sweet biatch Alessia
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  • Years old:
  • 22
  • Nationality:
  • Irish
  • Caters to:
  • I love gentleman
  • My hair:
  • Strawberry-blond
  • I like to listen:
  • I like to listen folk
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


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Cypress zeta games development

The place to post non-Flash projects such as RPG maker games. Forum rules This forum is for posting and collaborating upon third party work.

Please do not post request-thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. When posting content, please consider including a screenshot to help users to see what a game is like. Topic locked.

When restarting, was not expecting a final fantasy 6 reference. For those that might not understand what I mean, the Beginners Hall, is the exact shape, almost exact room de minus the one hidden path, and the monster in the box is a wolf, just like FF6.

I might not create games, but I will test them, Then I will give advice on what I think needs to be added, removed, or improved.

Overwhored version 11 from cypress zeta eng uncen

Official bug tester of Dark Impulses, creators of pokemorph:Pink. Bug report, the scene with the goblin still has your old text saying the scene will be implemented later for you still want to work on it.

Is that meant to be there or was that accidently left in. In the monster village, during one of the talk scene with one of them, a line for Audr will appear even if you haven't gone and taken her.

Legend of krystal forums

Also bug for that place, enemies all move together in two group instead of seperting and moving all over the place, and also if you don't fix that, after the first person in the enemy lines is attacked and defeated, the rest of them do not move. I actual do like this turn of events for the scene is more fluid and I think you will have a lot more fun with her like that instead of normal human.

I've overwhored code gotten through the introduction but I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I've always had a thing RPG Maker games like this.


While there's no new update to the game beyond the 0. If you've never played the game before and want to know what it's all about the trailer is now finished. If you're on the fence about whether or not to try it this should answer the question for you.

Creator of Overwhored and Home Invasion. My games are free but you can support the creation of new games and download all the games I've made on my Patreon!

Legend of krystal forums

Nice to see it's still going. In case you don't follow my blog or Patreon I have a bit of important news to give out.

The story will be finished this month. There will be some bugfixes and the like next month, but that's about it.

Cypress zeta games development

I'm going to be moving on to a short incest and mind control themed visual novel and then move to the expansion of Overwhored. The current release schedule is the 21st for the release of the beta test, then the 31st will be the public release.

As always it'll be completely free. I'm really happy that so many different communities have supported the development of this game over the years.

Even long before I ed up for patreon and started to make a living off of it I continued working because of your support. You won't have to wait long. It's at the usual place at BadKittyGames. I will note that this is NOT the final version of the game.

There are two flashback sequences that need added in and some features such as the orb of dominion are functional system wise but need content added on. The combat in this chapter is also very basic right now but will be filled in with the 1.

Still, if you want to see the ending this is where you do it! A quick note: Some weather effects were causing a ton of problems in the beta, so I've disabled them for now. They still render old saves non-functional, however.

I'm working on a fix that should be in during the 1. In case I missed something I put my avatar in the game next to the bridge leading up to the Tower of Heaven.

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You may want to save before getting the the small bay area as the cutscene takes over from there. In my game, I seem to be stuck.

Overwhored code have activated 2 switches on the little burning islands but there are two grids blocking my passage in the northern corridors. Once I jump on the northern "shore" and go up a screen, I cannot jump back on the islands so I am effectively stuck with no way of moving forward. I had a save just before getting into the portal so I can try again but after a few tries, I can't figure out how to move further. I thought it might be was how the heroines were actually better off brain washed or how you could make decisions that could be considered good to a certain degree, but the plot twist at the end made it clear why this game felt different.


Brilliantly done sir. If there was a RTP-less version of the game which should be ificantly smaller I think it would be great. Thank you for your work! SinForged Wrote: You know, I was never really big on mind control, as I prefer being the good guy, but something about this game felt different somehow.