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Byron saw this and helped her up into a seating position, taking the glass of water from Spencer's offered hand and handing it to her. So what can I do for you today Charlie.


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I'm not really understanding why her flesh and blood are doing this to her. I think the picture at the top really sets the mood for this chapter. James and Charlie are both monsters. Cella said it perfectly, they ARE monsters - but Charlie is the worst, as he really did create and mold James to his liking I can't say I could ever really see Charlie playing the bad guy. Your fanfic is cool. I just hope that it won't change my outlook on Charlie in the books. But for now, I'll have to stop. I need to sleep. Also, I have to agree with Cella. Poor Bella I can't imagine what she's going through!

Chapter 2. It was morning when I woke. I looked at the alarm clock on my bed. It was still early, only I heard someone moving around in the hallway outside my room. My door opened and Charlie came in. I was coming to wake you. He sat on the bed next to me and began to stroke my head.

I was scared after last night.

Perfect wife chapter 2

I want to have breakfast with my favorite daughter before I leave for work. I sat up. I got out of bed shaking. I went to my dresser and pulled out some jeans and a t-shirt.

The perfect wife - chapter 2 - orphan_ - sherlock (tv) [archive of our own]

I slipped on the jeans after quickly pulling down my pajama pants. I reached for the hem of my shirt chewing my bottom lip. I turned my back to the bed and quickly pulled off my shirt. I was reaching for my bra when my heart fell to my feet. I felt the tears start welling in my eyes as I turned back around to Charlie. I hooked my bra in back as I heard him get off the bed and come toward me. He picked up my shirt and held it away from me. He lifted my chin with his other hand as the tears poured down. I helped create you. From now on you will look at me while you get dressed, understand?

I took it from him without saying a word and pulled it over my head while looking at him like he directed. He stroked my cheeks wiping away my tears with his thumbs.

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Then he straightened up and said brightly like nothing had happened. He gestured for me to walk ahead of him out of the room. We went downstairs to the kitchen. James was already there finishing at the stove. James grinned at me. He laughed as he turned back to the stove grabbing the plate of bacon and eggs before coming to sit down at the table. Charlie sat at the other end. I pulled out the chair between them to sit down. I stood back up and went to get the coffee as he asked. I brought the cups back placing one in front of Charlie and one in front of James. I started to sit down again.

I quickly stood back up. Now ask James. James slouched back against his chair and propped an arm over the back. He grinned at me. Charlie indicated the cabinet. Get a spoon and bring them back to the table. I grabbed a spoon and the sugar bowl from the cabinet as he directed then set it on the table in front of James. I looked at Charlie to see if there was anything else before I sat down.

A perfect wife. part two

Then stir his cup before handing it to him. Then you may sit in your seat and eat breakfast. My eyes got wide and I looked over at James. He was grinning again and moved his chair back to make room for me to sit on his lap at the table.

I sat down on his lap and he slid his arms around my waist pulling me tight against his chest. He propped his chin on my shoulder as I reached for the sugar bowl. I started putting sugar in his coffee. My hand was shaking so bad that I spilled the first spoonful back into the sugar bowl.

I got a grip on myself and finally started spooning sugar into his cup. After the third spoon he told me to stop. Could you put a little more sugar in, Bella? I added another spoonful and stirred handing it to him again to try.

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He took a sip and smacked his lips. I leaned in and kissed him on his lips. He patted my bottom and squeezed before letting me get up to sit in my own seat.

I ate my breakfast as quickly as possible. We all finished eating as Charlie shifted his chair back looking at me. I quickly got up and went to grab his cup. He grabbed my wrist.

The writers coffee shop

I got up and went to the coffee maker. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before turning and walking back to Charlie. I sat on his lap as I reached for his cup. He put his arms around my waist to hold me the same as James had done. I poured his coffee being sure not to spill and handed him his cup. I was wrong.

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We need to discuss some rules for today. Is that clear?

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Thank goodness Charlie had at least a little decency in him. I knew there was nothing wrong with my clothes, but what good would it do to argue.

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James started snickering. Not if they were like him, or Charlie for that matter. Charlie patted my bottom finally allowing me to get up. James, Bella can help you clean up the kitchen. Watch out for her arm. Charlie chuckled as he left to go upstairs. I was standing looking at the table, not knowing what to do or where to move. Obviously there were expectations of my behavior. James just sat looking at me speculatively.

I glanced over at him. I picked up his cup and walked over to the sink to pour it out. I rinsed it out and came back.

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He laughed as he put his arms around me again. He thought that was funny and held me tighter. I put 4 spoonfuls of sugar in his cup like before and stirred before handing him the cup.

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