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Love Me Seriously! Released inMajiKoi tells the rather light-hearted tale of the adventures of seven Childhood Majikoi translationsthe self-styled Kazama Familyand the group's two newest additions as they run amok in their School of Hard Knocks. A Slice of Life work chock full of comedic tropes, MajiKoi nevertheless manages to drop a Drama Bomb here and there, and tackles some somewhat serious subjects like life goalsthe meaning of friendshipand redemption. Swas released in January The sequel adds more heroines, and more scenes to the already existing heroines. A second fandisc sequel, Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!


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I have only got a few hours in but there is already a clear more pro translation with the JAST translation. To be fair it was the fan translators first crack at it and you could tell with the translation decisions and that you could tell different people translated different sections with names suddenly changing and things being referred to differently.

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You could tell that the Fan translators got better with the sequels and fandisk this one was just their first crack. One thing to also remember is that reading the translations you're not only reading a translation of words but also their interpretations of the story. Like with If my heart had wings where the fan retranslation clearly out shined the "official" translation. Not all the words were changed with the retranslations but they clearly understood the material more and conveyed the story better.

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Time will only tell with this one but so far it at least seems like a more clear version. The fan TL is "free" usually, and the translation quality is really damn good, I didn't see really any issues playing it. I don't know how the JAST version is, but it's probably quality as well.

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So just pick your poison, no real difference. It's a bit disingenious to call it free when you'll have to pirate the original game at some point down the road.

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Does it matter? I doubt you'd really be willing to pay about triple price for, even in the best case, slightly better TL. Well if it was as bad as some JAST translations I've read, that extra price might be worth it, but from what I'm seeing, it's not that bad this time.

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I'll give you double, but not triple. The only reason to go with the JAST release is the better translation, if it does indeed have one. So yes, it matters very much indeed. There are a few examples of fan translations that have been clearly better than the official one - for example, Cross Channel and If My Heart Had Wings.

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In JAST translation they removed honorifics? Continue this thread.

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I already have the fan tl version so theres that. More posts from the visualnovels community. A community for discussing visual novels, their development, and the medium. Created Aug 31, Back to Top.

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