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New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Epic Wolf Start date May 30, 2d game 2dcg big tits exhibitionism female protagonist groping japanese game oral sex vaginal sex. Epic Wolf Newbie. Mar 3, 17 Overview: Mucchi Muchi Inaka is a cheerful comedy game to pass the summer time. In a small town amid the nature of Japan's farming mountains, summer vacation has brought more than hot weather.

[rpg] mucchi muchi inaka ver [english]

Before school was out Yutaka was a shonen-like troublemaker It's a shock to everyone in the area -- but it doesn't change Yutaka's basic spunky, tomboyish ways. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.

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Download : You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: morphnetsomsinakako and 85 others. Respected User. Former Staff.

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Aug 3, 3, 26, Akasora New Member. Jun 3, 14 I thought someone finally translated the game but it's only a machine translation :FeelsBadMan:.

Reactions: cedrRandomn4meEggplantBoi and 1 other person. Leonhardt Active Member. Jun 22, Akasora said:. Jan 23, My love for tomboys will never fade.

Rizo Active Member. Jul 29, Aww I really got my hopes up then I saw it's machine translated. Might aswell play it in japanese at that point.

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It's horribly done. I could have swore this was ed here already to.

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Apr 21, Rizo said:. Bustapr Newbie.

May 22, 68 I get it sometimes at random points with some games, but with this game it is horrendous. I can't pause unless I hit pause, click out of the game, and click back in. Sorairei Newbie. Jul 9, 67 Thank you for the game :FeelsGoodMan: but male protagonist?

DragonkingKyo Active Member. Jun 5, Feb 16, 1 2. The best quote here is "Mumps Cum Download", I mean honestly what was this sentence even originally?

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Reactions: kekasaurus and ffrickffrack. DragonkingKyo said:.

Other mucchi muchi summer vacation part 2 gameplay english final videos:

Chingonerio Active Member. Oct 1, Pretty sure that the entire Muchhi series isn't going to get a proper translation anytime soon, if what I've learned about the series' main character from the few images translated on Danbooru holds true: Yutaka Akane, a bratty tomboy middle schooler, has her formerly boyish body grows mature over the course of a short span of time a month according to the game's mangled machine translation, a year according to practically everything on the artist's artwork with the characteretcetera. DarkWolf Sorry, the entire series probably needs the loli and maybe shota for the few scenes involving her classmates tags, assuming the mods talk it over and allow it to stay at all.

And yeah, they all should have female protagonist instead of male, but I can understand how that might've slipped past everyone with low quality machine translation on at least one of these.

Artist goes by Taguchi Takahiro and their current Pixiv's You must be registered to see the links. Chef Newbie. Jun 2, 69 Bustapr said:. Aimats New Member.

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Jul 23, 10 2. In what order should I play them? Which is the first in order of release? I know there is a prequel but that would be the second or third game.

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I want to play them in order of release. Aimats said:. Chef said:. This is the first.

The sequel to this is called muchi field sometimes called ota guchi field the prequel is summer vacation I believe. That said, they re all mostly stand alone games that tell the same story. They're almost like three different versions of the same game imo. Chingonerio said:. Max73 New Member. May 26, 7 0. Gotta play!

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Selav New Member. Mar 22, 3 3. My favourite part is when this one old dude yells "Hiking!!!!!!!!!!! Reactions: asayaga and ffrickffrack. The games do actually have a chronological order to them and don't really tell the same story, unless you feel that "naive tomboyish brat with ridiculously adult body that no one expects does naive things wherever she's at" is an adequate summary for each one, regardless of whether or not more or less members of her family appear within as either playable, point of view characters or have H scenes with or without CG in the individual game.

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Anyway, I'd already answered the question Aimats had in their duplicate post on the Summer Vacation thread:. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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The game is the prequel summer vacation which is actually the 3rd game in the series, the first one in timeline.