandwich. This scene is redoing of an old broken scene.

If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying leave2gether cheats content indefinitely. Author Comments.

What's new in this version: "Fall of Casey" set of stories in Lana having nightmares - before leave2gether Casey need to share Nikki's record from gator party to Lana Now Casey can Lana in shower need to resolve Leave2gether nightmare event AND need Casey be completely naked no blouse, no panties Simplified conditions for meeting Daile - now Casey can send him a message almost every day. Newgrounds s leave2gether cheats free and registered users see fewer ! Sort By: Date Score. I liked ur game back then Alright, this is getting ridiculous. Refer to all the other reviews.

Views 48, Faves: Votes Score cheats. We have been waiting long enough. Like Reply ght none of the gallery cheats work Little mexican tits Reply gdsfff wish he wouldnt change the gallery code cheats every version. Like Reply Some random dude putin, Me too. I think the game servers are down, it's happening everywhere. Like Reply To lazy to think of a name Is there a place to put the codes in or do you have have a patreon ?

Like Reply sss3 anyone got a save? Like Reply reee How do u open the cheat menu? Like Reply sad Why cant use cheats anymore? Similar : Pussy Trainer [v 0. Jackin' Bad. Project: Monster Lord.

Fuckerman: Collection [Full Version]. Hey there!

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Panthea - leave2gether V Agree to go back to office with Kelly. After this you will be able to make calls to Big Clients early morning every day.

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Launch in Newgrounds Player. Furry Beach Club. Rogue Courier Episode 3. Fun with Pals Elana Champion of Lust.

Table s kimberley davies porn Tired of waiting? If she decides to meet with Daile, this event will block other overlapping events Added slave outfit - Boss will unlock it for Casey on the next day after she give him her own porn record made with Coach on the beach Casey leave2gether gator party scene has now slight variations for a assistant outfit; b slave outfit; c black stockings; d slave boots.

You guys are just a bunch of cunts. This is a great game but you guys don't care because you can't get somthing that others have.

I wonder what cheats you find ridiculous? Description : Leave2gether. In this game you can customize your heroine and start your working at the Pump Sales company.

Go through all days and do some naughty things that are available here.

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