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The PC version was released on March 29, and it is available on Steam. The PlayStation Vita version was released on January 31,although only available as a digital download and not physically.


He will ask for a lighter in order to boil his prosthetic eye.

He will be grateful. You can talk nightcry walkthrough him once more to hear more game instructions. There you will find two of Monica's friends — Jessica and Kelly. Talk to them, then press the elevator call button and nightcry walkthrough the elevator to go to the lower level. You'll need now to escape from the monster. Here's a couple of hiding spots you can use each of them only once as it will be unsafe for the second time : - inside the closet in one of the open rooms or ; - shopping area — behind the shop counter; - you can also use a fire extinguisher in the elevator lobby to repel the Scissorwalker.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the elevator to get away. You can now use the Smartphone. The phone belonged to John Thompson and you'll get occassional calls from his friend and his wife. You can also use it as a flashlight as well as use the SNS snapNpost social networking service for clues and making posts. It's Monica's room, but you won't find anything useful in it. Go to the bedroom to answer a call from Jessica. You will run into a crew member who will soon meet a tragic end killed by the aforementioned cart.

Quickly perform the QTE or you'll be dead too. You'll find out that the card key reader is out of power and you need to replace a broken fuse in the fuse box in the opposite wall. Soon after that you should get a call from Thompson's wife — Angie Brown — who will tell you that her husband carries the required tools in his suitcase. That's the room of the Thompsons.

Observe the suitcase. You need a passcode to open it. Enter and get the Fuse from the suitcase. Key action: Finding a Wedding Ring - Check the shopping area. Inspect the cash register at the counter to get 4 Quarters.

You don't want to inspect the freezer believe me! Use the Quarters on the third vending machine in the lobby. You'll get a severed hand with a Wedding Ring.


Replace the fuse and use the Card Key A to call the elevator. You need to quickly turn on the flashlight and use the control panel or you'll be dead by the hands of the mysterious grandma.

You'll need to move a box in front of it in order to enter. Key action: Finding Jessica - Check the rightmost locker inside the storage to find the dead body of Jessica and also run into the Scissorwalker. You can use a fire extinguisher in the corner of the lobby nearby to get rid of the monster for now. Go to the cafe and use the stairs. Unlock the door at the balcony, but before entering, make sure you turn your flashlight on or you'll get Monica murdered. Otherwise you'll get the first of nightcry walkthrough bad endings. The three of them will use the raft to get to the island.

Inspect the thicket to get through. Be careful not to be spotted by the masked man with a flashlight — slip through when he's nightcry walkthrough in other direction. Otherwise, you'll get caught. Key action: Requesting help via the radio - If you inspect the notes on the wall, you'll find the codes for the radio channels. Marked in red is "CH16 Distress". Use the radio nearby, set it to channel 16 and send a distress call to the Coast Guard. Check the hole for a spooky scene. Inspect some dirty clothes on the floor to obtain a tube of Superglue.

Go to the left from the entrance. Beware of the Faithful guarding the passage. Don't get spotted or you'll be captured. Check the area to the right and behind the gong to find a Cracked Mask. This will distract the guard and you'll be able to slip into the next area. Inside you'll find a phone charger to save your progress. Approach the mirror to find another piece of the mask. Leonard will see a shadowy figure in the mirror. Quickly grab the bottle to the left of the mirror to smash it.

If you hesitate you'll experience another dead end. Don't forget to put on the mask before approaching the bonfire or you'll get another game over.


Go along the path and enter the wooden cabin at the end of it. Inspect the phone to add Will Anderson to your contact list.

Go to another room, grab a Rope from the floor and climb the ladder to the second floor. Key action: Reading the memoirs - Inspect the occult books lying on the bookshelf a couple of times and Leonard will find some kind of a diary and read it. Key action: Making a post about the man with the artificial eye using SNS - Check the boiling false eye in the beaker.

Leonard will comment that he needs to warn his students on the ship about this man. Make a post on SNS about it.

Make a call to Will Anderson and the guard will get distracted. Attach the rope to the pillar by the open window and use it to descend to the ground. To safely pass through this area you need to ignite the Hand of Glory using the torch on the wall. If you fail the QTE sequence in the passage, you'll get a game over. Inspect a coffin-like box to find heavily injured and drugged Jerome, one of the passengers from Oceanus, inside of it.

To get the whole picture you need to climb the stairs in the room.

Leonard will get the idea that the ritual is going to take place on board of Oceanus. Now you can leave through the door. You will add Saul to your contact list. Key action: Getting the envelope - Find the Envelope under the room's entry door and pick it up.

After some time you'll hear a bathroom shower running. Check the bathroom for a cutscene and the run from the Scissorwalker. This area is pretty big and has many places where you can hide. Although you can simply return to Jerome's room and hide under the bed in his bedroom use the flashlight to enter the rooma good option would be to run to the left through the door, then through another door to find yourself on the balcony of the movie theater hall.

Run downstairs and then nightcry walkthrough one of the doors under the balcony to find yourself in the shopping area.

Here you have an option to run to the clothes store to the leftto the kids' room to the right or to the public toilet further to the right past the kids' room. Here are some spots to hide: - clothes store — behind the clothes racks in the corner; - kids' room — behind the foam blocks or by the metal trash can; - public toilet — inside one of the cubicles; - movie theater - behind the seating.

The movie theater hall where the stairs are has a phone charger on the table. After this, check the crib nightcry walkthrough a doll inside.

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Talk to the clerk twice so that you ask about Harry.