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For a wonderful game like this, I really don't hope it being pirated or cracked. But as we all have already know that there is no DRM for this game…. You see, there is no DRM for this game and Sean even says you can play it offline entirely and you don't need internet connection to play it too.


Pirated no man’s sky vr

But I'd stick with 2. Windows mixed reality lo up perfect in VR. This is because steam is disabled. Go: google. Can anyone confirm if an xbox or ps4 controller works with this version? The Codex one from yesterday was not working with controllers for many people.

Can confirm that my Xbox controller works on the retail version, but it's a bit laggy at points. Honestly, wait a couple of weeks. The game has a lot of bugs right now, some of them game breaking. Add the game as a non-steam game on steam, and enable the steam built-in DS4 support. Same with xbox probably. I do this for all games that don't support controllers nowadays, and it works suprisingly well.

No man's sky (v/origins + dlc + multiplayer, multi14) gb / rebel galaxy outlaw (vb, multi5) gb [fitgirl repacks]

I did the same with Tetris Effect as well. Damn, i wish this comment was much higher. I removed the older version, and then installed this one. My Xbox controller did not work with this release, tried the gog version and that worked.

Codex launched a v2. More than likely there will be a few more patches over the coming week or weeks. I was having an issue where the process would start, but the game window would never actually open.

Unplugging an xbox controller I happened to have plugged in fixed it. Just FYI for anybody else that runs into that problem.

No Man's Sky v2. New Game Repack. Posted by Verified Repacker - FitGirl. Sort by: best.

No man's sky (v/ ~beyond update~ + dlc + multiplayer, multi14) [fitgirl repack] gb

View discussions in 1 other community. So is it recommended to install v2. Verified Repacker - FitGirl. Continue this thread. Does VR work?

There's an easy fix. Need to know this as well.

Note to self: Always keep the backup until you're sure. You better wait on this one guys, still alot of bugs.

No man’s sky (v – desolation update + dlc + multi14) – [dodi repack]

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Just enough time for me to make an old fashioned.


Man, they came a long way from butt joke of the entire generation to an example of developers that don't nickel and dime the players and keep adding content.


The updates have done nothing but add more grind while tweaking how the grinding works so it's a little more bearable, still boring as hell, still a pointless game.


Well GoG isn't releasing the torrent you know