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All the bouncy musical fun continues this season as the Wiggles play dress-up guessing games and learn about pets, fitness and healthy foods. The Captain's happy hornpipe dance is a shipwreck until Hilary Hornpipe helps out. On dress-up day, Emma shows how much fun it is to be a ballerina. There's a lot of petting when puppies come to visit.

Willy Fixit helps out Emma. Everyone loves eating apples and bananas and singing about them, too! Shakespeare arrives to teach Lachy how to find a word that rhymes with "cat. Artistic Simon paints some clues for the dress-up game. Emma plays "Miss Lucy Had a Ducky.

Ready, steady, wiggle!

Sometimes Anthony forgets what he needs at the market, so Mary and Michael Memory help him out. Then it's time for arts and crafts and tons of songs. Captain Feathersword brings a yodeling flower to the Wiggles, and now Simon can't stop yodeling! Anthony wears cowboy clothes for the dress-up game.

The wiggles: ready, steady, wiggle

Simon's been singing a sad song and needs his friends to come cheer him up! Then it's time to do the Twist at a live concert. Lachy needs help to sing a duet with Beaky. A jumping song is a fun countdown for everyone. Dorothy the Dinosaur talks all about musical instruments. Lachy wonders who can guess he's dressed as a sailor.

Emma's having trouble seeing, but Dr. Emma teaches jazz dancing, then Professor Simon gives the letter of the day: "S" for snakes! The Wiggles sing "Here Comes a Bear" at the concert. Anthony loves to sing, but his singing is so loud, the Wiggles need some sound advice.

Ready, steady, wiggle!

Giraffes and an Irishman named Finnegan round out the fun. Rock comes to the rescue when Simon can only speak in Wiggle words! Emma teaches a ballet lesson, and we learn about the letter W. Poor Beaky ate too much and needs Dr. Gallah, so flap your wings and sing along to "Feeling Chirpy. When Wags loses his wiggle, the Pet Vets help him get it back.

Anthony is wearing a mariachi musician costume and wonders if his pals can guess what it is. The Wiggles sing a happy song about Mumbles the Monster.

High-Low helps Simon hit the high notes in songs. Dorothy the Dinosaur and her friends learn all about swimming.

It's Emma's turn to dress up. Can the Wiggles guess her job is fighting fires? When poor Lachy's hair turns orange, it's Professor Perm to the rescue!

Lachy gives the Wiggles some important clues. Poor Lachy has a frog in his voice! Can he get it back in time for the Wiggles' live concert? Emma sings a French song to help her friends dance. When Emma loses her bow, Chief Inspector Hawks brings in three young detectives to follow the clues.

The wiggles: ready, steady, wiggle

The Wiggles have fun with "The Talking Cow" song. Enjoy popadam and cake with some tasty Wiggles songs. Funny tells lots of silly jokes, then the Wiggles sing and dance to their favorite songs, like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Wobbly Camel. Emma's playing dress-up and doing a royal job! Anthony's tummy hurts when he eats too much.

The Wiggles sing "Follow the Leader" at a concert. The Wiggles flap their wings for "The Hawk," then Emma teaches everyone how to hip hop. Down by the station, the Wiggles do the "Pufferbillies" song. Anthony puts on a pearly jacket and hat for the dress-up game. The popular children's entertainers bring music, wacky characters, stories and fanciful adventures to their pre-school fans.

The Wiggles call a doctor to help Emma's doll; the Wiggles invent a new dance; Lachy's invention causes Emma and Anthony to shrink.

Simon explains the difference between high and low notes; the Wiggles sing a song about having fun at the reef; the gang forgets something important. The Wiggles sing a song about spring in Japanese; Lachy's invention turns Simon into a duck; a musical explains the woes of allergies. The Wiggles put on a play; Simon tries to teach Capt.

Feathersword about volume, and Anthony recites an ode to a bee; Simon le "Simon Says. Lachy's experiment makes him invisible; Dorothy counts oranges.

Lachy takes a singing lesson; the Wiggles tour the countryside in the big red car. Music helps cure Lachy's feline ills; Capt. Feathersword recites a poem; Emma performs graceful dance moves. Wags mixes music and science; Lachy unveils a hair-raising invention; the discovery of a new instrument puts a kink in Lachy's catnap.

Fruit makes learning fun for Emma, Anthony and Dorothy; a detective helps Emma find her missing bow; the Wiggles eat healthy food for more energy. A mystery surrounds a gift from Emma to a friend; The Wiggles take care of their teeth before a big show; The Wiggles spin hula hoops while singing.

Emma and Capt. Feathersword play dress-up and create poetry; Anthony has a birthday party; Anthony wants a friend to his crazy new dance. Feathersword cooks a treat for one of his friends; Emma teaches Capt. Feathersword how to use a hula hoop; The Wiggles play musical instruments.

Emma, Lachy and Simon read a story, but Lachy's reading is a snooze; Lachy teaches how to sing better; the Wiggles perform a jazzy musical. Magic causes Anthony to move in slow motion; hands, feet and common other items become instruments; Anthony gets stuck in a yoga pretzel. Murray the Cook bakes cakes using music; Prof. Simon presents a glass that is full, half-full and empty; Simon le "Simon Says. language includes everyone in the fun; The Wiggles show how to put imagination into dancing; Anthony seems to have traveled back in time. Feathersword experiment in the kitchen.

Emma and Lachy get musical help for a noisy Simon; Simon and Capt.

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Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities, which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalise our services and to customise our online advertisements.


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