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  • My age:
  • I am 21
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  • My body type is skinny
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  • Learning foreign languages
  • Piercing:
  • I don't have piercings
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  • No


But things like this out of my control.


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Hated them until I played Witch Trainer, a game also made by this creator akabur He. But i asked and was given the link. Saved me some ul time and bandwidth.

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But neither file is actually big. But time saved Max, Jul 21, Akabur completed the game with version 1.

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There have been several groups creating their own. Copy this URL and share it will pre-select the options you choose.

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If you have played Princess Trainer, it is very similar. Besides the Miss Granger, the evil Severus Snapes, professor of the Slytherin school, appears as your crony of misdeeds. The game is placed as a prequel to the Princess Trainer, a little after the Magic Shop events, in which by an accident with the potions that They tried to increase the bust of Princess Jasmine the Genie is transported to a parallel reality where he replaces the famous magician Dumbledore.

This is more of a visual novel type of game. But not shitty and boring like 99 percent of them. I really hated them until I played Witch Trainer, a game also made by this creator akabur He doesn't charge for his games, They are free, but he does rake in over 10k a month through patreon for his hard work and has said he doesn't need anymore money.

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In this game, You are 'old man' genie as in all of Akubars games, The game starts and you are instructed by the sultan Jafar to train princess jasmine to be a slave whore so he can marry her. The fun begins there. So pretty much the same as 'Witch trainer, just instead of Harry Potter it's Aladdin. I played the original Princess Trainer and this one has nearly tripled the gameplay this time around. Supreme Ntm Album Download Zip there.

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Knowing how he procrastinates. Maybe year, but he says he is fixing the host issue after 'the hype dies down'.

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I think they closed his website temporarily because the amount of traffic made it seem like a DDOS attack website Youtube Twitter HF I have made a zip with the game and a few of my savefiles. Instructions- 1 unzip the game. The info file says what each are.

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Also a Zip with just the saves for anyone who already has the game. As usual, use mediafire if you have a stable internet connection or use mega if your internet connection is slow or loses connection often. Focus T25 Workout.

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It shouldn't matter for the savefiles alone since the file is small, but the game is a pretty large file. I didn't experience the mentioned bugs, but just in case, here are the links to version 2.

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Andromeda Shadow Plugin.

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This is more of a visual novel type of game.


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