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Kase said somthing, and it got under shiras feathers. They know what to do to combat the fear but this time it fails them. It happens, it can happen to the best of anyone.


About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Penguin gif. Hi, i love your writings! Can i get a scenario for Law and a female crush please. So his crush own a necklace that penguin gifs tumblr a lot for her and one day she losts it. The whole crew starts looking for it and Law finds it. She is so excited that she doesn't think before acting and just hugs him and kiss him on the cheek and Law is flustered by this sudden contact.

Maybe some teasing by the crew. Synopsis: At that moment — with the way you smiled at him, so full of life and elation — he decided that maybe, it wasn't so bad to have his heart stolen for a change. Tags: female reader, fluff, flustered and touch-starved Law, mutual pining, but Law doesn't know it's mutual yet. I hope you like it!

Papers flying, hair accessories tinkling, cosmetic bottles falling — your environment was quickly imitating your frantic behavior. You toss the plastic bottle of unidentifiable liquid — originally hidden in the corner of your shelf only to be forgotten since your arrival in the Polar Tang — into the trash. Missing your target by a few inches, you listen to the soft 'plop' of the object as it hits the floor instead and rolls toward you in abject defiance.

Another one to add to the growing pile of junk littered across your feet.

You kick the offending object in frustration, watching as it lands in the opposite corner of the room. Where the hell is it? Suddenly, as if in answer to your outburst, two light raps emerge, breaking your concentration and making you pause. Your head pivots around the room in search of the noise. Another set of thumps surface — clearly this time — from behind your bedroom door, the sharp sound of knuckle against wood. Attempting to compose yourself, you stand up, legs shuffling over to your desk to set aside the scattered belongings in your arms before heading over to the entrance of your room.

Opening the door reveals a man in a familiar beige boiler suit, the preferred attire worn by the rest of the Heart Pirates, his penguin hat serving as the defining feature distinguishing him from the penguin gifs tumblr of the crew. Hell, every conceivable space was littered with some type of object. Body shuffling closer to the open gap, you move to block his vision.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Just doing some spring cleaning," you say nervously, fighting the desire to look at the mess behind you. Penguin looks at you skeptically, leaning against your doorframe. I could hear your shuffling and constant banging from penguin gifs tumblr the end of the hall Says it's a hazard to the crew, what with the—". I got the message," you sigh in exasperation. Penguin's body relaxes, shrouded face lighting up at the prospect of you sharing your secret with him.

Not expensive at all, mind you, but it does have sentimental value to me. You describe its appearance to him, emphasizing the distinct shape of the pendant on a silver chain. I'll let the rest of the crew know if you don't mind. I'm sure they'll be happy to help. Your face breaks out into a smile, the first genuine one since you discovered your precious jewelry was missing. He holds up a peace before marching off in the direction of the rec room, no doubt to rally the rest of the crew to your cause.

When you finally make your way to the main deck, your footsteps halt, unprepared for the sight before you. Shachi's bright blue hat peeks out from one of the wooden barrels, hands rummaging the empty container as though the object of your desires might sprout from nothingness. It's a perfectly good hiding spot! Penguin shakes his head, arms crossed, as he looks at the crouching man in pity. Looking inside empty pots and pans when we were searching the kitchen earlier," Shachi shakes his head at the ridiculous memory.

On the other end of the ship, Bepo pauses his search to watch the duo bicker. Penguin and Shachi wheel around to glare at Bepo before shouting in unison, "Stay out of this! On the lower deck, Jean Bart converses with another crew member, both of them walking back and forth in jagged motions. You count penguin gifs tumblr other pirates searching in every possible nook and cranny of the Polar Tang.

Maybe a gift from your deceased mother? Or an ex-lover?

The penguins made me do it

Oh god, I hope not! We've got the whole crew searching for the thing! And by whole crew — I mean, the whole crew. Oh no.

You fight the urge to facepalm. Unimpressed, Law follows her movement, a seemingly permanent scowl etched into his face as he watches the commotion unfold before him. For a moment, the rest of the crew leisurely goes about their business, scouring the deck and floorboards for s of anything resembling a necklace. Bepo is the first to spot him, his fluffy white fur standing at attention. Setting aside their differences, for the time being, Penguin and Shachi are the next to follow as they make their way over, not without alerting the rest of the crew.

Soon enough, everyone in the upper deck crowds in the front of the main entrance, waiting for their Captain to speak. Law takes a few steps toward you, arm raised, and fist clenched as he gestures for you to open up a hand.

You oblige, watching as he unclenches his fist to reveal a familiar piece of jewelry glinting under the sun's bright rays. Admiring the necklace in awe, your face morphs from an expression of disbelief into one of pure joy. Your body moves before your head does, soft arms enveloping his lanky figure in a tight hug.

You feel his body stiffen in response to your sudden assault, but before he can react any further, you pull away and give a quick peck to his cheek, a few centimeters away from his lips. An audible gasp sounds from around you, definitely Ikkaku, you think, accompanied by a chorus of whistles and hollers from the rest of the men in the crew. When you release him, Law visibly flushes, cheeks rosy pink from your sudden public display of affection.

I'm just so grateful; you have no idea. Penguin is the first to chime in, a teasing lilt to his tone. I think it's only fair that you give the pretty lady a hug as well. Shachi smirks, pointing at his puckered lips. Their teasing was enough for him to imagine how it would be like to return your affectionate touch, his ears reddening at the thought.

Unfazed by her captain's threatening tone, Ikkaku s the duo's teasing and addresses the rest of the crew. Gritting his teeth to hide his embarrassment, Law waits for the rest of the crew to evacuate, pushing his hat down by the bill to cover his eyes.

When the two of you are alone, you shuffle closer to him, folding your knees to look up at him from underneath his spotted hat. The beat of your heart quickens, body flushing in response to his gentle touch as you part your hair to one side. His tattooed fingers glide over your skin, hands stilling at the nape of your neck, the cold metal of the silver chain doing little to lower the heat of your body.

He moves at the sound of your inquisitive voice, securely clasping the necklace in place. When his hands drop, you turn around to face him again, that captivating smile spread across your beautiful face. He finds himself returning your endearing expression with a smile of his own.

Law may be the Captain of the Heart Pirates, the only person in the world with the ability to forcefully remove still-beating hearts at a moment's notice. But at that moment — with the way you smiled at him, so full of life and elation — he decided that maybe, it wasn't so bad to have his heart stolen for a change. Please take these blessings and have a good April you all!

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