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Post by Hotnbothered ยป Thu Apr 02, am. Users browsing this forum: Vaol and 17 guests. create. Home Webteases Urge Forum Chat. Board index General Games. Solo Card Game A corner for forum games, chat games, discussion about games and even tournaments.


You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. I had been a Solo Touch reader in the past but have not visited for quite some time. Now that I have returned I'd like to share a game from my past that you may enjoy should you find another as bold as you are.

This is a simple masturbation game that is fun to play. I'll begin as I did when I first started with a friend of mine. I spent a week in advance dreaming up this masturbation game and it went over very well the first time and many times after with others. I still find that a sex game of any sort adds to the excitement due to masturbation card game willfulness to do something is now in the fate of the game. Whenever the game tells you to do something, you cannot say no. It is no reflection on yourself, the game made you do it. The first night I introduced this game to anybody was when my friend Randy was to stay at my house for the weekend.

I remember it like yesterday.

Here is how the game goes. First you need a deck of cards and a willing friend. I later changed the rules once women came into my life and I'll share that another time. Many women have loved the game too.

I explained the game like this. Both players must be naked and have good hard erections. Randy and I had full stiff cocks as soon as we got undressed due to knowing what we were going to be doing. The deck of cards is cut and the highest card goes first.

The loser of the game is the one who cums first. How fast you stroke your cock is up to you as long as you stay consistent throughout each turn at stroking. You must continue through all the ed strokes without cumming or you lose that game. The highest card draw then picks the next card off the deck. Two through to 10 represent that multiplied by two.

That person must stroke their cock that of times without having an orgasm. So, if you draw a seven you stroke 14 times in a row and so on. Then the next person has a turn doing the same.

If you draw a jack, due to it's name you can keep it as a save and draw another card. Now if you find you are at any time getting close to cuming and don't want to lose, you can stop short or orgasm and not lose then return the card to the deck. A queen represents 12 a king An ace is another good save card.

You keep that card and can add it to any of the other persons strokes at any time but it only represents five total strokes. If you both get through the entire deck with no loser then you shuffle and start again. The next round is multiplied by three with all other rules the same but one.

The person up for stroking can stroke five times then with a proper count of five seconds stop then go another five times. This can continue throughout your turn to stroke as long as you do not go longer than the five seconds rest and again do not cum.

If at any time during the game you stop stroking to save you orgasm and you do not have a jack save card then you must tell the other or others you are out then you can enjoy your orgasm while the winners watch you lose. If there are more than two people playing the game continues until there is one person left who has not reached orgasm.

That person can now masturbate as slow or fast as they want and the others must stay put to watch them orgasm. That's the game.

The first time I played this game it was a ton of fun. Randy was so into the game just like me because he had to do what the cards said. We played through the deck three times and I was the first loser when I drew a nine. I was already close to orgasm quite a few times and I chose to go the five and five seconds rule. Third time through the deck meant that 9x4 represented 36 strokes.

I slowly pulled my tight foreskin down to the bottom of my hard cock then up ever so slow again. I made the five strokes but I soon found this was not a good option for me.

My cock was very sensitive and it was begging my hand to keep going. After each five long slow strokes I would sit back and squeeze my PC muscles as hard as I could.

As soon as Randy counted out five seconds I took hold of my cock again to give it another five slow long strokes trying to grasp it gently so as not to ejaculate. Once I stopped my cock was pointing straight at my face and it would bounce ever so slightly to every beat of my heart.

Randy counted out again then back to work I went. I went real slow again telling him I may not make this one.

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I made it and Randy pointed out that my balls were almost gone. He pointed straight to my cock saying look at your bag. It's almost gone! That was the first time I noticed how my balls would pull up so tight when closing in on orgasm. I was two strokes in to my last with only three to go when I knew I could no longer hold back. I kept the same slow pace saying, I lost then I came hard.

It must have been about 30 or 40 minutes that we had been playing the masturbations game and I still remember how my balls felt each time they pumped a rope of cum out. My orgasm came from deep inside. I suppose that it had the most to do with being the first time I had ever masturbated with somebody watching me.

I did it once in the dark outside standing and once I was caught by my sister but this was the first time I ever did anything like this. I was so glad I made up my jacking game. Randy and I played many times together and once with his cousin which added to the fun for sure. Since then as I said at the beginning, I have changed it to play with women. Tons of fun!!

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If you have anybody you know that is not shy to try new things then go for it. The game is fun for all. Even couples can play this game adding anything you want. My wife and I played the game with new friends we met in Jamaica two years ago.

It was good clean fun and we got to enjoy watching our new friends orgasm plus we too showed them a few things. Don't forget women can have many orgasms.

Think about the rules and change it accordingly. Have fun! Copyright SMI-Help.