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Cresnia Beach. Mirenna Village. Crystal Forest. The main character talks an unknown person or creature???

The main character then finds themselves waking up on the Cresnia Beach with a nude lady, Opheliaabove you. The lady apologizes for knocking you over before being attacked by a serpentine dragon, Eydis. Ophelia blocks the attack casually before entering a battle stance, showing that she is an android, not a human. Ophelia then launches an electrical assault, apologizing to the main character before the screen whites out.

Finding the whole ordeal bizarre, the main character wakes up inside a house, which later becomes your home on this island. You discover Farannea dark elf, standing at the side of you bed while her adoptive sister, Arapeers shyly over the base of the frame.

After Faranne and Ara decide to let you stay, under supervision, you leave the house. You can either explore a bit or begin the story-line. After leaving the house, you discover yourself in the dark elvish village of Miernna. You discover Ara and Faranne standing above a barely functioning Opheliawho after asking to be brought to the sun to recharge, gets everyone to introduce themselves for the first time.

After a bit of dialogue, the group parts. Faranne takes you aside and asks for help gathering the crabs for dinner that escaped. Realizing that you have no way of tracking down said crabs, Ophelia offers to help you out by updating your phone with the Crabdar.

The player then hunts down all 6 crabs located around the village. After hunting down the 5 crabs, the player finds Ophelia holding the last one, offering it in exchange for one favor later. Bringing all 6 crabs to Faranneshe promises a reward after dinner. The player can then roam around the village or talk to Faranne again to advance the story.

AraFaranneOpheliaand the player all sit down to enjoy a lovely meal Ophelia pouting slightly from not being able to eat. After talking and eating for a bit, the group all go to sleep. Faranne once again calls you over to talk.

At this point, the player comes across their first RED option, allowing the player to either initiate a sexual encounter or ask for a different reward. After this encounter, the player can either go to sleep or meet up with Ara at her house.

Main story

After the player goes to sleep, they find themselves dreaming of a traditional Japanese themed palace courtyard theater. After walking to the exit, dialogue appears on the top.

Backtracking to where the dream started, the player finds themselves in front of a one-eyed one-legged monster girl, Ai. The camera pans out and the player discovers they were dreaming from the perspective of 2 more monster girls, Renge and Sayuri. After waking up to a knock on the door, the player finds one of the girls from the dream, Renge.

She explains that her sister was kidnapped by a giant bug, Suzuand that she needs help to find her. After a brief cut-scene, the player finds themselves in the second playable area, the Forest. Faranne gives you a crossbow, usable to hunt for bugs in the forest and to defend yourself against monsters you may find….

Ara runs off ahead, leaving Faranne and Renge to talk while the player explores around the forest. Walking near Faranne and Renge allows the player to listen in on the conversation. After exploring around for a bit, the player discovers Ophelia resting on a giant crystal cluster deep in the woods, regenerating and resting from her battle with Eydis.

Ophelia laughs, explaining she was joking about needing logs. The player is then free to move past the vaporized blockade. Moving forward, the player finds a giant tree with a house carved into it with 3 monster girls in front; RengeSayuriand the bug girl Suzu. Sayuri is behind Suzugropping her. Renge tells Sayuri to stop before realizing that Suzu is a member of a dangerous species from the Shadowlands called a Giant Hornet.

The player then pulls out their crossbow and after a long cut-scene, decides to either shoot or not. Whatever the choice, the player blacks out and finds themselves back at their home.

The player then finds everyone talking out front, promptly getting scolded for pulling out the crossbow. After talking, Renge asks you to meet her at the central bridge at night, allowing the character to begin another sexual encounter. Now that the twins have the town, the Shop has been unlocked, allowing the player to buy and sell a few items.

Meals can be sold the Shop for a hefty profit. Suzu then departs, making sure everyone knows her name.

Monster girl island demo - story build day 3 walkthrough

Ara and Faranne discuss the missing villagers, before letting the character wonder around a bit more. Talking to Ophelia lets her upgrade your phone once more, allowing you to pass the time and access any dreams you have. After that, head back to your house at night to go to sleep. After passing time with the games app, the player can meet Renge over one of the bridges in the village at night, and trigger an event. After saving her from falling, a new dialogue with a sexual encounter with her can be started. Before going to sleep, you have another dream, taking place once more in the Japanese style theater courtyard.

Aithe one-eyed monster from before, performs on the stage. After the dream, you wake up back inside your house.

Monster girl island – version

Once you go to sleep, you once again are met by??? After leaving the house, Ophelia approaches you for a critical decision the next choice will have lasting effects. After answering, Ophelia says her goodbyes with a final kiss, starting Chapter 3.

Ara and Suzu walk up to the player right after Ophelia leaves, inviting the player to hunt at the Cresnia Beach. After the player dozes off, Ara wakes the player up, gently scorning them for taking a snooze. Lending the player a fishing spear to use, Ara asks the player to gather several resources. Once the ingredients have given to Arathe player is asked to find Suzu at the lake.

Taking the beach-side entrance, Ara and the player find a pile of slime. It suddenly forms into a slime girl, Eris. Ara briefly talks to Eris before telling the player to help Erisleaving to go to the village.

Eris suddenly changes form, becoming much lewder and bustier. Upon entering the lake, Suzu immediately flies over, demanding cooked food. Shortly after wandering, Suzu calls out for help, getting caught in a puddle of Eris. Eris challenges you to a series of games to release Suzu. The first game consists of finding 8 puddles of slime around the lake. After that, Eris gives you a literal Slime Gun that shoots slime, complete with tutorial!

Once the games are finished, you can talk with Eris for another chance for RED dialogue, unlocking another spicy scene! After a brief dialogue, Eydis recalls a flashback, describing a long war between humans and monsters. One can only assume these humans left Earth long ago…. After Eydis claims the Lake as her base of operations, both groups go their separate ways, allowing the player to roam freely once again. Going back to the beach the player can find Mako who will offer some trials to prove how capable he is, and lead to a new sexual encounter.

Passing the time until night, the player can go sleep to advance the story once more. Going to sleep, the player immediate finds a human girl,???

Depending on the choices the player made earlier in the game,??? Once either route has finished, the player will hear knocking on the door. Leaving the house, the player encounters Ara. Once again, the player is faced with a critical decision, one with strong impact in the future. This is the last scene of chapter 3.

After the conversation with Arathe player can wander around once more. Going into the forest the elf Shuri can be found, and trigger a sexual encounter with her. To continue the story, the player must go to the house on the hill. Upon approaching the house, the player hears a voice call out in annoyance. Deciding to entire the house, the player finds nothing but some furniture and a plate of suspicious ham. After trying to eat the ham, the player is yanked up into a spider web, completely stuck to the rafters.

After a moment of trying to figure out what went wrong in life, a spider monster girl, Adelinecrawls into vision, surprised to see a human in her trap. Trying to free the player from the web, the pair crashes to the ground. Once the player wakes up, Adeline introduces herself with a series of apologies for injuring and trapping the player.

Once the dialogue ends, the player can once more chose the RED option or offer a tour of the village.

Monster girl island demo story build day 3 walkthrough

Both options end up with the player standing in front of a group very confused monster girls. After a vivid dialogue, the player can find Adeline at the central plaza, setting up shop as the new seamstress. Adeline pleasantly takes to the player before shooing them away politely to finish setting up.