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Yeah, I honestly should've done a bit of research before jumping into this paralogue. Then I would've known that you don't recruit Severa right away when you have Cordelia talk to her. So, what I'm asking is how do you friggin do this without Severa getting killed? She went down in like two minutes flat. Bring some Rescue users and make sure to use them to keep Severa behind your allies, who will clear the way for her to talk to the NPC.


Fire emblem: awakening guide – paralogue ambivalence guide

This chapter takes place in Mercenary Fortress. This chapter will be unlocked after Cordelia has achieved an S-support with someone and Chapter 13 has been completed.

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In order to recruit SeveraSevera must talk to Hollanda Villager on the northeast portion of the map. Severa is an NPC until she speaks with him and must be protected on her way to him.

Paralogue the sacred world | fire emblem heroes

Once she paralogue 10 spoken to Holland, Severa will the army and become controllable. However, if Holland is killed, Severa will become hostile and attack the player's units; she cannot be recruited, even if she is not killed in the battle. As Holland will not attack even if a player unit is within his range, he must be deliberately killed for this to occur.

The map has two paths, although they meet up into a larger room with another two paths. Both paths contain two Berserkers while there are other units, including TrickstersSages and Assassins. Once in the larger room, another two paths are given, with the left one leading to Nelson and the right one leading to Holland.

Fire emblem: awakening guide – paralogue ambivalence guide

While she can initially speak with Chrom or CordeliaSevera will not Chrom's army until she has spoken to Hollandand as long as she is an NPC she will only focus on moving to him. However, there are various enemies along the path which can easily dispose of her, so they should be dealt with before she gets within their range, as she can be easily doubled by the Tricksters and Assassins.

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As Paralogues may be too hard after unlocking, this chapter should not be attempted until your units are properly levelled. All of your enemies excluding Holland are promoted units. Is is important to note that Severa will often move her maximum distance so long as nothing stands in the furthest tiles of her movement range. This can lead to her going next to the north wall of the first hallway on the path to Holland.

Paralogue the sacred world | fire emblem heroes

If she does end up here, the enemy Tricksters on the other side will almost always immediately move to the tile opposite of the wall and kill her instantly with their Levin Swords. To avoid this, a more resistant unit can be placed in her stead beforehand, forcing her to stand elsewhere.

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Paralogue the silver knight (lunatic) | fire emblem heroes

But I also know how it feels when loses her parents. This world's got far too many kids who've gone through that.

If you stay, you'll be killed or worse. And your child deserves better! Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Fire emblem: awakening guide – paralogue ambivalence guide

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Due to the terrain, and the checkerboard pattern of the archers, the danger area will be in a checkerboard as well, meaning Selkie will often find herself in tiles where she can be right next to a bow user, but trees block the tile that they would otherwise move to in order to retaliate.


Because of two successive rounds of tetraploidization at their inception, the vertebrates contain four times more protein-coding genes in their genome than the invertebrates: 60, vs.


The Paralogue missions in Fire Emblem: Awakening are side quests that allow you recruit powerful characters.