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Game Reviews - add yours. We have 3 cheats and tips on GBA.


The guy who made these says he needs a save state in order to make codes for the rest of the party but imo with Ninten thats enough considering with inf.

Mother 1+2 cheats

If you guys want to make codes yourselves go on ahead, i just wanted to let you know about the ones i found. Double Edit: Forget what i said about not posting the Mother 2 codes in this thread, my same thread in the EB forums has been forgotten, so ill post them here, so that way people can actually find them.

Posted almost 9 years ago edited almost 9 years ago. An unusual blend of herbs and spices. Actually i already patched my rom by the time i found and tested these, so for now all i know is that they work on the patched version.

If you want, once i get back home i could download another rom and try it out without the patch. Right now im using my friends computer and he doesnt have an emulator.

I put an edit for the Mother 2 codes too. But remember the codes are for the Code Breaker.

Cheats and tips for mother 1+2

Edit your comment by clicking the little yellow button in the bottom right of the post. It took me awhile to find these codes so im glad i could help! Either way, glad i could share these codes with you all!

Register. Just so you know they are only stat changing codes, nothing too fancy. Posted almost 9 years ago edited almost 9 years ago Quote Permalink.

Have you tested them out yet? Does it work on the original and patched version of the game?

Posted almost 9 years ago Quote Permalink. Once upon a time I was the best and that never changed. Nice find, spiderfreak! PSI Guy. Show ature. Disable Smilies. Disable Textile. This topic only.

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Almost every cheat code for this game will be on this topic.


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