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Melanie Jagger is a hottie who got into porn for a very logical reason. This sexy brunette, who has sometimes varied her hair color from blonde to redhead, explained to one interviewer that she simply wanted to make some easy money.


Melanie jagger biography/wiki, age, height, career, photos & more

Melanie's performances ran the whole spectrum of contemporary mainstream adult material. Her initial performances were solo and girl on girl and single guys, before moving onto the harder gang bang scenes with DP's. Her girl on girl scenes were generally fairly weak with a tendency to toys, though this may have been more the melanie jagger bio fault than hers. Threesomes with another girl were competent though generally Melanie's interaction with the other girl was fairly minimal. Melanie's career began at 22 in very early with a performance on Bubblegirls as 'Aimee'.

She had earlier worked as a topless dancer in Utah, and was already divorced so she said in her Bubblegirls 'discussion'. She began with navel, nipple, and clit piercings though they were generally removed in her first scenes.

For ID purposes she has a large birth mark on her right hip and a distinctive mole on her left back. In her two last?? Here begins the long list of appearances. The date for the titles are the date of the publication, not the scene shooting date. When I get a chance I'll try and review them more completely. The action lingers on each position a long time without any real excitement.

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Scene ends with an internal anal cum shot. She then straddles him cowboy, pushes it out onto his cock, then licks him clean.

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Adventures of the Muff Divers Piercings: Navel Pussy: Bald Partners: 1 white guy Clothes: White and blue flower print bikini Positions: Pussy eating, BJ, cowboy, doggie, spoon, missionary, reverse cowboy, facial Movie Length: Mins Movie suffers from some dark shadow issues due to the outdoor sunshine.

There is also a few continuity issues probably indicating at least 2 similar scenes were shot through the day and put together. Has some nice missionary with her legs around him. There are some parts of the scene where the camera is zoomed way out. All round a pretty good scene with action and enthusiasm.

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Ass Cream Pies 1 - Piercings: Navel Pussy: Bald Partners: Lexington Steele black Clothes: Plaid miniskirt and panties, white frilly bra top, stockings, platform heels Positions: BJ, missionary, doggie, anal missionary, anal doggie, Movie Length: Mins Scene begins with Melanie sitting on a cream melanie jagger bio, and ends with getting one in the face. The rest of the scene is pretty ok though the lighting in doggie is fairly dark. Asses For the Masses - Piercings: Navel, tongue Pussy: bald Partners: blank Clothes: White lace panties, black skirt, white T shirt, black platform heels, then a chang to black fishnets, dark blue bra, cut back denim skimpy shorts, black platform heels Positions: blank Movie Length: Mins.

The BJ is split with some of Cindy barking like a dog chained to a wall and the DP is about the best of the rest. The kissing at the end is spoiled by their cage spinning and the camera angle hiding most of it. Big Cock Seductions 8 - 23 April Piercings: Navel Pussy: Bald Partners: Mr Biggz black Clothes: Black stockings, black platform heels, black sheer slip, black sheer g string Positions: bj, pussy eating, missionary on couch, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing doggie, facial Movie Length: Mins Brief posing in black slip against door.

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Starts the mf scene blindfolded. Clothes: denim short, blue flower print bikini Positions: Oiling up, foreplay including toy, BJ, cowboy, anal reverse cowboy, anal doggie, anal missionary, facial Movie Length: Mins Melanie looks very good oiled up with highlight sheens. The action does get abit hard at times for me, and I can se eher get annoyed at times by his antics, but the scene progresses well.

Bubblicious White Girls - Piercings: Navel, tongue, nipples, clit, right nostril, lower back tattoo Pussy: Small patch Partners: blank Clothes: Melanie jagger bio mesh top lace knickers, plaftorm heels, hot pink panties Positions: Posing, pussy eating, BJ, doggie, missionary, cowboy, anal missionary, A2M, anal doggie, pop shot on tongue Movie Length: Mins A glorious long well shot scene full of enthusiasm and lingering heat.

Melanie seems to have a little fun but there is little genuine lesbian action and alot of pretend male action. Overall a poor rating from me. Pete white Clothes: Snake skin print bikini Positions: BJ, missionary, anal missionary, anal doggie, pop shot on chest Movie Length: Mins Short intro interview at the start.

About melanie jagger

Pete white Clothes: black bra, panties, stockings and garter Positions: BJ, missionary, anal missionary, doggie, anal toy, facial Movie Length: Mins. Melanie is quite thick in body. The action basically swaps from girl to girl with the other mostly watching.

The two guys quickly break into one eating pussy and the other receiving a BJ, both of which are lingering and well shot, Melanie looking mellow while she is sucking. The angle is good and clear with lighting and we get to see Melanie enjoying both ends. The BJ guy moves over her for some tit fucking. Lighting is dark and too shadowy, and camera angles can be quite bad.

Brief on genuine lesbian efforts and heavy on fingers for Katrina and dildo for Melanie. The teacher calls her up to explain some s and uses her body as the example and things get rolling while the class mates watch the action. Action is generally good though there is abit too melanie jagger bio lingering on the classmates watching.

Melanie jagger bio

The first 2 minutes are scene setting with some of Melanie dancing on a table and a few character shots. She does swallow at the end but they pan away before you see it occur Movie Length: Mins. The action then moves to the cinema proper where the action is dark and over ridden by a movie playing over them on stage. Overall pretty dreary stuff and more erotic in the thought than the execution.

Melanie looks hot in a long black robe with sequined black night dress and platform black heels. Lighting is generally pretty good. The cum shots end up spraying over most of her body than her face. Croix white Clothes: Leopard print dress, fishnet stockings, black high heels Positions: Pussy licking, BJ, reverse cowboy, anal reverse cowboy, anal doggie, pop shot on back Movie Length: Mins Scene marked by general darkness diminishing any view of the action.

The pop shot also has annoying cut views from two cameras popping between each. Melanie looks a little thick but nice.

Melanie jagger's profile

She seems to enjoy the scene and is energetic. A fairly good scene overall.

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Initiations 11 - Piercings: Navel Pussy: Bald Partners: blank Clothes: Pale blue lace up pants and top, black heels Positions: BJ, standing suspended BJ, face fucking, pussy eating, missionary, doggie, cowboy, anal missionary, anal cowboy, anal reverse cowboy, facial Movie Length: Mins Reasonably good movie though due to backlighting some portions turn quite dark due melanie jagger bio contrast.

Interracial Cum Junkies 3 - Piercings: Tongue, navel, nipples, clit Pussy: Bald Partners: Mr Marcus black Clothes: Black dress and platform heels Positions: BJ, doggie, missionary, anal missionary, facial Movie Length: Mins Melanie is a little thick and still damn fine in this scene which begins with a long BJ session trying to get the guy hard. Action is well lit and enthusiastic from both performers. Fake swallowing ending. Iron Maidens 2 - Piercings: Navel Pussy: Bald Partners: Lexington Steele blackRio Clothes: Black fetish gear, stockings and platform heels Positions: Light girl on girl action, doggie, reverse cowboy, anal missionary, A2M, facial, cum swap Movie Length: Mins Disappointing scene due to the non interaction between the two girl worsened by a general dark and poorly lit scene.

Top notch scene full of enthusiasm and chemistry. Load In Every Hole 1 - A really nice little unassuming scene. The basic premise is a model enticed into going abit further for a job. Melanie has a fun time playing the character as she does in all these types of scenes. The action is very good, starting with a short amount of posing and alot of early chatter and then jumps from melanie jagger bio to position fairly constantly with reasonable cuts and positions and lighting.

The whiteness issues in the caps may well be due to my copy than the original. Each cum shot is accompanied by genuine swallowing. Marcus, Mr. Pete, John West Clothes: Black platform heels, black dress, black panties Positions: BJ, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl DP, anal doggie, pop shot mostly on her chest Movie Length: Mins Disk bonus includes about 5 to 10 minutes of solo play and some behind the scene chatter. Starts with 3 minutes of cell walking and soloplay before 2 nude black guys magically appear in the cell.

Melanie Jagger aka Filthy Whore Scene 1. Role Models 3, Scene 2. Romantic MovieScene 3. Gallery of Sin 6 ,Scene 4. Whore With No Name.

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Negro In Mrs. Jones 2 - Piercings: Navel Pussy: Bald Partners: 1 black guy Clothes: Sheer black negligee, black panties, black high heels Positions: BJ, pussy licking, missionary, cowboy, anal doggie, anal missionary, facial swallowing Movie Length: Mins Nice scene set with a white guy too busy to look after his wife who sneaks a black guy in for fun. The action is fairly enthusiastic. The lighting suffers a little from shadow and general dimness but does not greatly affect the scene.

Fairly good rating from me. Fairly good scene marred by some lighting issues as the scene is shot next to a window causing contrast to go crazy at times. Melanie gives a spirited but short bj while laying atop the guy in a 69, before she retires to simply ride while the other girl rides the cock. This swaps to a missionary with the girl riding her face but not receiving much oral attention from Melanie.

This ends with a cum shot to the other girls melanie jagger bio with little reaching Melanie. The early part of the scene suffers from a cut between a story line scene twice and serious lighting issues affect the start but none of the action. The only funny bit was the pouring of beer over her at certain points. The scene suffers from some bad contrast due to being shot in the half shade of a vehicle in the desert.

Melanie jagger

Croix white Clothes: purple bra, panties, black stockings and high heels Positions: Rimming, face fucking, doggie, cowboy, reverse cowboy, anal reverse cowboy, anal spoon, anal missionary, pop shot across body Movie Length: Mins. Scene is well shot without too much getting in the way, some nice pan outs hots and close ups, though the final is cut short. He briefly rims her before pulling out a drill with a butt plug on it and working it part way into her while it attempts to turn the butt plug in her ass.

He then thumb fucks her pussy and ass at the same time with both hands. This changes into some V8 with both of them using a hand. The whole fingering episode lasts quite a while and is well lit and filmed for clarity.

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