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Players navigate between several locations, and can interact with one or more people in each location to varying effects based on the player's "reactions" to that person. The main technical innovation of Midnight Stranger is its use of an emotional continuum Mood Bar for interaction with the in-story characters rather than a text interface or an itemized set of options for each interaction. The Mood Bar simulates some of the frustration and uncertainty when dealing with other people in social situations, [2] and provides a more realistic role playing experience. Only one other production has been published using this device Mode is primarily between still images of street scenes and building fronts. Moving the mouse raised a small "GO" icon in directions you may progress, bringing up another still image location.


Use the fishing wire on it, and throw it over the cable outside Halloween Central. Use the costume on the kid outside the Caffeine Hub. Use the fishing wire on the bat prop, and throw it over the cable outside Halloween Central. The scented candle allows you to enter the smelly bathroom at the Caffeine Hub. Use it on the manhole outside the Caffeine Hub. A small pipe and some thinking will get the job done.

Midnight cinema

Use the tongs to get it out of the hole. For some reason, there are lots of quarters under the manhole outside the Caffeine Hub. Use your scissors on your white sheet and Voila! Give it to the kid outside the Caffeine Hub. You can find the glue inside the trash can right outside Halloween Central. Use it on the blue phone inside the Caffeine Hub. The laxative is inside your mailbox. Nom nom nom!

They taste so good! You can get them at the Caffeine Hub. Use it on the guy at the Peek-A-Book shop.

This is a dirty job… And kind of sick! Give the pen to Lisa. The pipe is located right outside of the Caffeine Hub. Use it on the broken coffee machine inside.

Use the scissors to create costumes and steal pens. Youtube Deviantart Facebook Carmel Games.

Midnight Cinema: Slash Walkthrough and Hints. Uncategorized October 2, 1 Get it at the Caffeine Hub. Use the screwdriver on the TV remote.

Use the battery on the flashlight. You can find candies at the Caffeine Hub bathroom.

Give the candy to Billy. Fill it with blood. Fake blood.

Midnight cinema: slash walkthrough and hints

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This is the complete walkthrough for the game Midnight Cinema by Caramel Games.


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There are plenty of stories that prove sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.


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